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Terence Mauri

Global Speaker and Author
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Terence Mauri is a global expert helping leaders innovate, adapt and succeed in the age of disruption in which massive yet hard to predict upheavals are expected. He is an Inc. Magazine Columnist, Inc. Top 100 Keynote Speaker and author of the best selling book, The Leader’s Mindset: How To Win In The Age of Disruption.

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Terence Mauri is an Author, keynote speaker, coach and mentor to leaders and entrepreneurs around the world. His TED style presentations act as a catalyst for ideas, energy and action. Leaders choose Terence to speak about 21st century innovation, the speed of change, and the way traditional industries are being disrupted because it’s no longer business as usual. His books, radio interviews and dynamic keynote talks showcase disruption case studies, lessons learned and clever insights to future proof your mindset and your business.

In his book, The Leader’s Mindset: How To Win In the Age of Disruption, Terence investigates and shows that the future belongs to a mindset that is wired differently than those of other business people. Terence looks into the minds of visionaries, risk takers and pioneers and how they pursue ‘Moonshots’, revolutionary ideas that fundamentally change how business is done. The Leader’s Mindset is a Amazon Top 100 global bestseller and the winner of the 2017 USA Axiom Business Book Awards.

He has combined all of this into what Terence calls ‘The Leader’s Mindset’ and says ‘ I believe leadership is not a title, it’s a set of winning behaviours’

    Speaker Terence Mauri Keynote Topics

    • How to Win in the Age of Disruption.
    • Find Your Inner Entrepreneur.
    • Think Like a Leader, Act Like a Leader.
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