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Powering Innovation: Brad Waid's Keynote on Emerging Technologies & Education

Brad Waid

travels from USA

Award-winning futurist & emerging tech leader Brad Waid inspires organizations to embrace AI, AR/VR, and Industry 4.0 for unstoppable growth.

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As a renowned visionary and futurist, Brad Waid brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to captivate your attendees. Book Brad Waid for your event and unlock the secrets of AI, AR/VR, and Industry 4.0, driving unparalleled growth for your organization. With his dynamic presentation style and deep understanding of emerging technologies, Brad Waid will energize your audience, leaving them with actionable insights and a clear path to success.

Why you should book Brad Waid for your next event

  • Actionable Insights: By booking Brad Waid, you gain access to actionable insights and practical strategies that enable your organization to leverage emerging technologies effectively, ensuring tangible results and business growth.
  • Future-Proof Your Business: With Brad Waid’s guidance, your organization can navigate the rapidly evolving technological landscape, future-proofing your business and ensuring long-term success in the era of digital transformation.
  • Award-Winning Innovator: Benefit from the insights of an award-winning emerging technology leader, Brad Waid, who has been globally recognized for his expertise in AI, AR/VR, and Industry 4.0.

Introducing Keynote Speaker Brad Waid, the catalyst your organization needs to unlock its true potential. Renowned as a visionary, futurist, and leading authority in emerging technologies, Brad Waid is the motivational speaker who will inspire, educate, and empower your audience.

Engaging Brad Waid for your event guarantees a captivating and thought-provoking experience. His dynamic speaking style, coupled with a wealth of real-world examples, engages audiences on a profound level. Your attendees will be energized, motivated, and ready to take immediate action.

When you book Brad Waid, you benefit from his impressive track record. As an award-winning innovator, Brad’s accomplishments have earned him global recognition. He has been ranked as a top influencer in Augmented Reality, received accolades from prestigious organizations, and his thought leadership has been sought after by educational institutions and industry leaders alike.

A published author in the field of AI, AR/VR, and Industry 4.0, Brad Waid’s insights are grounded in extensive research and practical experience. By bringing him to your event, you provide your audience with a unique opportunity to learn from an international keynote speaker who is shaping the future of technology.

Booking Brad Waid for your event is more than just securing a motivational speaker; it’s a strategic investment in your organization’s success. By harnessing the power of emerging technologies under Brad’s guidance, you’ll future-proof your business, outpace your competitors, and achieve sustainable growth in an increasingly digital world.

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Thriving in the Digital Era: Overcoming Pain Points with Expert Keynotes

Solving the Pain Point: Embrace the Future with Keynotes by Brad Waid. Are you struggling to navigate the complexities of AI, AR/VR, and Industry 4.0? Unlock the potential of these transformative technologies with Brad Waid’s insightful keynotes. Gain actionable strategies, practical tools, and expert guidance to overcome your challenges and stay ahead in the digital age. Empower your organization to drive innovation, enhance customer experiences, and achieve sustainable growth.

Speaking topics:

  • Racing the Future
  • Did Hollywood Have it Right?
  • Lightning in a Bottle
  • Through the Looking Glass
  • Engaging the Globally Connected Student
Watch Brad Waid in action

Did Hollywood Have It Right? | Exploring Technology of the Future | EdTech | 2023

See keynotes with Brad Waid
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