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David Katz

Lifestyle medicine expert
Country: USA

Our keynote speaker David Katz is the founder of the True Health Initiative which spreads knowledge of how your lifestyle is important for avoiding preventable chronic illness. He is an author, an inventor, and an international speaker.

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Your lifestyle is the best medicine


Dr. David Katz MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP, FACLM,is devoted to health promotion and has been dubbed “the poet laureate of health promotion” by his peers. Dr. Katz has given talks at major universities and conferences throughout the United States and internationally. Katz has been much awarded for his contributions to public health; he has received three honorary doctorate degrees. An expert in his field, Katz has published approximately 200 scientific articles and textbook chapters, and 15 books to date, including multiple editions of leading textbooks in both Preventive Medicine, and nutrition. Dr. Katz is an inventor as well; he invented the research method known as “evidence mapping”, the dietary intake assessment method called Diet Quality Photo Navigation (https://www.dqpn.io/), and he is the principal inventor of the Overall Nutritional Quality Index (ONQI™) algorithm.


Not only devoted to the research side of health promotion, in 2015, Dr. Katz founded the True Health Initiative to help convert what we know about lifestyle as medicine into what we do about it. The mission of the True Health Initiative is to create a culture free of preventable chronic disease by demonstrating and disseminating the global consensus on the fundamental, evidence-based truths of lifestyle as medicine.

Katz also serves as Chief Science Officer for FareWell (https://farewell.io/), a digital therapeutic platform devoted to the use of diet and lifestyle for the treatment and reversal of chronic disease. Furthermore, he has contributed to public knowledge on health by blogging on LinkedIn, Huffington Post, and U.S. News.

    Speaker David Katz Keynote Topics

    • health promotion
    • disease prevention
    • nutrition
    • weight management
    • lifestyle medicine
    • the TRUTH about food/diet/lifestyle and health
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