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Chris MacDonald

travels from Denmark

Health motivator and successful researcher passionately challenges and improves the public's health and approach to it through different projects.

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Chris MacDonald, a leading keynote speaker, researcher, and physiologist in human health and well-being, combines scientific research with humor in his informative and engaging speeches. He has a background in exercise physiology, nutrition and psychology, and has spent 20 years conducting research and collaborating with top scientists in the field. His talks focus on performance and well-being and are both thought-provoking and inspiring.

Reasons to book Chris MacDonald

  • Chris has become a pioneer in the area of healthy living with focus on mindset, nutrition, sleep and exercise.
  • He is one of the most wanted speakers in Scandinavia and he is known in Scandinavia and internationally for his inspiring seminars about healthy living, leadership, coaching and team building.
  • Chris has inspired many people to a healthy lifestyle and has demonstrated his unique coaching skills in different television programs including at a workplace, in a high school, in a whole Danish town and in a one year weight loss program.

Renowned keynote speaker and expert in the field of human health and well-being, Chris MacDonald, has over 5,000 lectures under his belt for some of the world’s largest companies, such as Mærsk, Novo Nordisk, and Lego, and has a proven track record of delivering dynamic and engaging presentations that leave audiences inspired and informed. He is known for his ability to communicate essential messages in a clear and non- confrontational manner, and his unique blend of solid scientific research and humor.

As a physiologist with a background in elite athletics, Chris brings a unique perspective to his presentations. He has a deep understanding of the human body and mind, and has used this knowledge to help individuals and organizations achieve their full potential. He is a leading authority in areas such as mental and physical health, motivation, and resilience, and has been prominently featured in documentaries on Danish public broadcasting TV.

Chris is also actively involved in scientific research, collaborating with TrygFondens Center for Aktiv Sundhed at Rigshospitalet on a major project investigating the effectiveness of lifestyle changes in treating individuals with type 2 diabetes. He has authored several books, including the highly-praised “Ikke til forhandling” published in 2020. Furthermore, he is the founder of the non-profit organization “Just Human”, which aims to improve health and well-being for children and their role models. Through his seminars, Chris aims to provide audiences with a new perspective on themselves and their ability to make good choices in life and empower them to achieve their full potential.

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High performance & well-being

This thought-provoking and inspiring seminar explores the key to achieving both high performance and well-being in today’s fast-paced world. Renowned researcher and physiologist, Chris MacDonald, will present the results of his 20 years of research and collaborations with world-leading scientists, which has resulted in his well- being and human performance hypothesis. The seminar covers the critical factors of social relations, energy management, mental attitude, and the balance between challenges and stress, using the latest scientific discoveries from biology, psychology, and psychiatry. It will leave the audience equipped with the tools to feel well while performing well.

Audience Takeaway:

  • A deeper understanding of the key factors that contribute to both high performance and well-being.
  • An appreciation of the science behind the importance of social relations, energy management, mental attitude, and the balance between challenges and stress.
  • Effective strategies and tools to improve their own performance and well-being.
  • Increased ability to make good choices in life and improve overall health and well-being.
  • A renewed motivation for self-improvement and feeling well.
  • An engaging, thought-provoking, and fun experience.

Why health?

There is almost nothing more important than our health. Which might be precisely why very little provoke more emotions than when we talk about health – and what we can and should do. For more than 15 years, Chris MacDonald has been the leading Scandinavian seminar-holder on the topic, and he’s managed to inspire without pointing fingers – while translating profound science into nights of entertainment, smiles, and easily applicable knowledge.

Because being healthy and having the energy to do the things we want in life is one of the best feelings we can have as human beings – and without energy, everything becomes much more uphill.

But what are the keys to a healthy body and brain?

In the past decades, Chris has dug into the science of the most fundamental human needs. The needs that need to be met for a human being to be healthy, physically, and mentally.

In this inspiring seminar, which has run for sold-out venues across Scandinavia, he presents his findings along with the deepest and most profound answers of science. With humor and wit, he shares the discovery of the fundamental list that nature has imbued in us all – the list of non-negotiable needs that ensure human health and energy.

This is not a seminar about broccoli, interval-runs, and quick fixes. It is a scientific voyage through our evolutionary history – a journey of reliving laughs and great aha-moments that ultimately uncovers why we are equipped with exactly the needs that we are. And how to best meet them.

A seminar that has generated laughs across Scandinavia. And an experience that has given food for thought for leaders, employees, and participants looking to improve their health. Chris speaks with humor and candor about his personal challenges with health – and he shares the scientific and motivational road forward, leaving spectators with high fighting spirits and smiles on their lips.


The science of motivation

One thing is knowing the keys to a strong body and a strong mind. Another is finding the motivation to actually do what is required to get there – cracking the code to our motivation.

Because we are the first generation privileged with the knowledge that makes it possible to improve our health and reach our goals. But the motivation to do what is necessary remains a dark horse; this elusive animal with immense power, which is notoriously difficult to reign in. So what is the code behind human motivation?

We know today that the idea of motivation as a pleasure-driven drive that makes everything easy – is an illusion. The harsh reality is that motivation very rarely arises before we act. In other words: Motivation doesn’t come first – it is a result. But of what?

In this captivating talk, Chris MacDonald presents the profound and ground-breaking discoveries of the past 50 years of motivational research. Discoveries that have largely stayed out of popular science – and remained unspoken in commonplace pep-talks. Discoveries which, when understood, can create dramatic impacts upon our lives and work-cultures.

With humor and disarming self-irony, Chris punctures the prevailing myths of motivation and shares a newfound and inspiring strategy for how we, as individuals and organizations, ensure that the non-negotiable ingredients behind real motivation and drive are in place.

Look forward to an evening that will leave you with a completely new view of motivation.

Keynote by speaker Chris MacDonald

Keynote on Healthy Energy & Motivation

Are you tired of feeling drained and lacking motivation? Do you want to learn how to optimize your energy levels and feel more energized throughout the day? Then you won’t want to miss Chris MacDonald’s keynote on Healthy Energy & Motivation.

In this inspiring and thought-provoking lecture, Chris shares his proven strategies for individuals and organizations to ensure that they have the crucial ingredients in place for a thriving life. Drawing on the latest research on healthy energy and motivation, Chris covers topics such as the science behind motivation, energy management, and good social relationships.

But Chris’ keynote is not just informative; it’s also entertaining. With his self-irony and humor, Chris will have you laughing and thinking long after the event is over. You’ll leave with a completely new perspective on how to optimize your energy and motivation levels and be better equipped to thrive in both your personal and professional life.


  • Understanding the science behind motivation and how it works can help individuals and organizations create a more energized and motivated environment.
  • Good physical energy is essential to functioning optimally and can be achieved through proper sleep and exercise habits.
  • Building and maintaining good social relationships plays a significant role in our overall well-being and energy levels.
  • By understanding our evolutionary history and the specific needs that we have as humans, we can more easily fulfill those needs and increase our overall energy and motivation levels.
Keynote by speaker Chris MacDonald

Keynote on Sleep and so much more

Are you one of the many people who struggle to get a good night’s sleep? Do you want to learn how to improve your sleep habits and wake up feeling refreshed and energized? Then you won’t want to miss Chris MacDonald’s keynote on Sleep.

In this inspiring and thought-provoking lecture, Chris shares his insights into getting a good night’s sleep most nights. Drawing on his expertise in genetics and modern science, Chris covers topics such as the stages of sleep, the benefits of sufficient sleep, and practical advice on how to improve your sleep habits.

But Chris’ keynote is not just about sleep; it’s also about how sleep is connected to our social behavior and mindset. With his ability to make complex scientific concepts understandable and relevant, Chris puts sleep into a larger context and leaves you with a completely new insight into the wonderful world of sleep.

With his infectious humor and insightful observations, Chris will have you laughing and thinking long after the event is over. You’ll leave with scientifically based strategies for how to help sleep on its way and be better equipped to thrive in your personal and professional life.


  • Sleep is essential to our overall well-being and health, and there are many factors that can affect the quality of our sleep, including light, caffeine, alcohol, and age.
  • Understanding the stages of sleep and what happens during each stage can help individuals optimize their sleep patterns and achieve better rest.
  • Sleep is connected to our social behavior and mindset, and getting sufficient sleep can lead to improved cognitive function and better emotional regulation.
  • By following scientifically-based strategies for improving sleep, individuals can experience significant improvements in their overall health and well-being.


We have used many keynote speakers, but none have had the impact that Chris MacDonald had. Both in person and digitally he is in a league of his own. Words cannot tell how great we experienced it.


We have used many speakers, but Chris MacDonald is in a class of his own. His scientific knowledge and ability to motivate and communicate important subjects are by far the very best in class.

TJM Forsikring

Super professional, thought provoking, and personal at the same time - simply excellent!


Chris is a speaker with great humour, insights, and has an amazing talent for engaging the audience.

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