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Chris MacDonald

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Health Motivator

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With an educational background in exercise physiology, psychology and nutrition, and as the founder of the concepts: Health in Balance and StrongBODY StrongMIND, keynote speaker Chris MacDonald has become a pioneer in the area of healthy living with focus on mindset, nutrition, sleep and exercise.

Professional speaker, writer and former elite oarsman

Chris MacDonald has lived in Denmark since 1999, but is originally from the United States, where he was an elite rower at the American National Team for more than 4 years.

In 2001, Chris MacDonald was awarded Young Scientist of Europe by European College of Sports Medicine for his research in exercise physiology. Chris is still connected to the University of Copenhagen where he teaches exercise physiology and nutrition.

Chris is the founder of the Synergy Cycling concept for indoor cycling and in 2000 Chris launched Denmark’s first professional female cycling team under UCI, which came to be one of the strongest teams in the World winning several stages in major international races like the Tour de France.

Since 2003 Chris has written extremely popular weekly columns and articles in some of Denmark´s largest newspapers, Politiken and Berlingske, and he also writes in some of Denmark´s largest magazines. He has more than 200 publications.

Chris is one of the most wanted speakers in Scandinavia and he is known in Scandinavia and internationally for his inspiring seminars about healthy living, leadership, coaching and team building. Furthermore Chris has inspired many people to a healthy lifestyle and has demonstrated his unique coaching skills in different television programs including at a workplace, in a high school, in a whole Danish town and in a one year weight loss program. Chris coaches elite athletes but also people in their late life who decides to be proactive about their health for the first time.

In 2005, Chris MacDonald competed in the World’s toughest sporting event, the Race Across America. 3100 miles on a bike across the American continent – in only 10 days! 21-22 hours a day in the saddle through the merciless Mojave Desert, across the Rocky Mountains and through endless American highways. Chris finished in an impressive 2nd place and won the prestigious ”Rookie of the Year” award.

See keynotes with Chris MacDonald

    Keynote by Speaker Chris MacDonald

    StrongBODY – StrongMIND

    • In this seminar Chris MacDonald introduces his view on wellness and health – a unique approach towards a healthy and active life in balance.
    • In a crazy-busy life we seem to forget the fact that the human foundation is made up by the strength and condition of the body and mind.
    • The body and the mind are melting into one – creating an effective balance with an incredible strength. Optimal performance starts with this insight. Strong Body – Strong Mind!
    • The Health Equilibrium is developed by Chris MacDonald and it is an effective tool towards a balanced life.
    • Chris MacDonald introduces The Health Equilibrium and inspires you how to incorporate it in your life.


    Keynote by Speaker Chris MacDonald

    Mentality and Motivation

    • Not everyone has the same talent as Bill Gates or Michael Jordan but everyone can achieve a markedly improved performance with clear goal setting.
    • It takes hard work. One of the key factors is a clear image of direction – where one is going and last but not least a very precise plan of how to get there.
    • Motivation and a positive attitude are vital elements towards the goal.
    • In this seminar Chris MacDonald introduces you to “the power of attitude”.
    • He gives you the tools and methods to set clear goals and make strategies in order to reach the finish line.
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