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Dr. Finn Majlergaard inspires organizations to create winning cultures.

Finn Majlergaard

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Dr. Finn Majlergaard speaks on a variety of business-related topics to improve worker productivity. As an expert in leadership, he offers insights on human capital performance and leveraging cultural diversity.

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After working for iconic businesses, such as Arthur Andersen and IBM, Dr. Finn Majlergaard began developing his consulting career. As the CEO of Gugin, Majlergaard has travelled the globe to consult and speak at hundreds of companies. An accomplished keynote presenter, he offers energetic workshops and presentations about creating innovative cultures and recruiting high-performing team members. With a focus on improving business performance with diversity, he helps businesses enhance innovation and artificial intelligence integration. Dr. Majlergaard facilitates business leadership classes throughout the globe for some of the world's leading institutions and universities.

Why you should book Finn Majlergaard for your next event

  • Audiences are encouraged by Dr. Finn Majlergaard’s insights into human behaviour and performance. He leverages his experience to offer listeners proven strategies for improving work cultures.
  • Listeners receive tools for hiring diverse and high-performing teams. By divulging ways to leverage technology, Majlergaard helps leaders create productivity by streamlining human capital recruiting with artificial intelligence.
  • Publishing two books on creating business advantages by leveraging diversity, Dr. Majlergaard is the foremost expert in the field of corporate culture enhancement.

Dr. Finn Majlergaard assists businesses globally to perform on the international stage. His consulting services help clients to tear down underperforming company cultures and build effective and diverse teams with artificial intelligence technology.

His insights have been well-received by multinational corporations. Working with more than 600 businesses and startups across the globe, he helps clients to mitigate risks associated with globalization. He is a world-renowned author, speaker, and business owner who specializes in entrepreneurship, global leadership, and innovation.

With a doctoral degree in management and an MBA from the UK’s Henley Management College, Dr. Majlergaard teaches for business schools across the globe on business leadership methodologies.

Dr. Majlergaard’s consulting firm, Gugin, specializes in helping clients develop high-performing cultures. Founded in 2001, Gugin helps clients to improve internal cultures and work environments. As CEO, he encourages other business leaders to leverage cultural diversity, he points out specific ways that organizations may improve internal cultures and productivity.

During Dr. Majlergaard’s career he’s held positions in senior management at top businesses, including CSC, Arthur Andersen, and IBM.

Leveraging his experience in business and management, he has written and published books about cultural diversity and its importance in creating high-performing teams in corporate cultures.

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Keynote by Finn Majlergaard

How to destroy your Company Culture in 5 easy steps

Make your organisation think about the importance of your corporate culture in a fun and thought-provoking way

The quality of your corporate culture is everybody’s responsibility – not only the management’s. Therefore, it is important that the entire organisation takes responsibility for developing and maintaining a culture that ensures your company’s success.

Who is this speech aimed at?

This speech on how to destroy your company culture is aimed at decision-makers in companies of all sizes.

Why should you book this speech?

We usually forget the value and importance of our company culture until we have lost it. And when it is lost it is lost. There is no rewind button. The company culture is the factor that takes a company through difficult times. The company culture is one of the main reasons for employees for coming to work and your company culture might be one of the main reasons for your customers buying your products or services.

Unfortunately, a lot of companies are destroyed because of mismanagement, either caused by lack of knowledge or pure short-term financial greed. Watching it is painful. It is like watching a serious traffic accident in slow motion. For the people involved, it is of tragic. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In the speech Dr Finn Majlergaard will give you 5 easy ways to destroy your company culture. They are compiled on basis of of our hundreds of clients over the years. Artificial Intelligence, digitalisation and globalisation are all factors that can lead to destruction of a company if they are not addressed properly.

So book this thought-provoking speech on company culture if you want to bring the topic at the heart of your decisions

Keynote by Finn Majlergaard

How will Artificial Intelligence change your Corporate Culture?

What you need to know before booking this speech on how Artificial Intelligence will change your Corporate Culture?

Who is this speech aimed at?

This speech is aimed at decision-makers in companies of all sizes.

Why should you book this speech?

It is easy being excited about new technology like artificial intelligence. But we must never forget that when some people in the organisation are excited others have a growing fear for the future. Will they become redundant? Can we trust artificial intelligence?

The employees have feelings for their company – mostly good ones. When we go through major transformations like the 4th industrial revolution it is important we get everyone on board.

This speech is about what you can do to prepare your organisation for artificial intelligence and other significant game-changing technologies. And you have to prepare the organisation for change. If you don’t you are at risk at losing your most important asset; your employees and your strong corporate culture.

Keynote by Finn Majlergaard

How to get the right heroes in your organisation?

What you need to know about this speech on how to develop the right heroes in your organisation

Who is this speech aimed at?

This speech on developing the heroes in your organisation is aimed at decision-makers in companies of all sizes. It is, however, particularly useful for companies who are in growth stages or who have recently gone through a merger or acquisition

Why should you book this speech?

You must book this speech because it is so easy to focus all your energy on all the tangible targets. When doing that you easily forget the most important factors like:

  • Why do people choose to work here?
  • Why do the customers choose to buy from us and not our competitors?

It is particularly important if you are a company with significant growth rates (either positive or negative).

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your corporate culture is essential. One of the important factors for building the right corporate culture is having the right heroes. It may sound childish but we need heroes at all ages in our life. We need people to look up to for guidance and inspiration.

In our work with hundreds of companies around the world, we have often seen that many organisations don’t have the heroes they should have. it is similar to when we see children having bad parents. We all know where it is going to end. Organisations are no different.

Sometimes we look up to people whose actions contradict the corporate values. A typical example is we might admire the salesperson who is able to trick customers into buying something we know the customer will regret. It might be against your company policy but still, we might admire the person who is capable of doing it.

This is, of course, wrong and it is undermining the corporate culture and it will inevitably hurt the company badly later.

In this speech, Dr Finn Majlergaard will give examples of how having the wrong corporate heroes has damaged the company. And then he will demonstrate how you can identify and develop the right heroes in your organisation. Heroes that support your objectives and the development of your desired corporate culture.

Watch Finn Majlergaard in action

Finn Majlergaard speaking at IATA World Financial Symposium

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