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Alexander Bell

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Business Technology Expert, Alexander Bell, delves into how companies can use tech strategies to connect stakeholders, customers, and teams.

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Alexander P. Bell follows the tradition of his namesake Alexander Graham Bell. Although not related by blood, Bell has a passion for all things tech. He is particularly fascinated by the telephone and new technologies for improving communications. Overcoming challenges with his own experience with technology, the tech expert now travels the globe sharing his tech rules, which show audiences the flawed connection between humans and technology. He’s come up with a way to fix it and audiences are captivated by his insights, which are designed to increase performance and productivity in the workplace.

Why select Alexander Bell as your keynote speaker

  • Audiences are enthralled by Alexander Bell’s in-depth knowledge about technology and its impact on the human condition.
  • Bell offers insight into how technology may help to improve workflows. He provides audiences with a roadmap to improve the connection between tech and humanity. Audience members leave the presentation with actionable steps for correcting flaws in current tech systems.
  • Bell offers a refreshing look at how humanity has become engrossed in using technology every minute. Sharing anecdotes about his own tech obsessions, he offers a refreshing lens from which to view the tech culture.

Technology expert Alexander P. Bell introduces audiences to strategies for improving digital systems. In his enthusiasm for all things tech, he’s discovered ways to improve balance and focus on human connections. As a former employee for Google and IBM, he has an extensive background in the technical field. He founded two six-figure startups before the age of 30. For 10 years, he’s worked on a virtual reality company, which has among other projects developed a project for Google Street View, working with Warner Bros. to re-create Diagon Alley in Harry Potter.

Bell is a long way from the age of 20 when he started his first business. He’s reinvented himself after losing it all in the aftermath of the 2008 financial downturn. Later, he led a collaboration between then Prince of Wales, now King Charles III, IBM, and other businesses.

His experiences as a tech professional, entrepreneur, and enthusiast have helped him to understand the world of technology and online digital content. Bell now travels the globe speaking with audiences and consulting businesses on understanding and controlling a business’ digital ecosystem. Advocating for digital empowerment, he’s developed his own framework, which teaches listeners strategies for improving internal mindsets and boosting performance. His consulting promotes healthy relationships with technology for overall employee wellbeing.


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Keynote topic by Alexander Bell

Tech Rules™

Exploring our crazy and also sometimes unhealthy obsession with digital content, Alexander will share his Tech Rules Framework to reboot your teams focus and boost productivity, restore digital balance and create genuine human connection.

Alexander delivers a knockout keynote identifying the flaws between technology and human connection, the importance of fixing them and the strategies you can use to bring your teams, customers and stakeholders back together with lasting impact.

When we talk about technology, what we’re really talking about is people.

Without Tech Rules™, Tech. Rules. You.

Keynote topic by Alexander Bell

Digital Resilience

Generate a post event 30% boost in “at desk” productivity AND a reduction in screen time of at least 10%, saving an average of 17 working days screen time per person, per year!

Learn the tools to help prevent burnout and manage screen fatigue and digital exhaustion.

Inspire richer staff engagement, meaningful conversation and improved staff connection.


Alexander is an original! His appearance made such an impact we just HAD to book him again. His opinion and knowledge on tech is from quite a unique perspective. Book him to speak at your event. He is refreshing and innovative!!

Alfie Joey


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Sir Richard Branson

Virgin Group

Alexander is a genuinely lovely person to work with. He makes sure that you are happy and will tweak the slightest thing to make sure that is the case. I really value his expertise and enjoy working together, as ultimately I know that the results are something we will both feel proud of.

Margaret Gardner

Marketing Director, Practical Action
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