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Steven Bartlett

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Steven Bartlett, the youngest Dragon in BBC's history, is ready to invigorate your audience. Secure his expertise and redefine success at your next event.

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Steven Bartlett, the renowned motivational speaker, is your guiding light through the digital labyrinth. Picture your organization as a group of weary travelers, seeking not just a way out but a route to prosperity. Steven's keynote addresses are the compass you need to set a course toward success. Experience a speaker who's captivated audiences at Red Bull, the United Nations, SXSW, and the BBC. Steven Bartlett, the 30-year-old Founder of the social media marketing agency Social Chain, is not just an entrepreneur; he's a visionary.

Why you should book Steven Bartlett for your next event

  • As an investor in companies like Huel and atai life sciences, Steven brings a wealth of knowledge in diverse industries. His insights can guide your organization towards lucrative investments.
  • As the visionary behind Social Chain, Steven has reshaped the social media landscape. Booking him means tapping into the expertise of a true social media pioneer.
  • His expertise in emerging technologies, including blockchain and biotech, will empower your organization to innovate and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing world.


Steven’s reputation as a motivational speaker precedes him. He’s not just a speaker; he’s a transformational force. His journey from a young university dropout to the Founder of Social Chain with a market valuation of over $600M is a story of grit, determination, and groundbreaking innovation. When you book Steven Bartlett, you’re bringing his proven success story to your audience.

But Steven’s impact goes beyond his achievements. He’s a thought leader, an author, and a content creator with Europe’s most prominent podcasts, including ‘The Diary of a CEO.’ His Sunday Times bestselling book, ‘Happy Sexy Millionaire,’ underscores his storytelling prowess.

Moreover, Steven’s commitment to inspiring the next generation, particularly those from BAME backgrounds, reflects his dedication to inclusivity and progress. His recognition as the “British Black Entrepreneur of the Year” award winner speaks volumes about his influence.

In 2022, Steven’s star rose further as he joined Series 19 of BBC’s ‘Dragon’s Den’ as the youngest-ever Dragon. So, when you book Steven Bartlett for your event, you’re not just securing a speaker; you’re igniting a transformation within your organization. You’re providing your audience with a roadmap to success, inspiring innovation, and fostering inclusivity.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have Steven Bartlett guide your organization toward brighter horizons. Book Steven Bartlett for your event, and let the journey to success begin.

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Keynote topics

Steven passionately addresses a diverse array of topics including:

  • Business
  • Business Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Investment
  • Marketing
  • Trends
  • Technology

He is also available for moderated fireside chats.

Watch Steven Bartlett in action

Entrepreneurs should follow their instincts | Steve Bartlett | TEDxLondon

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The event was everything and more than we hoped! Feedback immediately after and since has been that it was the best event they had attended. Steven and his team were absolutely fantastic, so accommodating, so friendly and it really was a pleasure to host them at 25 Bank Street, and even better that we were able to make it happen in person - something I think we all agreed was absolutely worth it. For Steven himself, what can I say... he exceeded even the very highest expectations we had for him - so intelligent and inspiring with his wisdom, but also so generous with his time. He genuinely had a huge impact on the audience and I know people will be talking about this event for a long time! Thanks again for your partnership as always!

Charlotte, Vice President Operations Control Management

J.P. Morgan

We have received such fantastic feedback regarding Steven Bartlett last week!

Accelerate Tech Fest 2022

I imagine like many others, I became aware of Steven due to his upcoming involvement in Dragon's Den. Reading about his accomplishments in media coverage of this obviously led me to his social media sites out of general intrigue at his success in life. After following for a few days I realised his focus wasn't just on money and life as a successful business leader but there was a much deeper focus on fulfilment and success for life in general. His promotion of a recent podcast episode led me to listen to that and realise that so many of the views I've had particularly about my career over the past few years were being completely validated. Just wanted to say big thanks for getting Steven to our event - he was amazing and very humble!


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