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Transforming communities with revolutionary STIBE method

Agnis Stibe

travels from France

As Transformational Wellbeing Theory founder, he encourages sustainable living by incorporating innovative designs into urban spaces and advocates for advancing the wellbeing of humankind.

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As a global leader in the field of wellbeing, Dr. Stibe's career focuses on neuroscience, sustainable design, and artificial intelligence. He performs research and advances theories for improving life experience. As a YouTube influencer and TEDx speaker, he is recognized across the globe for his science-backed methods for improving performance. Focusing on creating successful communities, Dr. Stibe advocates for innovative building designs, business development. and social balance. By working in collaboration on the SoCity Project with the MIT Media Lab, he is integral to helping residents improve urban communities.

Why select Agnis Stibe for your next event

  • Audiences relate to Dr. Stibe’s desire to create high-performing communities and improve the human experience.
  • His presentation offers listeners practical strategies for incorporating innovative designs and strategies to create community wellbeing. By influencing mobility, business, and technology choices for community leaders, Dr. Stibe transforms the way the world lives.
  • The STIBE method has a global reach, impacting businesses and communities on 5 continents. Applied to business, community, and behavioral challenges, the method has experienced extraordinary results in transforming human wellbeing and performance.

Dr. Agnis Stibe is an authority on building better human experiences. Advising government and business leaders, he incorporates building design, neuroscience, and technology to create environments where humans excel. As a Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate, he’s developed research on wellbeing and worked on projects to improve urban communities with sustainable living.

By creating purposeful designs that incorporate technology in meeting human needs, the STIBE method has positively impacted millions across the globe. Globally, his strategies for reducing stress at work, improving confidence, and building strong communities have transformed communities. As an MIT Media Lab employee, he’s worked on the SoCity decentralized platform, which helps citizens to improve communities across the globe.

As a TEDx speaker, Dr. Stibe influences community building worldwide. His expertise on improving the human experience is rooted in understanding mind science and behaviors. Sparking worldwide transformation in how teams, businesses, and communities perform, he improves outcomes. His strategies are designed to build high-performance environments. By incorporating STIBE methods, leaders merge an understanding of human needs and technological innovations to create a pleasant environment. Dedicating his life to improving daily living for millions across the globe, Dr. Stibe has transformed the human experience.

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Keynote topics by Agnis Stibe

Dr. Agnis Stibe speaks passionate on different topics, such as:

  • Achieving Hyper-Performance.
  • Human Artificial Intelligence.
  • Man-Machine Co-Evolution.
  • Getting People from Knowing to Doing.
  • Decision-Making Mastery.
  • Superior Profit Longevity.
  • Persuasive Cities.
  • Sustainable Transformation Design.
  • Efficient Organizational Transformation.
  • Behavioral Business.
  • Fundamental Human Upgrading.
  • Change Management Proficiency.
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See keynotes with Agnis Stibe
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Keynote topics with Agnis Stibe