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Cancer Speakers

Cancer has a major impact on society. According to the American Cancer Society, more than 12 and a half million people worldwide will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in 2019. 

Our cancer keynote speakers are experts, cancer patients or cancer survivors who share their valuable knowledge about the disease as well as their personal stories about life with cancer. Cancer keynotes may contain statistics and medical research on cancer and cancer prevention, or it can be based on personal experience.  

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Speakers about cancer (12)

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Patricia Bowden-Luccardi

Women’s Holistic Health Speaker, Thermography Expert, Member of Breast Thermography International

travels from USA

Speaker Patricia Bowden-Luccardi is a holistic health expert. She continues to enlighten audience members on the awareness and the science behind breast cancer with holistic remedies for curing and preventing a diagnosis. Patricia is your...

Pete Wallroth

Charity founder raising awareness for illness and mental health and supporting people dealing with illness and loss

travels from UK

Speaker Pete Wallroth is passionate about supporting men and women dealing with illness and loss. He helps raise awareness for causes such as cancer during pregnancy and men’s/fathers mental...


Diane Nathaniel

Founder of Beat Stage 3, Diane Nathaniel, is spreading awareness of the importance of cancer prevention

travels from USA

Speaker Diane Nathaniel is a stage 3 Colon Cancer survivor. Today, she’s busy spreading awareness of the importance of cancer screening and prevention. After beating cancer she founded Beat Stage 3 with her best friend Helen Collen. Diane has...


Comedian, author, and cancer survivor now talking about his life with and after cancer based on his two popular books

travels from Denmark

Our keynote speaker Geo (born Christian Geo Heltboe) is a famous Danish comedian. In 2011, he was diagnosed with cancer and his career and life changed. Since he was declared cancer-free in 2012, he has spoken about the topic of cancer and how to...


Jeremy Goldberg

Expert in behavior change and passionate advocate for kindness with a poetic and engaging speaking style

travels from Canada

Keynote speaker Jeremy Goldberg is the founder of Long Distance Love Bombs: a kind and inspiring collaboration to kick-start an awesome smorgasbord of...


David Katz

Lifestyle medicine expert and founder of the True Health Initiative, spreading knowledge of health promotion

travels from USA

Our keynote speaker David Katz is the founder of the True Health Initiative which spreads knowledge of how your lifestyle is important for avoiding preventable chronic illness. He is an author, an inventor, and an international...


Lauren Miller

Author, executive, and stress relief coach inspiring groups and organizations to self-develop and reduce stress

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Lauren E. Miller is an experienced stress relief/personal excellence educator, founder and managing partner of Grab & Go Stress Solutions. Lauren has incredible knowledge and experience working with groups and organizations...

Shannon Miller

7 Time Olympic Medalist, Health and Fitness Advocate, Empowerment Coach. and Cancer Survivor.

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Shannon Miller is the most decorated gymnast in American history, a successful business woman, a cancer survivor, and a loving wife and mother. Shannon’s life on and off the gymnastics floor is simply inspiring. Shannon’s topics...

Sean Swarner

Sean Swarner

Two-time cancer survivor, author of the book "Keep climbing" and the first cancer survivor to climb Mount Everest

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Sean Swarner was the first cancer survivor to summit Mt. Everest. Sean has broken through defined human limitation in order to redefine the way the world views...


Don Yaeger

Business leadership coach, best-selling author, sports enthusiast and longtime Associate Editor for Sports Illustrated

travels from USA

Would you like to have your team perform like world champions? They can, but only if they understand what makes those winners win, what makes the Great ones Great! Keynote speaker Don Yaeger ofers talks from the Sports World. Using lessons learned...


Christine K. Clifford

Humorist, author and The Cancer Club and Divorcing Divas® executive appreciated for changing lives through laughter

travels from USA

All of us have read or heard stories about people who turn lemons into lemonade. It is not often that we get the privilege of meeting such an individual. Before her bout with breast cancer, keynote speaker Christine K. Clifford had definitely...


Alan Hobson

Cancer survivor and top inspirational speaker being one of the best adventure speakers in the world

travels from Canada

The keynote speaker Alan Hobson is a bestselling author and worldwide adventurer. His persistence and determination has helped him climb and overcome the hurdles of Everest and an aggressive blood cancer. By linking his own life experiences with the...

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Learn about living with cancer


Cancer is an umbrella term for many specific diseases. It is caused by abnormal cells multiplying and growing into the adjacent organs of the human body.

When viewed as a single disease, cancer is the biggest cause of mortality globally with as many as 8.2 million deaths from cancer in 2012. As such, finding a cure is an important priority for the global community, and many developing countries have institutes dedicated to this task.

The experience of having cancer naturally varies from person to person, but the disease has the potential to change lives. Speakers on the topic of cancer may be affected by the disease either through personal experience or by acquaintance. Our cancer speakers are comprised of experts on cancer, physicians, health and wellness experts, celebrities, and cancer survivors who have battled various forms of cancer.

Keynotes can focus on the experience of the speaker, or they can take their outset in statistics and medical research on cancer and cancer prevention.

The cancer speeches are both inspirational and humorous. Our unique cancer motivational speakers share their personal experiences and stories about the ups and downs in life with cancer. Get their best advice on how to deal with the disease, including survival strategies and support for families affected by the illness. Our cancer experts provide information on cancer prevention, the latest treatments, and cancer awareness month.

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