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Cancer Speakers

Here you will find keynote speakers, who all are able to talk about Cancer. Click on the individual keynote speakers and read more about them and their keynotes.

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About Cancer

  • Cancer is an umbrella term for many specific diseases. It is caused by abnormal cells multiplying and growing into the adjacent organs of the human body.
  • When viewed as a single disease, cancer is the biggest cause of mortality globally with as many as 8.2 million deaths from cancer in 2012. As such, finding a cure is an important priority for the global community, and many developing countries have institutes dedicated to this task.
  • The experience of having cancer naturally varies from person to person, but the disease has the potential to change lives. Speakers on the topic of cancer may be affected by the disease either through personal experience or by acquaintance. Keynotes can focus on the experience of the speaker, or they can take their outset in statistics and medical research on cancer and cancer prevention.