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Patricia Bowden-Luccardi

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Women’s Holistic Health Speaker, Thermography Expert, Member of Breast Thermography International

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Speaker Patricia Bowden-Luccardi is a holistic health expert. She continues to enlighten audience members on the awareness and the science behind breast cancer with holistic remedies for curing and preventing a diagnosis. Patricia is your unconventional educator on the topic of health and wellness as she uses a holistic approach.



Why book speaker Patricia Bowden-Luccardi?

  • She is a holistic educator. Speaker Patricia Bowden-Luccardi has provided a variety of health and wellness insights to professional medical fields and the public. She will enlighten your audience members with techniques, protocols, and prevention of breast cancer.
  • She is courageous. Speaker Patricia has chosen not to be apart of the lucrative health industry and instead, opted to share her studies on natural remedies for longevity and wellness. She shares how diets, environmental changes, and many more could affect our exposure to cancer.
  • She is well aligned. Patricia Luccardi is a professional advocate for radiation-free thermography. She informs audience members about natural prevention for breast cancer as well as guidelines for awareness. Book Patricia to debunk your preconceived notions of breast cancer screenings!

Speaker Patricia Bowden-Luccardi has been a life-time student of integrative health and wellness, she studied and taught a variety of natural health modalities and therapies. For over 20 years, she has been teaching and providing private consultation on health protocols customized to her clientele’s personal needs. 

During the past six years, Patricia has focused her expertise on the natural prevention of breast cancer. She is a professional advocate for the promotion of radiation-free thermography. Thermography uses heat detection to locate areas of temperature differences in the body. Breast disease can be detected by looking for areas of excessive or increasing heat that may indicate areas of increased blood vessels supplied by a growing tumor. Her public seminars and lectures are designed to educate women about the serious health risks of environmental toxins and endocrinal disruptors. Her natural protocols, including diet, supplementation, and lifestyle changes, have revealed extraordinary results that have been later visibly confirmed by thermographic imaging. 

Patricia was a Neuromuscular Therapist and Breath Educator at Canyon Ranch Medical Health Resort and now holds licensed certifications in Thermographic Technology, Clinical Massage Therapy, Food as Medicine and Whole Health Education™ and lifestyle and wellness coaching. Patricia is a member of the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology and Breast Thermography International. Patricia has lectured widely to professionals in the medical field and the public. Her speaking venues have included, but are not limited to, Beth Israel Medical Center and its Continuum Hospice Care facility, Canyon Ranch Medical Health Resort, Cornell University extension, Cavell Cancer Treatment Clinic, Breast Cancer Options, Albany Medical Center, Viacom-MTV Networks, The 92nd. St Y-NYC, the Naval Expo and NY Life Expo.

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Keynote by speaker Patricia Bowden

Dispelling the Fear Based Myths About Breast Cancer - How to be More Proactive About Breast Health

The future of an American woman’s prognosis for reducing her risks of breast cancer are dire. A recent American Cancer Society report estimates that breast cancer will increase 30% by 2030. Criticisms of standard conventional medical practices in the nation’s “war on cancer” are valid. An overemphasis upon treatment has largely ignored the efficacy and value of prevention.

Learning the essential principles of breast cancer prevention and safe healthcare solutions will assure optimal breast health. Breast empowerment requires women knowing the benefits of thermography to identify abnormal breast pathology years before conventional screening and without the dangers of radiation.

  • Learn about the earliest detection of breast cancer with thermography
  • Learn how environmental estrogens and nutritional deficiencies are spiking the increase in breast cancer.
  • Discover lifestyle choices and changes you can make to improve and maintain good breast health.
  • Explore case studies of early suspicious findings from thermography and with intervention of nutritional changes with positive visual changes in thermographic follow ups.
  • Discover how radiationfree thermography can assess the severity of these toxins with live time visuals as they show up thermographically as dark heat spots.
  • Learn what to avoid and how to lower your risk through scientifically confirmed plant-based supplementation to activate your body’s ability to eliminate toxins and protect and repair your DNA.

Keynote by speaker Patricia Bowden

Understanding the Root Causes of Cancer

Cancer is projected to be the number one cause of American deaths in the near future. This frightening disease can affect anyone, at any time, during their lives. Therefore we should learn to arm ourselves with the most reliable information about cancer’s causes. Yet, there is no single cause behind cancer.

Instead of focusing upon the treatments available in the event of a positive cancer diagnosis., more important is to know what is within our means to prevent it. 

  • What are the environmental and behavior factors that contribute to cancer?
  • How do they alter our biochemistry thereby making us more susceptible to this disease. 
  • Presenting ten of the most common root causes behind a cancer diagnosis, and the internal and environmental considerations to avoid.
  • Today, in our increasingly polluted and toxic world, education may be our best weapon for protection.


Speaker Patricia Bowden


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“Patricia's positive attitude, passion and humor transforms her listener's fears into confidence and courage enabling women to make the critical decisions and lifestyle changes. Her presentations are expertly informative on the latest research in breast cancer prevention and diagnostics. Every woman needs to experience firsthand Patricia's path breaking skills.”

Patrick Fratellone MD

Cardiology and Integrative Medicine NYC

“Patricia opened my eyes through her knowledge and strong sense of purpose to educate people about the dangers of just trusting mainstream medicine when it comes to breast health. Her lectures are backed up by facts and visuals so you can clearly understand the message and walk away with the confidence to make the right decisions for your own body.”

Mary D. Bottero

Lecture Attendee

“I have had the pleasure of working with Patricia Luccardi for the past year educating the public on the value and efficacy of thermography. Patricia is passionate and knowledgeable on the subject of breast health as well as the science of thermography technology. She is a true warrior battling in the fields to bring truth and choices to the patients she interacts with through her skilled examination.”

Dr. Tom Ianniello

North Isle Wellness

Patricia is very knowledgeable, clear, and well organized. What distinguishes her as a speaker is her dynamic energy and passion. She engages her audience with her quick pace, clever humor and unbridled enthusiasm. She is a compelling speaker whose energetic and engaging style makes her message both enjoyable and memorable.”

Jeffrey Rossman Ph.D.

Behavioral Health, Canyon Ranch Lenox, MA
August 26th, 2019

How does foods we ingest, and the air we breathe harm our body? Do you have any preventative tips to avoid these harmful toxins?

  • Unless we eat organic, we are exposed to an arsenal of pesticides, fungicides, chemicals, municipal water, toxic beauty care, phalates, endocrine disruptors. Endocrine disruptors damage hormone receptor sites, leading to loss of sex drive, children entering puberty as early as age five. A host of chemicals damage brain chemistry leading to learning disability and hyperactivity, or they accumulate in the organs and trigger cancers of the prostate, breast, lung and thyroid. The air in our homes are some of the most toxic air we breathe from cleaning solutions, air freshers, out gassing of carpets and pest control. Commercial spaces that we may have to spend our working day in are also just as toxic.
  • Strive to eat organic, filter drinking water. Invest air purifiers for the home and office, use natural cleaning solutions including laundry soap. Chemical free beauty care. The most vital way to keep your body healthy and heal disease is by allowing it to eliminate any harmful toxins that have accumulated within it and learn effective detoxing. Avoid medical radiation.

Why should clients book you for their next event?

  • The information I offer, they will not get from their allopathic doctor. My goal is to empower through knowledge. Years of experience working in holistic women’s breast health and in the field of Food as Medicine and working with Functional Medicine practitioners has led me to create a successful 6 Month Detoxing Environmental Estrogens and Restoring Breast Health. Through my use of Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging: thermography, I show dramatic differences in women breast health in 6 month follow ups. My presentations are visual and full of before and after’s. Most women have never heard of breast thermography for radiation free screenings and wonder why it has never been offered to them.

What would you like to see accomplished in cancer detection in the next 5 years?

  • Treating the cause of cancer and not the symptoms and moving away from toxic treatments that destroys the immune system. The earth is abundant with natural medicines. The leaves, vegetables, roots, petals and berries that have been cherished for centuries are often more effective and certainly safer than chemical medicine. There is a growing consensus that radiation exposure puts a person at risk of cancer. I would like to see environmentally safe 3 and 4 D ultrasound implemented over mammograms for anatomical screenings used as an adjunct with thermography. This could cut out 80% of biopsies that are false positives. There
    will continue to be a growing movement toward natural medicines.

What types of unique experiences have you had as a result of your profession?

  • Emotionally I walk women through their fear of finding a lump in their breast and were relieved to know it was not cancer. I love making those phone calls. Along with breast thermography screening, I offer educational support, referrals to functional medicine doctors and other health practitioners. I help women take control of their health through education to make wise choices. I love sharing information with my patients and they love the personal touch I give. The most exciting is the results in follow up of a compliant patient or when a woman’s cancer is in remission. I remain in contact with them on their journey of healing.

If clients wanted to further expand their research of holistic living, what advice or readings would you lead them to?

  • I would ask them to look at their diet. Work with a health practitioner and detox. Dr. Mark Hyman functional medicine for brain health and diabetes, Dr. Joel Furman for nutrition, Dr. Christiane Northup for women’s health. Dr. Sherry Rogers on detoxing.

Do you have a favorite experience from your speaking career? If so, why?

  • My favorite is when I can introduce a patient that had breast cancer but is now in remission. Every audience is special, but there is a general consensus that what I present is the first time they are hearing this information. I see in in their faces. The thanks yous afterwards and stories they share of themselves, friends or loved ones with challenged health and an excitement to share what they learned.

See keynotes with Patricia Bowden-Luccardi
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