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Top Nutrition Speakers

Nutrition seems to be the word on everyone’s lips these days, and everyone wants to know how to be the best and healthiest version of themselves. However, with new diets emerging every other second, it’s hard to know the facts from myths.

Our top nutrition speakers talk about how you can live your best and healthiest life through good food habits. Good nutrition can massively improve stress levels and productivity, and many of our speakers focus on how nutrition can affect work life in general.

See below for our many international top nutrition speakers.

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Speakers about nutrition (9)

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Patricia Bowden-Luccardi

Women’s Holistic Health Speaker, Thermography Expert, Member of Breast Thermography International

travels from USA

Speaker Patricia Bowden-Luccardi is a holistic health expert. She continues to enlighten audience members on the awareness and the science behind breast cancer with holistic remedies for curing and preventing a diagnosis. Patricia is your...


Ruth Tongue

Nutritionist and corporate well-being speaker who will help you live your happiest and healthiest life

travels from UK

Keynote speaker Ruth Tongue has worked as a nutritionist and specialist in corporate well-being for over 15 years. She has a passion for helping people find balance and living life through healthy habits and good choices. Ruth’s keynotes are...

Sanjay Raja

Speaker on Nutrition & Health, former martial arts fighter, and founder of Team No Excuses Fitness and Nutrition

travels from USA

Our keynote speaker Sanjay Raja is an expert on nutrition and fitness specifically children's nutrition and health. As a child, he never got the "food talk" and it led to binge eating and obesity. Today, he is passionate about sharing his message...

Melissa Sherwood

Culinary instructor and nutrition counselor passionate about food and its impact on our overall health

travels from USA

Melissa Sherwood is a seasoned public speaker on the topic of nutrition. She is passionate about food and its correlation to our ability to stave off illness, its health benefits and how a simple meal can bring people together. Melissa understands...


Sarah Willingham

Successful serial entrepreneur and leading consumer expert sharing her personal story about her way to success

travels from UK

Keynote speaker Sarah Willingham is an entrepreneur and leading consumer expert. She is a thriving business woman, loving mother of four and holds three business degrees. On stage, she passionately shares her story about driving for success and...


Jane Brody

Health expert, medicine and biology specialist, and author advising on how to live a long, healthy life

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Jane Brody inspires audiences and teaches them about a variety of health topics. Jane is more than 70 years old but more energetic and fit than ever – she is still trying to be good to her body, to fuel it right and move it...

Christian Bitz

MSc in nutrition, author and nutrition expert inspiring everyone to live a healthy, imperfect and fulfilled life

travels from Denmark

Keynote speaker Christian Bitz stays clear of fanatical ideals and unrealistic health lectures. He spreads his knowledge of health and nutrition in a sympathetic way, which is understandable for everyone and which can be applied to the everyday...


Chris MacDonald

Health motivator and successful researcher and writer with a background in exercise physiology, psychology and nutrition

travels from Denmark

With an educational background in exercise physiology, psychology and nutrition, and as the founder of the concepts: Health in Balance and StrongBODY StrongMIND, keynote speaker Chris MacDonald has become a pioneer in the area of healthy living with...


Amanda Hamilton

Nutritionist, health expert and one of UK’s most popular and recognized personalities advising people on nutrition

travels from UK

Keynote speaker Amanda Hamilton is a loved and well known nutritionist and health expert. She is a champion for a general change in lifestyles which would improve people’s health and result in sustained weight loss. Amanda is known from TV and...

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Teesside University

Improve productivity and energy levels through nutrition


Nutrition is very important in our daily lives. By practicing a healthy diet, many of the known health issues can be avoided, but what does a healthy diet consist of? Is a keto diet the right way to go? Should we all go vegan? Or can an apple a day really keep the doctor away?

It seems like the media constantly come up with new dietary advice on what to eat and what not to eat. What’s healthy, what can you only eat a little of and what should you stay away from? It only seems more confusing when one day a certain type of food can cause cancer and the next day you are recommended to eat it to reduce the risk of cancer.

Our top nutrition speakers can address the topic from different angles depending on the type of client. Perhaps you want to make your workplace a little healthier? Or maybe you’re in need of a keynote target But it can also be addressed to children and young people and their eating habits – both at home, in institutions and in school. In this way, the keynotes can include elements of education, behavior and learning abilities.

Keynotes on nutrition are often entertaining and filled with tips and tools on how to change your diet and eating habits, giving you a healthier life. Our top nutrition speakers can inspire audiences with their motivating speeches that can help change your perspective on nutrition and everyday healthy eating habits.

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