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Life coach Natalie Johnson inspires audiences to create success.

Natalie Johnson

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Nationally recognized for leadership development, Natalie Johnson offers audiences guidance for highly successful career and personal lives. With more than 30-years' experience in health and leadership, she brings listeners an impactful presentation.

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From navigating stressful environments to finding balance between work and life, Natalie Johnson provides training to health care and private businesses to counteract clinical burnout. Offering practical tools for managing daily interactions, she helps listeners to multitask, motivate, and strategize for a happier lifestyle at work and home. As an expert in individual performance, she's received numerous honours, including Business Leader Extraordinaire, Healthcare Hero, and Health Program Innovation awards. With a background in performance psychology, physiology, and nutrition, Johnson's insights motivate businesses and employees to higher performance levels.

Why you should book Natalie Johnson for your next event

  • Natalie Johnson offers unique insights into finding work life balance from her 30-year career in leadership and employee development. Leveraging her experience in multiple fields, she offers listeners tools for transforming daily work experiences.
  • Johnson provides guidance to workers who suffer from burnout and stress. Her strategies have proven effective in helping workers establish high-energy, high-performing careers and positive personal lives.
  • Focusing on a range of topics from emotional intelligence to personal growth, she exposes listeners to activities for enhancing life experiences at work and home.

As Chief Visionary Officer of ViDL Solutions, she oversees strategy and consults clients in meeting employee objectives. Johnson is an industry leader with more than 30 years’ experience in training and consulting. A certified wellness coach, she works with multinational corporations and government agencies to build high-performing teams. As a high-energy motivator, Johnson helps audiences find balance between purpose and choices.

Johnson has been featured with numerous media organizations and publications, including Body by Jack, FitTV, and Shape Magazine. Her health and leadership programs have helped global organizations transform wellness strategies. With a background in performance psychology, nutrition, and physiology, Johnson’s expertise is transforming the healthcare and business landscape by helping employees to overcome stress and find balance.

Her consulting success has made Johnson a sought-after speaker in the areas of health and wellness, productivity, and work/life balance. Personalizing presentations to meet a specific organization’s needs, Johnson aims to help an organization’s leadership transform a team’s culture for enhanced productivity and work satisfaction.

The recipient of numerous awards for her work in developing high-performing and happier workforces, Johnson is recognized for helping to transform the way employees experience work in complex organizational structures. Johnson’s awards include Corporate Wellness Leadership and Champion of Healthcare awards.

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Keynote by Natalie Johnson

Optimize Performance Through Energy Management:

The research is clear that individual wellbeing, work performance, and organizational outcomes suffer unless you can balance the demands of the modern work world through better management of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. This rich, interactive, and inspiring keynote helps audiences to understand that self-care is not a luxury, but rather an absolute necessity for showing up as the best versions of themselves at work and at home. It offers new insights that help
recontextualize wellbeing as an essential business imperative and provide realistic strategies for enhancing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy so people can contribute more fully and sustainably to their professional and personal lives.

Audience Takeaways:

  • Audience members will leave with more clarity on how they show up as their best selves and the truth about how often best self shows up in their life now
  • The audience will be introduced to how full engagement requires physical, emotional. mental and spiritual energy optimization
  • The audience will learn the two biggest barriers to brining full engagement and their best energy to the people and things that matter
  • The audience will learn specific physical, emotional, mental and spiritual strategies that will help them to manage their own energy better
  • The audience will learn how to expand their energy capacity as they grow older to take on more demands while leading a healthy and balanced life

Why I’m qualified to speak on this topic:

  • My education is in human performance and human psychology. Both are integral parts of energy management
  • I’ve been a Performance Coach teaching and training on Energy Management through the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute for over 15 years
  • Although not mentioned above in my bio, I”m a Certified Fitness Trainer and Mindful Eating Coach
  • I’m most qualified because I practice (and continue to learn) these strategies in my own life
Keynote by Natalie Johnson

Stress: It's Your Superpower

Work and life today are busier than ever. There is pressure to do more and be plugged in 24/7.Although stress is a predominant factor in all our lives, research has revealed that the traditional way we view stress isn’t helpful and contributes to poor performance, health issues and burnout. Newer science suggests that we can actually use our stress to
foster higher performance, better connect with those that matter, and even extend our life. This keynote will focus on the updated science of stress and how we can use our stress as a true superpower.

Audience Takeaways:

  • Audience members will identify a personal stressor and harness it as a super power
  • Audience members will understand the true definition of resiliency and know how to create it in their life
  • Audience members will learn four resiliency strategies and be able to use these strategies in their life immediately
  • Audience members will align resiliency behaviors with their purpose and create meaningful new ways of thinking

Why I’m qualified to speak on this topic:

  • I have a degree in human performance and wellness
  •  I’ve done extensive research on mindset and stress in previous and current jobs
  •  I’ve been trained in human psychology, mindset and sport performance, all of which relate directly to this content
  • I’m a Certified Health Coach
  • I’ve been teaching resiliency and creating content for over 20 years
Keynote by Natalie Johnson

The Inner Game of Communication

Effective communication is key to team performance and organizational success and it even improves personal wellbeing. Traditional efforts to help people improve their communication focus on models or strategies that, while valuable, overlook one key factor: the internal work that is often necessary to improve the way we converse with others. Developing a powerful communication style requires that we attend to important elements of our “inner operating system” such as perceptions, mindset, emotional responses,
and energy – and that we intentionally practice new ways of being. This keynote provides the audience with an opportunity to identify their adaptive challenges related to communication and upgrade their inner operating systems so they communicate with clarity, conviction, and kindness.

Audience Takeaways:

  • Audience members will identify a tough conversation they need to have and utilize the tools to help them with their own inner game
  • The audience will have clarity on what it looks like when they are most effective as a communicator at work and at home
  • Audience members will identify their own “communication traps” and “inner game detractors” understand how to overcome them
  • Audience members will learn two inner game tools (The Frame, The Line) that can be used immediately
  • Audience members will recognize the value of empathy in communication and learn how to create empathy in difficult conversations

Why I’m qualified to speak on this topic:

  • I’m a Certified Dare to lead Facilitator. The curriculum is based on the courageous leadership research of Dr Brene Brown. The research highlights the importance of the inner game for effective and brave communication.
  • I’ve worked with Dr Brene Brown and used her research to create clear and kind communication strategies that require courage and empathy as practices
  • I’ve been trained as a Performance Coach, Executive Coach and Health Coach. All of which require extensive training and practice on effective communication, mindset, listening and communicating with clarity and kindness.
  • I’ve been trained in DALM (Developing a Leadership Mindset) curriculum which includes communication research and tools that are used in this keynote
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