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College head football coach inspires audiences to persist until victorious

Brian Kelly

travels from USA

Award-winning football coach excels on and off the field, where he helps teams to plan for victory with a focus on the health & mindset of each member.

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Louisiana State University football coach Brian Keith Kelly has served as head coach for various college programs since 1991. Beginning his career with a stint as head coach at Grand Valley State for twelve years, he moved to Central Michigan and the University of Cincinnati before joining Notre Dame. From 2010-2021, Kelly led the Notre Dame University team to a successful winning record. In November 2021, he accepted a position as head coach for LSU. Pulling from his experience leading football teams to victory, Kelly shares insightful tools with audiences for remaining positive to overcome obstacles. He was selected as coach of the year by ESPN, ACC, and ABC in 2020.

Why select keynote speaker Brian Kelly

  • Audiences relate to Kelly’s sincerity and passion for leading teams to victory. He advocates for positivity and mental health balance regardless of the circumstances by focusing on positive outcomes.
  • His presentation prepares listeners with practical and actionable strategies for obtaining stellar team performance in the face of seemingly impossible odds.
  • As an advocate for maintaining strong mental health, Kelly works to combat the stigma associated with discussing suicide and mental health by partnering with organizations to promote mental health awareness.

As a head football coach, Kelly is noted for sparking the resurgence of dominant Fighting Irish football at Notre Dame. Chosen as Associated Press Coach of the Year, Kelly’s team rose to the number one rank. Showcasing talented young stars, the team became a metaphor for strong work ethic yielding results. Dominating rival teams to earn stellar winning seasons, Kelly lead Notre Dame football to a 92-39 record.

Kelly and his wife Paqui share three children. In 2007, the two founded Kelly Cares Foundation to support community needs, such as education and health. The foundation has donated more than $5 million to worthy causes related to its mission.

As a keynote speaker, Kelly offers a sincere and practical approach to planning for team success. Focusing on the welfare of the entire team is the ultimate priority, giving each member the freedom to positively contribute. Working to combat mental health stigmas, he offers listeners insight into practical ways for supporting each team member’s individual health and wholeness.

Kelly’s story book career is a backdrop for relevant anecdotes and entertaining stories, which offer audiences examples for how to build a winning team in the face of challenging circumstances. Passionate about protecting each individual, Kelly inspires listeners to support mental and overall health.

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Speaker Brian Kelly keynote topics

Brian is highly regarded as one of the most consistent coaches in football history. He is married to wife, Paqui, and the two have three children together. After Paqui faced two fights against different types of cancer, the couple founded the Kelly Cares Foundation in 2007 and have since donated over $5 million dollars to organizations that support health, education, and community needs.

In his free time, Brian enjoys sharing his love of the game with his children, spends his free time golfing, and is looking forward to exploring more speaking opportunities.

His speaking topics and interests include:

  • Leadership.
  • Teamwork.
  • Dedication.
  • Community.
  • Persistence.
  • Importance of family.
  • Close connection to cancer.
  • Philanthropy.
  • Education.
  • Golfing
  • Student-athlete experience.
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One-On-One Interview with Brian Kelly

Watch Brian Kelly in action!

Brian Kelly's First Team Meeting as LSU Football Coach

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