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Collegiate head coach advocates for a positive attitude to obtain victory

Ryan Day

travels from USA

Team building strategy expert is passionate about coaching football and advocating for mental health for team members and students globally.

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Enjoying a stellar career, Ryan Day has led the Ohio State Buckeyes to an extraordinary 34-4 record in his initial three seasons as head coach. As the first coach at the university to win two championships in the Big Ten during his initial two years leading the team, he’s made an impressive contribution to the history of Buckeye’s football. Leveraging his winning record to impart valuable insights, Day shares impressive strategies to audiences for building winning teams and overcoming obstacles. Captivating audiences with entertaining keynotes, he offers unique tools for creating a winning culture.

Why select keynote speaker Ryan Day

  • Audiences are inspired by Day’s commitment to changing the way people view mental health challenges. Combating the stigma by sharing personal stories, Day brings the health issue to the forefront.
  • Advocating for building teamwork with a focus on individual and collective overall health, Day details actionable strategies for producing highly productive business and professional teams.
  • As one of the most successful coaches to lead a Big Ten team, Day inspires audiences to develop the habits to maintain consistent victories at work and in life.

As a well-respected head coach for the Ohio State Buckeyes, Ryan Day has lead the team to impressive victories in his first seasons as coach with an impressive 34-4 record. Since 2002, Day has enjoyed a highly successful college coaching career, which began at the University of New Hampshire. After successful coaching jobs with Boston College, Temple, and the University of Florida, he accepted a position with the National Football League’s Philadelphia Eagles in 2015 and the 49ers in 2016.

An energetic orator, Day brings enthusiasm to keynote speeches, which captivates listeners. Advocating for building strong teams by focusing on overall individual and collective health, Day inspires audiences to integrate successful winning strategies into team building.

As a passionate advocate for mental health awareness, he speaks to youth groups about the importance of combating the stigma associated with discussing mental health challenges. Making suicide prevention a priority, Day and his wife partner with groups to raise awareness about mental health issues, suicide prevention, and the need for more open conversations to address the problem among youths.

Audiences walk away from Day’s presentations with new insights for building successful team cultures by focusing on incorporating winning and empathetic strategies emerge victorious.

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Outside of football, Ryan is extremely passionate about mental health and being an advocate for not only the athletes on his team, but students across the country as well. His father died by suicide when he was nine years old, something Ryan has only recently made public. Since sharing, Ryan and his wife Nina have since made it their mission to combat the stigma surrounding speaking about mental health and suicide and have partnered with multiple philanthropic organizations to make suicide prevention and mental health awareness a much more open conversation.

His speaking topics and interests include:

  • Working together for a collective goal.
  • Positivity.
  • Mental health.
  • Philanthropy.

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A power mental health message from Ohio State football coach Ryan Day

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