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College football coach offers insights into successful performance

Lincoln Riley

travels from USA

USC head football coach offers a high energy presentation which inspires audiences to new heights of success and to maintain mental preparedness to take advantage of opportunities when presented.

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With 20 years' coaching experience, Lincoln Riley joined USC's football program with a reputation for building an explosive offence. During his last five years with the Oklahoma Sooners, he maintained a solid reputation as head coach. Riley garnered 4 Big 12 championships as a part of the Sonner's coaching staff. Focusing on dynamic coaching strategies, his talent for motivating teams to success is transformative for audiences, which listen to his keynote address. Motivating groups with attention to preparation and consistency, Riley gives listeners practical tools for building high-performing teams.

Why select keynote speaker Lincoln Riley

  • Audiences are captivated by Riley’s thrilling stories of overcoming obstacles on the football field of battle. He artfully assists groups in creating inclusive team environments, where commitment to unselfish dedication elevates team members.
  • His presentation prepares listeners to high productivity by providing actionable strategies for transforming group dynamics. Riley’s keynote speech includes information about setting intentions to consistently meet commitments.
  • From walk-on college player to football titan, Riley’s story of consistent performance in motivating teams to success is a dynamic example for corporations and teams across the country.

When former Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops chose Lincoln Riley as his successor in 2017, the 33-year-old coach lived up to expectations at the University of Oklahoma. Riley’s team shook the Big 12, reaching the semifinals every year. Two quarterbacks – Kyler Murray and Baker Mayfield – under his leadership were both chosen as No. 1 picks in the NFL draft.

Riley’s rise from quarterback in a small town in Texas to revolutionary football head coach at one of the top football programs in the country is a testament to his commitment to successful team dynamics and productivity. By focusing on maintaining a winner’s mindset, Riley inspires his players to accomplish seemingly impossible goals.

As the current head football coach at USC, Riley is seen as a threat to competing teams. In 2022, ESPN ranked the Trojan’s 9th in a field of talented college football teams. Led by Riley’s unique motivational style and a talented roster of committed players, USC is expected to do well.

Riley brings the same passion he exhibits in practice and on the sidelines to audiences. His speeches focus on traditional values of commitment, consistency, and preparation. By offering practical strategies for transforming team environments, Riley uplifts business and professional teams to the next level.

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Speaker Lincoln Riley keynote topics

Lincoln Riley has drawn attention in LA for eye-catching quotes speaking on the potential in USC’s team and recognizes how everyone involved, the fans, coaches, players, and future players are all ready to experience it. Riley remains eager to continue speaking on his success in the world of college coaching and advice for young players.

His interests and speaking topics include:

  • Playing with the right mentality.
  • Intention.
  • Consistency.
  • Expectations.
  • Preparation.
  • Carrying through with every promise and taking advantage of every moment.

2022 USC Football: The Lincoln Riley Era

Watch speaker Lincoln Riley in action

Lincoln Riley | Professor Belasco's USC Class | 2022

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