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NFL head coach inspires audiences to higher levels of success

Matt LaFleur

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Advocating for integrating his Green Bay Packers three team rules: team first, no excuses, and be prepared and on time, LaFleur offers business teams practical strategies to excel.

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Recognized as a dynamic and influential football coach, Matt LaFleur's head coaching career began with his team achieving more wins than any other coach at the time in his initial three seasons with the Green Bay Packers as head coach. Respected by players, broadcasters, and fellow coaches, he inspires others with his stellar work ethic and traditional values. Enthralling audiences with his no-nonsense approach to building teams with character, LaFleur is an inspirational and transformational motivator. He helps professional teams to flourish by introducing effective team-building concepts.

Why select keynote speaker Matt LaFleur

  • Matt LaFleur inspires audiences to make positive contributions in team environments. Advocating for a team-first philosophy, he offers practical tools for maintaining unity.
  • His keynote offers insightful strategies, which are honed from years of teamwork in competitive environments. LaFleur equips listeners with the tools for elevated team productivity and performance.
  • In 2021, LaFleur bested the NFL record for winningest coach with a 33-7 record in 40 games. His winning percentage is the highest in NFL history at an impressive .825 for those leaders who’ve coached at least 25 games.

From quarterback to iconic football legend, Matt LaFleur implements best practices in motivating team success. His three team rules are an integral part of the coaching team’s philosophy. Emulating Dan Quinn’s 3-rule philosophy, LaFleur developed his own rules, which serve as the framework for the team’s success.

In 2019, the Green Bay Packers hired LaFleur as head coach. In his regular season opening game, the team beat the Chicago Bears 10-3. In his first season as the team’s head coach, the team accomplished an impressive 13-3 record. In 2021, despite notable team injuries and Aaron Rogers’ bout with Covid, LaFleur led his dynamic team to enough victories to secure the NFL’s record for winningest coach in the history of the league.

Prior to joining the Packers, he has earned his stellar reputation as quarterback coach for the Atlanta Falcons and the Washington Redskins and the Atlanta Falcons. He has also served the Tennessee Titans and Los Angeles Rams as offensive coordinator. Leveraging his experience building dynamic and productive teams, LaFleur offers audiences insight into what it takes to win.

Advocating for traditional values of consistency and dependability, LaFleur helps professional teams in all areas to excel in productivity and performance. With a refreshing take on motivating team members every year, LaFleur brings listeners insight into the dynamics of successful and high-achieving teams.

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Keynotes by speaker Matt LaFleur

With years of coaching experience under his belt, LaFleur is eager to find opportunities to speak on the importance of trust to be successful on the field and create a united

His speaking topics include:

  • Team-first.
  • Hard-work.
  • Perseverance.
  • Loyalty.
  • Support.
  • Trust in your teammates.
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