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Shaun Golden

travels from USA

Speaker on character building, teamwork and goal setting passionate about helping and motivating others

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Speaker Shaun Golden has over two decades of college basketball experience as a player, a coach, and a sports broadcaster. Passionate about motivating others, he runs a nonprofit called Golden Opportunity, where he provides character building and goal setting programs for youth.

Motivational speaker Shaun Golden knows how to get an audience excited and show them a good time! Shaun’s unique speaking style – whether speaking at a school, conference or workplace – empowers and enables individuals and teams to achieve their goals. His talks are full of positive energy and he encourages participants to get out of their comfort zone and build their strength of character. Learn about the key to success from speaker Shaun Golden in his high energy, interactive keynotes.

In his youth speaker Shaun Golden was one of the top 25 high school basketball players in the United States and a member of the McDonald’s All American Team with the likes of Shaquille O’Neal, Bobby Hurley, and Alan Houston.

He continued his successful career, exploring other sides of basketball – coaching and broadcasting. Shaun spent 16 years coaching College Basketball – 3 of those years he spent as a head coach. He has led his teams to success, winning numerous conference championships and playing in both the NCAA and NIT. Furthermore Shaun has gained extensive experience as a sports broadcaster. He has worked with major channels such as ESPN, SEC Network and Fox Sports South, to name a few.

Speaker Shaun Golden’s basketball career taught him what was needed to achieve success and work as a team. As a basketball coach, he has gained experience as a motivator and trainer, while as a broadcaster he is an experienced communicator. He combines all of this in his speaking, as well as through his non-profit, Golden Opportunity. Every year, Golden Opportunity reaches tens of thousands of youth across America.

See keynotes with Shaun Golden

    Keynote by Speaker Shaun Golden

    Golden Opportunity

    This talk motivates the audience to seize opportunities and make the most of life – which is why this talk starts out with letting loose with some singing and dancing.

    • Speaker Shaun Golden firmly believes that everyday you are presented with a Golden Opportunity to get outside of your comfort zone. If you sit back and ignore it, that Golden Opportunity goes to someone else. To showcase this, Shaun uses the audience as an example of what missed opportunity feels like and they learn now to avoid it in the future.


    Keynote by Speaker Shaun Golden

    Push / Challenge/ Embrace: PCE

    Shaun Golden shows the struggle in a person’s journey and the process it took for them to succeed.

    The audience will learn 3 things that will help them achieve something that they have never accomplished:

    • They will be pushed out of their comfort zone – No one likes to be pushed outside of their comfort zone
    • They will be challenged outside of their comfort zone – No one wants to be challenged especially out of their comfort zone
    • They will be then embraced by their leader – In many cases, my people in leadership forget to embrace their employees


    Keynote by Speaker Shaun Golden

    The Story of an Inch

    In this talk, Shaun tells his life story, giving the audience a preview of everything that he has accomplished.

    An Inch – A very small amount of anything, a narrow margin.

    So much can change by such a small alteration. This talk shows how “Little Things Make A Big Difference”. In business, as good as your product may be, something perceived as small but negative can truly affect your business’ bottom line. Little missteps can make a big difference! Shaun speaks on:

    • Customer Service
    • Employee Morale
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