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Dr. Jason Carthen

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Leadership and Organizational Development Expert

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Dr. Jason Carthen is an experienced leadership expert, motivator and passionate speaker. A former professional football player, he knows about the power of teamwork. His keynotes are eye opening, entertaining and inspire change. Keynote speaker Jason Carthen instantly connects with his audience and takes them on an exciting journey.

Dr. Jason Carthen, known as the Leadership Linebacker™, is a former professional football player with the New England Patriots and an internationally acknowledged public speaker. He is the founder of Speak Life University™, which provides Business & Leadership Development programs for anyone interested in increasing their capacity to influence others positively through exceptional leadership.

Besides his keynotes  Dr. Jason Carthen is the host of a successful weekly Radio Show Discover the Leader in You!™ he broadcasts live to over 185,000 people every week on iHeart Radio.

Jason Carthen stands for high energy, fun, interaction and custom tailored talks which the attendees can relate to. He is a tangible speaker and works very client centered. He is fervent about giving is attendees solutions they can use to transform their own lives and businesses.

Jason Carthen will come early, stay late and offer a post-talk interaction via an online learning system. If you want to see immediate success in a change process, Jason Carthen is your match.

See keynotes with Dr. Jason Carthen

    Keynote by Speaker Jason Carthen

    The Six Lessons I Learned From Pro Football That Will Immediately Grow Your Business!

    • Through his career in professional football, Jason Carthen had unique learning opportunities. In this life changing keynote his audience profits from Jason’s knowledge of winning strategies.
    • The audience can be adopt these strategies to work or private relations.


    Keynote by Speaker Jason Carthen

    How To Overcome Obstacles and Learn How To Thrive

    • Stress is one of the most dangerous diseases of the 21st century. There are only a few people who are good at handling a stressful job.
    • In this seminar Jason Carthen will explain the construct of resilience and overall personal hardiness. He will show you the necessary steps to enlarge your personal capacity for resilience. By increasing the level of resilience in your followers, the ability to moderate stress and overcome obstacles to achieve greatness will be revealed.


    Keynote by Speaker Jason Carthen

    Emotional Intelligence and Teaching Your Team How To Provide Exceptional Customer Service

    • Many repeat customers return because of the kindness and exceptional service that they receive. However, some customers do not return when they feel they have just been sold a product without relationship.
    • This seminar reveals the key practices that are necessary for the “Ultimate Customer Service Experience.”Jason Carthen will provide practical relational tools that you can store in your personal toolbox which can be utilized based upon the specific customer service situation.
    • The key takeaway will be, “Serving others without Reservation.” Embracing this key concept will maximize customer satisfaction and empower the customer with knowledge of your product while creating future sale’s opportunities”.


    Keynote by Speaker Jason Carthen

    Adapting To Change and Teaching Your Teams How To Win!

    • Due to global expansion and constant competition, many organizations are experiencing the pressures of change and the tension that comes along with it.
    • In this exciting keynote, Dr. Jason Shares the key components of not only how to deal with change, but to preemptively plan and thrive during change. From executive leadership to support staff, your group will benefit and  learn how to effectively plan strategy and create internal and external opportunities to improve market position. You do not want to miss this opportunity to prepare your team for change!
Non-binding request for Dr. Jason Carthen

Send a simple request. You’ll get a quick reply with fees and availability

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