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Youth Culture Speakers

Here you will find keynote speakers, who all are able to talk about Youth Culture. Click on the individual keynote speakers and read more about them and their keynotes.

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Speakers about youth culture (6)

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Macinley Butson

Young Inventor and Award Winning STEM Leader

travels from Australia

Internationally recognized for her science and engineering accomplishments, speaker Macinley Butson is an empowered scientist changing and influencing youth and organizations alike into dynamic, transformative ways of thinking and innovating. ...


Dr. Nothabo Ncube

Life Coach and Millennial Mentor, Motivational speaker

travels from Canada

Speaker Dr. Nothabo Ncube is a motivational speaker, coach, and millennial mentor. Nothabo has used her story as inspiration for audience members to live out their greatest passions, regardless of their circumstances. Her compelling journey granted...


Lauren Simmons

Trail blazer, Financial advisor, Motivational speaker, Author.

travels from USA

Speaker Lauren Simmons is one of the first, youngest female African Americans New York Stock Exchange traders and second in history to hold her position. Lauren inspires audience members on networking yourself in unfamiliar places, growing and...


Melissa Sherwood

Culinary instructor and nutrition counselor passionate about food and its impact on our overall health

travels from USA

Melissa Sherwood is a seasoned public speaker on the topic of nutrition. She is passionate about food and its correlation to our ability to stave off illness, its health benefits and how a simple meal can bring people together. Melissa understands...


Andre Daughty

Experienced educational consultant and teacher inspiring administrators to make a difference in education

travels from USA

Speaker Andre Daughty has almost 2 decades of experience in education and 10 years of experience as a public speaker. His passion for education has led him to serve as an educational technology instructor, an educational consultant and a workshop...


David & Jonah Stillman

An intergenerational duo composed of Gen X and Gen Z providing interesting insights into generational research

travels from USA

Keynote speaker David Stillman, acclaimed generational expert and a generation Xer himself, and his son Jonah, who is part of generation Z, make their debut as an intergenerational duo! David & Jonah Stillman provide audiences with unique...

Youth Culture
Youth Culture
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About Youth Culture

  • Every historical period has its own groups within youth culture. Keynotes about young people and their culture either describe previous youth cultures or provide an insight into the norms and conditions of today’s youth.
  • Keynotes about youth and youth culture may focus on bullying, abuse, education, sexuality, conflict or the challenges facing young people now and in their adult lives.
  • Keynotes and presentations about youth culture can also take their outset in the role that young people have in contemporary society, and can be directed either at young people or groups and institutions that work with youth.
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