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Lauren Simmons

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Trail blazer, Financial advisor, Motivational speaker, Author.

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Speaker Lauren Simmons is one of the first, youngest female African Americans New York Stock Exchange traders and second in history to hold her position. Lauren inspires audience members on networking yourself in unfamiliar places, growing and maintaining your authentic being, and how to incorporate financial stability in your lifestyle. Lauren named "the fearless girl" teaches audience members how they have the capabilities to rise above their circumstances and allow themselves to become fearless too.

Why book speaker Lauren Simmons?

  • Lauren is the voice of young professionals with the maturity of a seasoned executive. Lauren is a motivation; she is one of the youngest female full-time traders at the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Lauren uses her story to empower audience members in the workplace to extend yourself and exceed your expectations.She overcomes any obstacle she faces. Speaker Lauren openly shares her journey and what she overcame them regardless of her disadvantages. Lauren expresses how to use your disadvantages as your advantages.
  • She is apart of and making history. Being one of the second African American women in the stock exchange history, Lauren empowers audience members through motivation, encouragement, and financial literacy.

“If I could tell these young women anything, [it would be] you will limit yourself by listening to anyone but yourself.” – Speaker Lauren Simmons

Speaker Lauren Simmons graduated from Kennesaw State University in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in genetics and a minor in statistics and aspired initially to go into genetic counseling. She made a decision to put that on hold. Her desire to move to New York City, through networking led her to meet Richard Rosenblatt, the CEO of Rosenblatt Securities. Beyond her many qualifications, it was ultimately Simmons’ confidence that led Rosenblatt to take her under his wing as an Equity Trader. To step into this rare position, she had to pass the series 19; this test has a pass rate of 20% in a class of 10. She studied the book cover to cover for a month straight and successfully passed on her first try.

Lauren Simmons made history, At 23 years old, as the youngest female on the floor, and became the second-ever African American woman working as a trader at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 225 years. Since her story broke, Lauren Simmons has been featured on many media channels like ABC, CNBC, CNN, and Fox. Simmons has visited several countries sharing her story, and Politico has named Lauren “Woman of Impact 2018.”

Lauren, the brand, has been recognized by Hollywood-AGC studio is producing a film based on her life. Lauren is the executive producer on the project. Additionally, Lauren received endorsements from Invisalign, Ford Motor Company, Club Pilates, and LinkedIn. Speaker Lauren Simmions is actively working on her first publication focused on women and millennials in finance.

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Keynote by speaker Lauren Simmons

The Power of Networking

Audience takeaways include:

  • Understand how to put yourself into different settings and learn how to network and what those opportunities look like as it helps further your career or change careers.
  • The different ways she was able to pivot from genetics to a career in finance and to becoming an author, producer in her movie, creating her own tv show, and becoming a motivational speaker.
  • How Lauren was able to secure a job within three months of moving to a different state with no connections. Through your connections your journey is limitless.

Keynote by speaker Lauren Simmons

Being the other in the room

Audience members will learn:

  • Advice that Richard Rosenblatt gave Lauren while working at Rosenblatt securities and how it impacted her life.
  • Understand there is power in being different and how you can use your difference to flourish by being the “other” in a room.
  • Conversations surrounding  females in an all-male dominated field, being a minority, or being the youngest within your environment. Ultimately the other in the room holds the power.

Keynote by speaker Lauren Simmons

Financial Wellness

Audience members will walk away learning:

  • What tools Lauren uses to budget.
  • Lauren’s methods on managing to save 80k in one year.
  • A clear idea of the benefits of investing and saving.


Keynote by speaker Lauren Simmons


This keynote is a feel-good motivational speech where it encourages audience members to go out there and be the gatekeepers of their reality.

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