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Dr. Nothabo Ncube

travels from Canada

Life Coach and Millennial Mentor, Motivational speaker

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Speaker Dr. Nothabo Ncube is a motivational speaker, coach, and millennial mentor. Nothabo has used her story as inspiration for audience members to live out their greatest passions, regardless of their circumstances. Her compelling journey granted her the opportunity to meet Oprah Winfrey, in which skyrocketed her ideas into a broader vision. Dr. Nothabo Ncube inspires through conversations of resilience, overcoming adversity, and keeping faith in yourself.

Why you should book speaker Dr. Nothabo Ncube

  • Her testimony inspires audience members worldwide. Dr. Nothabo uses her story to encourage audience members on how to embrace life’s challenges, as she shows that’s where your transformation lies. 
  • She lives in her purpose and inspires others to do the same. Dr. Ncube claimed her mission as a young child, not knowing the foundation she set for herself and the power it held, she used it to steer her life. 
  • She strives. She endured many obstacles, but she persevered. Today, Dr. Nothabo Ncube speaks on the power of speaking life into yourself and remaining adamant through trying times.

“Whenever pain shows up in our lives, it’s there to transform us into the full manifestation of what our purpose is.” – Dr. Nothabo Ncube

Speaker Nothabo Ncube “Dr.Thabo” is an Inspirational TEDx Speaker, A Coach to Women, and A Millennial Mentor to Young-Girls. Having overcome her own personal and professional obstacles, her powerful story encourages this generation to face their challenges and conquer them. Her story led her to meet the media mogul, Oprah Winfrey and just recently she shared her life journey on the TEDx platform. Through a whirlwind of inspirational lectures, round table discussions, and media appearances on stages such as Global News TV, she positively influences, challenges, and reconnects youth with their passions. She uses incredible wit and candor to empower young girls and women.

Dr. Thabo envisions a world where all people are given the opportunity to become the best versions of themselves, not only to dream bigger dreams but to create and shape the world they have always desired. Having lost her mother at the tender age of 14, at her mother’s death bed, she made a promise to her to be a doctor in Zimbabwe. Destiny led her to Canada where she and her family found themselves living in Community Housing in Toronto, subjected to social ills that could have deterred her from her path, despite these circumstances she rose from the ashes. Her journey leading to the fulfillment of the promise has been one filled with loss, pain, failures, mistakes, resilience, courage, faith, hope, grace, and overcoming adversity.

Through her dedication to making a global impact, she was nominated by Women of Influence and Royal Bank of Canada for the 28th Annual RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards/Inspiring Group for the 2 nd year in a row, selected as Top 4 Immigrant Women of Inspiration/Influencers in Canada by Canadian Immigrant Magazine 2019. Dr. Thabo is the recipient of The Universal Women’s Network Women of Inspiration 2020 award. She is now on a mission to empower, educate, encourage, enlighten, inspire, to uplift, and to motivate this generation to use pain as a pedestal toward the pinnacle of purpose. Dr. Thabo believes that in each of us there lies the power to transcend our circumstances and create from a truly authentic space the best versions of ourselves.

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Keynote by speaker Dr. Nothabo Ncube

Turning pain into pleasure

In your hero journey, you will experience a lot of twists and turns. These defining moments will lead you to your true self – your life’s purpose. It is often through the gift of pain, struggles and our chaos that we stumble on our calling. Our circumstances are the gifts thatkeep on giving. They help us awaken to our essence.

Audience takeaways:

  • Shine a light in other people’s dark places so they too, can fearlessly and courageously turn their struggles into strength and their pain into purpose. 
  • It is her soul-intention to give others hope and help humanity awaken to the power of their own stories and their purpose.
  • To revive HOPE and Inspire for positive change.
  • To raise consciousness.
  • To offer knowledge, information, tools and resources that inspires and empowers people to lead bold purpose driven joyous lives.
  • To affirm that our words and thoughts have the power to shape our destiny.
Keynote by speaker Dr. Nothabo Ncube

You become what you believe

Our words and thoughts have the power to shape our destiny. It is the narrative that you hold true about yourself that is manifesting in your life everyday as your reality. Be mindful of the stories that you tell yourself about who you are.

Speaker Dr. Nothabo Ncube speaks on doing the work that brings hey joy and brings joy to the lives my voice is called to touch because of a promise I made to myself and to my dear mother on her death bed. She is a testimony that, “You become what you believe”. You are the master creator of your destiny.

Audience takeaways:

  • Your life has meaning. Your life has purpose. Everything you need to fulfill your calling is right within inside of you. 
  • unleash your true highest potential.
  • To serve as a reminder that in each of us there lies the power to overcome whatever circumstances life throws at us.
  • To create moments of awakening, discovery and transformation.
  • To teach that through each challenge there is the opportunity to transcend the limitations of the current reality, by focusing on creating from a place of personal power and vision.
  • To help people shift their lens of perception.


Keynote by speaker Dr. Nothabo Ncube

Overcoming adversity

We all have been through something that has threatened our livelihood. Those moments can be paralyzing and sometimes the numbing effect stays for some time while we try to understand and accept what just occurred. These moments reveal to us who we are, our resilience and our life’s purpose.

What if I told you, your challenges, circumstances, and adversities are your greatest gifts?

Audience takeaways:

  • To help people awaken to the power of their own stories.
  • To teach that we have the power to turn our struggles into strength and our pain into purpose.
  • To create a high energy environment for women to create momentum for conscious shift and transformation.
  • To inspire and empower women to build and live out their soul purpose.
  • To create and enhance self -love and confidence in women.
  • To connect women and create a feeling of unity among women.
Speaker Nothabo Ncube

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