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Generation Y
Generation Y

Generation Y Speakers

Generation Y has been raised within a time period with constant access to technology. Computers, mobile phones, the Internet were all accessible and part of their youth. As a consequence, companies have had to adapt and revise their hiring strategy, company infrastructure and overall business ethos in order to attract this generation. The Generation Y speakers will show your audiences how businesses can benefit only by giving bright, qualified youngsters the right opportunities and support.

Generation Y speakers open your eyes to modernist perspectives

  • Generation Y speakers can help companies and organizations attract, manage and retain young talent from the Y Generation as they are seen as future business leaders. Popular keynotes will help attendees understand what makes this generation feel valued and recognized.
  • Even though Millennials require longer periods of training and assistance they will bring fresh ideas and fresh perspectives to your workplace. Learn how to turn a young graduate into the most loyal employee your business has ever seen.

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In-depth understanding of Generation Y


Generation Y refers to the specific generation born between the 1980’s to the early 1990’s. Millennials, Y Generation, Generation We, Echo boomers and many more terms have been used to describe the generation. Generation Y are the youngsters that are heading into unpredictable jobs market after graduation. Although the employment rates are steady, many are facing the fall in average earning after the 2008 recession. Their employment trend fluctuates from part-time work to self-employed.


Despite all challenges, Generation Y are deemed valuable for today’s enterprises. Given the economically turbulent time they matured in, this generation chooses to make compromises when looking for work. Their expectations in terms of salary and benefits are lowered down and they are much more committed and loyal than their previous counterparts. As a result, many organisations seek economic advantages by attracting and retaining them.