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Kim Lear

Generational Expert
Country: USA

The keynote speaker Kim Lear is a researcher on the topic of generations. She provides both insight on how to understand and manage Millennials, as well as how the Millennials can navigate more effectively in the workplace. Kim has helped with BridgeWorks’ global research initiative to identify ways in which generations of workers are evolving in key markets overseas.

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Our speaker Kim Lear is an expert on the topic of generations. She is a successful writer, strategist and researcher on the topic. Kim Lear is an associate and orator of the multigenerational speaker team at BridgeWorks, LLC. She serves as the resident voice for her generation, the Millennials.

Kim oversees the social media strategy for BridgeWorks and is a regular contributor to a variety of business publications. The ambitious speaker Kim Lear helps to identify and document the latest generational trends shaping how all of us live, play, and work. She was recently an aid in the launch of BridgeWorks’ global research initiative to identify ways in which generations of workers are evolving in key markets overseas.

The keynote speaker Kim Lear is used for businesses and organizations who want to grasp at how to better understand, attract and manage the wave of Millennials entering the workforce. Additionally, she delivers workshops to the Millennial new hires to help them navigate more effectively in a multigenerational workplace, thus benefiting both careers, and their bosses!

    Keynotes by Speaker Kim Lear

    The future Factors of work.

    The Major Factors impacting how we lead in the connected era


    We are in the midst of a period of great change in organizational structure. Hierarchies are flattening, networks are being created, the traditional “American Dream” is being re-examined, and constant disruption is forcing established industries to work harder to remain relevant. Our ability to understand the factors that shape the behaviors of colleagues and employees is critical for organizations to create engaged and productive workforces and gain a competitive advantage.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Decode the major factors changing the way we work
    • Identify how these factors change work expectations
    • Provide actionable solutions for leaders to better engage their workforce
    • Explore best—and worst—case studies from organizations who are finding success, or failure, in this new world of work
    • Transform workplace conflicts into growth opportunities


    Keynotes by Speaker Kim Lear

    The Future Factors of the Marketplace:

    The Major Factors Impacting How organizations create authentic connections with clients and consumers in an age of empowerment he Empowered Consumer has arrived. With information at their fingertips and platforms to share opinions, consumers understand the power they yield in the marketplace. It’s time to turn The Empowered Consumer into your greatest brand evangelist.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Explore the factors that change how we buy and what we value
    • Uncover changing purchasing behaviors
    • Identify how we shift from a service economy to an experience economy
    • Explore best –and worst—case studies about customer and client loyalty
    • Create an action plan to leverage the voices of empowered clients and consumers


    Keynotes by Speaker Kim Lear

    Emerging with Influence.

    Leveraging your network and building relationships to get things done


    Building a strong network of champions, mentors, and leaders is critical to be competitive in today’s workforce. Building these networks has also never been more complex. There are streams of social platforms meant to provide connections—from Linked In to Facebook to Twitter—but how do we really create meaningful relationships? How do we leverage those relationships to create change?

    Learning Objectives:

    • Explore the new theory on Connectional Intelligence—the ability to create value by leveraging networks in this hyper-connected world
    • Uncover key communication tools to gain influence in an authentic way
    • Discover the power of empathy, vulnerability and transparency
    • Develop a roadmap to create stronger and more meaningful relationships
    • Define the bottom line impacts of authentic relationships and leveraged networks
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