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A personal style with humour, insight and data that captivates all audiences

Scott Zimmer

Scott Zimmer

travels from USA

Generational expert, market researcher, writer and public speaker with more than 20 years of experience

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As a generational expert, keynote speaker Scott Zimmer knows what makes generations feel valued and recognized. During his 12 years of experience as a keynote speaker, Scott Zimmer has developed a personal style, that captivates audiences and helps relieve generational clashes. Scott provides clear solutions and illustrates the differences between generations that one must be aware of.

Scott Zimmer is a seasoned public speaker, writer and market researcher. With 20 years of public speaking experience, he has developed a uniquely personable style and uses insight, humour, and data to foster an environment where every generation feels valued and understood.

At BridgeWorks’ he is considered a generational expert and resident Gen Xer. Scott’s keynotes clearly illustrate the stress points between different generations and provide clear solutions to help relieve tension and encourage better understanding and collaboration across generational divides. As a child of the 80s and 90s, Scott has insider knowledge into what makes his generation tick. Sandwiched between the idealistic Boomers and innovative Millennials, his Xer lens allows him to hone in on the key challenges facing each generation.

BridgeWorks have been dedicated solely to the study of generational differences since it’s beginning in 1998 and is the company that wrote the best-selling business books:

–      When Generations Collide: Why They Are. Why They Clash.

–      M-Factor: How the Millennial Generation is Rocking the Workplace (HarperBusiness).

BridgeWorks have worked with a wide range of clients from the AARP to MTV and over 30 Fortune 100 companies in between.

Regarding Scoot and his personal life he grew up on a dairy farm in Central Minnesota and has mastered the art of riding a lawnmower. He graduated from St. John’s University in 2000 with a BA in Communications. When he’s not researching or presenting, he enjoys his other role as a self-proclaimed movie-buff and pop culture vulture.

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Keynote by speaker Scott Zimmer

When Wealth Changes Hands

Generational knowledge is useful and beneficial in any industry – especially the finance industry. How can you reach the different generations to ensure that you don’t lose valuable customers when wealth changes hands?

  • Engage with customers across different generations and understand and get practical take-home tools to tailor your approach.
  • Understand the different communication habits for all generations through a finance lens.
Keynote by speaker Scott Zimmer

Getting to Know Gen Z

Generation Z is getting a lot of media attention – and there is a reason why! Most interns and recent college graduates belong to Gen Z, and even though they’re criticized for being on their phones too much they are also valuable digital-native employees. 

  • Understand how Gen Z work so you can get motivated and loyal employees.
  • Gen Z are not here to steal work from other generations. Learn how to create multigenerational workplaces where everyone feels empowered.
Keynote by speaker Scott Zimmer

The Future of Trades and Manufacturing

It is no secret that there are many career opportunities in trades and manufacturing, however, the new generations are unfortunately unaware of this. It has been estimated that the average manufactoring company will lose $4.6 million annually because of this. 

  • Get valuable insights about how to prepare your jobsite for the next generation.
  • Learn how to engage Xer and Boomer leaders and learn the right recruiting strategies.
Keynote by speaker Scott Zimmer

Facilitating Knowledge Transfer

Millennials and Gen Z are already part of the workforce and Baby Boomers are leaving. However, 47% business owners don’t have a transition plan, and this could mean that valuable knowledge will be lost. 

  • Get the right tools and strategies to engage Boomers and other generations to ensure effective knowledge sharing.
  • Learn how to facilitate knowledge sharing between generations at work and avoid losing valuable experience!


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