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David & Jonah Stillman

Intergenerational Keynote Duo
Country: USA

Keynote speaker David Stillman, acclaimed generational expert and a generation Xer himself, and his son Jonah, who is part of generation Z, make their debut as an intergenerational duo! David & Jonah Stillman provide audiences with unique insights into generational research, expectations of generation Z, potential sources of conflict and possible solutions.

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David Stillman is an internationally acknowledged keynote speaker and best selling author. He is a real energizer and fantastic presenter. For close to twenty years, David Stillman has been an expert in the field of generational research. He has helped organizations understand what makes Traditionalists, Boomers, Xers and Millennials unique and how they can work best together. David’s entertaining format combines with actionable lessons makes him a sought after speaker. Now, David Stillman turns his attention towards the new generation approaching the workforce: Generation Z. Generation Z is a term that commonly refers to young people born between the mid-1990s and 2012.

Exactly that is where Jonah comes into play. Jonah Stillman is David’s son and his counterpart on stage. As a part of Gen Z himself, Jonah Stillman has already conducted his first research projects and can provide spectacular insights into the thoughts and expectations of this cohort of people at the starting point of their professional lives. The high school student and nationally ranked snowboarder is proud to be the voice of his generation.

David & Jonah Stillman give businesses the opportunity to get ahead of the curve with this next generation. The come loaded with data, case studies, anecdotes and even an interactive app – after all, this is about Gen Z!

    Speakers David & Jonah Keynote Topics

    Make Way for Gen Z!


    The most fresh and innovative keynote speech on the market today. This dynamic duo will shed light on what makes this newest generation tick.

    Who are they? What are their expectations around careers and the workplace? How have changes in parenting styles shaped them in new ways? What’s it going to take to get this generation in the door, on board, and up to speed?

    This keynote has a special Interactive high-tech option! Downloadable custom mobile app to enhance audience experience. Includes Gen Z trivia, live, real-time voting, and custom handouts and resources. Enjoy this rare opportunity to experience the Gen X/Gen Z dynamic of this father-son duo. After all, Jonah’s not going to be allowed to miss that many days of school!

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