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Happiness consultant inspires audiences to enjoy time at work

Samantha Clarke

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Samantha Clarke’s mission is to help the next generation to learn how to be happy at work. Implementing strategies based in positive psychology and neuroscience, she empowers clients to live innovative lives.

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As a happiness facilitator, Samantha offers listeners practical skills to improve wellbeing, employee performance, and human resources strategies. Her holistic approach to employee development has been recognized by corporate and political leaders. She guides audiences in ways to find purpose and build happiness by learning key skills for developing thriving work environments. Major corporations seek her guidance for coaching employees and senior leaders, including Virgin, Weight Watchers, and JP Morgan. Helping clients to successfully navigate anxiety and stress while building productive relationships at work has launched Samantha into national recognition.

Why you should book Samantha Clarke for your next event

  • Audiences relate to Samantha’s mission to build happy work environments, where employees enjoy purpose-filled careers.
  • Her entertaining and informative presentation equips listeners with practical tools for overcoming toxic work cultures to enhance physical and mental wellbeing. Samantha imparts wisdom for navigating work cultures to experience more happiness.
  • Samantha’s first book, Love It or Leave It, offers a reader the path for overcoming limiting beliefs and building enjoyable work experiences by taking control of his career.

Changing a company’s work culture is quite a task. Samantha Clarke is up to the challenge. Leveraging her experience as a happiness coach and change facilitator, she integrates holistic, scientific, and psychological strategies to transform internal work environments. Samantha encourages her audiences to live intentionally. Imparting therapeutic principles, she encourages audiences to choose happiness and wellbeing daily.

Serving as a lecturer at the School of Life, Samantha inspires global audiences with her upbeat and inspirational strategies for implementing life altering techniques for happiness. Working with Hilary Clinton’s Global Challenges Scholars, Samantha participated in a discussion about how to effect change with Clinton and Angela Duckworth. Espousing living a purpose-filled life as a key driver for experiencing joy, Samantha works with senior corporate, government, and non-profit leaders to provide happiness consulting and coaching.

Her philosophies are based in neuroscience and positive psychology. These therapeutic strategies empower clients to intentionally perform good work in the world and find the courage to innovate life. Following her own guidance, Samantha studies subjects that bring her joy. Her personal interest in the arts and creativity align with her consulting practice. Working toward a Master’s degree in Psychology, she focuses on how arts, music, and architecture impact health and happiness.

She has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Elle, The Times, Stylist, Psychologies, and BBC Woman’s hour.

Samantha’s Book:

Love it or Leave It – How to be happy at work, is designed to shake up who you are, how you feel about work and what it means to you. It will help you navigate the difficult world of modern work and show you how to find a role you love and not be afraid to step away from a job that doesn’t bring you joy.

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If you’re looking for a one of a kind speaker and panelist, who will leave your people/audience reinvigorated and equipped to power up their wellbeing and work happiness skills then look no further!

Samantha has had the pleasure of speaking live at conferences such as Xerocon, Abu Dhabi HR Gov Summit, Pinterest Women’s Conference, Design Hotels Arena, Cannes Lions, corporate strategy and retreat days, VIP fashion events, festivals such as Wilderness. Samantha loves to take to the stage and challenge the status quo!

Watch Samantha Clarke in action

Are you ready to break up with work? | Samantha Clarke | TEDxRoyalTunbridgeWells

Watch Samantha Clarke in action

How To Design Your Career For Happiness - Samantha Clarke

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