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Phil Gwoke

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Passionate generational expert with research and generational expertise facilitating inter-generational communication.

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As an internationally recognized speaker, Phil has shared his wisdom and inspired audiences in 43 different states and four continents to over 250,000 people. Phil’s valuable insights are the result of working with people for over 25 years as a high school teacher, college admissions professional, marketing coordinator, corporate trainer, and even small business owner. He is a mentor and consultant to young entrepreneurs and employs his diverse background and skill-set as the Managing Director of the BridgeWorks team.

Why you should book Phil Gwoke for your next event

  • The keynote speaker Phil Gwoke is a skilled generational strategist. Part of generation X himself, Phil Gwoke is able to connect to the generations before as well as after him. He achieves generational collaboration and communication through motivation.
  • Phil Gwoke is convinced that encouragement, training and a support system can allow members of any generation to achieve remarkable accomplishments.
  • He is an acknowledged speaker and has spoken in 40 different states and 4 continents to over 100,000 people.

Phil brings his unique humor, experiences, research, and generational expertise to every keynote, workshop and training session he delivers. He is a firm believer that with the proper motivation, training, and support system, members of any generation are capable of remarkable accomplishments.

With his down-to-earth, relatable style and dedication to presenting research in a digestible, entertaining way, Phil has become a fast favorite with audiences around the country both virtually and in person. He customizes each presentation to your needs, your organization/firm, and your audience. He masterfully brings each generation’s perspective to life with research, insight, and humor.

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Keynote by Phil Gwoke

Facilitating Knowledge Transfer

While Millennials and Gen Z continue to draw media attention, other demographic shifts are afoot: Baby Boomers are retiring. There are now fewer Boomers in the US labor force than there are Millennials or Gen Xers, and 47% of business owners over 65 don’t have a transition plan.

Audience takeaways:

  • Explore tools and strategies to foster mentorship between Boomers and other generations.
  • Preparation to facilitate knowledge transfer across generational lines before Boomers graduate to their next stage of life—taking their valuable institutional knowledge and experience with them.
Keynote by Phil Gwoke

When Generations Connect

At the moment, there are four different generations in the workplace who need to work and be strong together as a team. In this keynote, generational speaker Phil Gwoke talks about how to make people connect and bridge the gap between the different generations. 

  • Understand how generations differ in dynamics, motivation and communication patterns.
  • Learn the best solutions to engage every generation and create a strong workforce where everyone feels empowered, valued and understood.
Keynote by Phil Gwoke

Demystifying Millennial Management

The majority of the workplace is made up by millennials, however, it is still a struggle for many managers to figure out how to engage and recruit the new generation. This talk demystifies millennial management and focuses on best practice.

  • Learn how to streamline communication and collaboration across younger generations.
  • Learn the right tools and strategies to discover the full potential of millennials and understand their expectations and career goals.
Keynote by Phil Gwoke


Healthcare workers need to be aware of many different aspects when working with patients, and having a solid generational understanding can make a massive difference in patient care. 

  • Understand expectations and communication habits for different generations and how it relates to patient care.
  • Learn actionable takeaways that can be used right away and understand how to handle issues that relate to trust, manners and collaboration.
Keynote by Phil Gwoke

From Handshake to Hashtag - Selling and marketing to four generations

In this keynote, Phil talks about how to reach your target group based on their generation and not just income and education. Having a thorough understanding for each generation can massively affect your marketing success. 

  • Get valuable insights into the behavior of each generation and understand how their decision-making process works. 
  • Learn what the right approach is to appeal to the generation of your choice and get hands-on advice – perfect for salespeople and marketers.
Watch Phil Gwoke in action

Phil Gwoke - Keynote Speaker, Managing Director, and Generational Expert

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