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Marc Prensky

travels from USA

Author and educational speaker working on how to use digital tools wisely in business, in school, and in life

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Our keynote speaker Marc Prensky is a visionary with practical perspectives on education today and tomorrow. He is a passionate, powerful, informative and inspiring speaker who has shared his thoughts with hundreds of schools, colleges, educator groups and business groups in over 35 countries.

Visionary Educator
Marc Prensky is an authority in the field of educational thinking. In 2001, he coined the term Digital Natives and made himself an educational futurist. Marc Prensky holds a Master’s degrees in teaching from Yale Univeristy, language from Middlebury College and business from The Harvard Business School, with distinction.

Drawing from his academic education as well as various other experiences, ranging from professional classical musician and broadway actor to “street academy” teacher and consultant, Marc has outstanding abilities to present his ideas. Marc Prensky’s unique combination of presentation skills, vision, and practicality — in addition to his unique connection to students — make him an exceptional speaker and writer about education.

Until now, Marc Prensky has helped thousands of educators learn to adapt their pedagogy in ways that are far more effective for the 21st century, including a new form of “partnering” between teachers and students.

Marc Prensky is well-known for presenting original, innovative ideas that change people’s perspectives on the future and for developing practical solutions that can be applied today. His focus lies in understanding education from the students’ perspective, designing better curriculum and pedagogy for the digital generation and figuring out how to best put human minds and digital tools together wisely in business, in school, and in life.

Marc Prensky is a highly entertaining presenter and gives captivating speeches that are tailored to the audience’s needs.

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Key note by speaker Marc Prensky

What the World Needs from Education

In a persuasive and refreshing way, Prensky argues positively for today’s kids. Contrary to the negativity currently in vogue, Prensky believes that the perception that technology harms kids is holding us, and them, back—tremendously. Our most pressing problem everywhere is how to get ready for a quickly arriving technology-filled future that will be very different from what we know from our own experience. Our young people, says Prensky, are already busy preparing themselves for their fast-arriving times—and we need to help them.  Prensky, in this inspiring talk, shows us how.

  • How to prepare yourself for a technology filled future?
  • How do we help our youth be ready for such a ever-changing environment?
  • Speaker Marc Prensky shows audience members how to be fully loaded when facing the reality of a evolutionary world.
Key note by speaker Marc Prensky

The Accomplishment Track: Coming Automation and the Future of Work

As our world quickly evolves, the “basics” required for future success are changing.  To prepare our kids—fast becoming “symbiotic hybrids” with their increasingly powerful technology—we need to get them off our spoon-fed “pet food curriculum” and, from the very start of their schooling, and start them accomplishing the kinds of continuous, real-world-impact projects that are quickly replacing our traditional long-term jobs.

  • How prepare your youth in becoming the best version of themselves by making an impact in the world
  • “The Accomplishment Track” springing up the world as an alternative to traditional academic education, with numerous examples of what kids have already done.
  • How teachers or any school district are able to enhance and implement his exciting new opportunities.

    Keynote by Speaker Marc Prensky

    The world needs a new curriculum

    It is time to rethink our 19th century education for the future, says Prensky, not in terms of marginal fixes, but from first principles. Global education needs, he argues, a New Goal, a New Pedagogy, and a New sense of What is Important to Teach. The new goal, says Prensky is “becoming” rather than “learning” –  education needs to move beyond “passing on or creating content” and beyond even “problem-based learning” to Accomplishment-Based Education. This “New Core” curriculum needs to be based on individual student passions, have technology as its underlying foundation, and it must focus teachers, as guides.


    Keynote by Speaker Marc Prensky

    Today’s digital natives – and tomorrow’s

    A decade and a half ago, when Prensky coined the terms Digital Natives and Digital immigrants, there was no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, not even You Tube!  And yet the huge cultural and attitudinal changes to come were already being perceived by him. Today many of these changes are recognized by all — although not always as helpful. But, says Prensky not only are most of them positive, there are many more dramatic positive changes to come. In this original perceptive talk, Prensky shows just how much the world’s culture and context are in rapid flux because of technology, and how the concept of Digital Natives has evolved.


    Keynote by Speaker Marc Prensky

    Expanding minds for the 3rd millennium

    Most see today’s digital technology as a useful — but optional — tool in their lives. Prensky argues the opposite — that technology is now required, and that turning it off makes us lesser human beings. Prensky helps audiences understand how and why the same technology that is scaring many in the older, pre-Internet generations to death is also greatly empowering and exciting today’s youth.


    Keynote by Speaker Marc Prensky

    Powerfully integrating technology

    Although everyone knows today’s technology is powerful, far too many, limited by past experience, see it only as a new and faster way to do things we could do before. This narrow vision is only the “trivial” side of technology use, argues Prensky — there is a much more powerful set of new technology uses empowering all of us — even elementary school students —  to do things that humans could never do before. In this amusing, powerful and future-oriented talk, Prensky shows how we can avoid “Digital Stupidity” and become digitally wiser, more powerful people, who can use our powerful technology to improve the world.


    Keynote by Speaker Marc Prensky

    Teaching and training in the 21st century

    The concepts of “teaching” and “training” are going through profound changes in our time — and not just because of technology. In our fast changing third millennium, with its coming deep exploration of both outer and virtual space, we need all our students and workers to become capable, good, people, who improve the world they live in. In this original and insightful talk, Marc Prensky show audiences how such a “New Core” can be integrated into our teaching and training, using a new methodology of “Accomplishment-Based Education.” Prensky also shows how to avoid letting the “luster” of the new technologies mask the real progress we need in education and training.

Marc Prensky / video

Future of education by Marc Prensky at the UBS Megatrends Conference

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Marc Prensky- one of the smartest people working in educational reform today- offers us a lucid, inspiring, optimistic, doable and crucial blueprint for how we can build a future with the schools children desperately need in our modern,high-risk, highly complex, fast-changing and imperiled world.

James Paul Gee, Mary Lou Fulton

Presidential Professor of Literacy Studies| Arizona State University

Marc Prensky's answer to the question "What is the purpose of education?"-that education should now empower youth to improve their communities and the world- would unleash the energy, creativity and compassion of students and teachers in ways we have ever imagined. We need the better world Prensky envisions and we need it now.

Milton Chen

The George Lucas Educational Foundation
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