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Speakers about teaching environment (9)

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Dr. Wes Parham

An inspiring TED speaker, his topics include organisational leadership, student development, and emotional intelligence. He bridges the gap for higher education as a pathway to success for young adults by offering sound strategies to improve student outcomes.

travels from USA

Offering a unique mix of humour and social commentary while speaking,Wes Parham MBA Ph.D. emphasises organisation as the foundation for educating the next generation of leaders. Holding an Organisational Leadership Ph.D. from Regents University,...


Majora Carter

Majora Carter is a real estate developer, urban revitalization strategy consultant, MacArthur Fellow and Peabody Award winning broadcaster

travels from USA

Her ability to shepherd projects through seemingly conflicted socio-economic currents has garnered her 8 honorary PhD's and awards such as: 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs by Goldman Sachs, Silicon Alley 100 by Business Insider, Liberty Medal for...


Zoe Weil

Humanitarian, author, and educational advocate speaking about creating positive changes through education

travels from USA

Speaker Zoe Weil is an educator and author with a passion for creating a world in which all can thrive. Zoe provides both a vision as well as practical methods for achieving a just, healthy, and humane future. Audience members will find themselves...


Steven Bollar

Educational Thought Leader and Motivational Speaker on a mission to improve educational environments.

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Steve Bollar, also known as Stand Tall Steve, is a former principal, expert on school culture and former superintendent of schools. Steve is known for his dynamic keynotes, creative thinking and funny personality. He has one mission:...


Andre Daughty

Experienced educational consultant and teacher inspiring administrators to make a difference in education.

travels from USA

Speaker Andre Daughty has almost 2 decades of experience in education and 10 years of experience as a public speaker. His passion for education has led him to serve as an educational technology instructor, an educational consultant and a workshop...


Andy Hargreaves

Renowned international speaker, author, advisor, and researcher advocating for equitable and inclusive education, a strong teaching profession, and positive educational change worldwide.

travels from Canada

Keynote Speaker Andy Hargreaves is a leading authority on educational change and uplifting leadership. Renowned for his research and contributions to his field, he consults with organizations and governments all over the world, sharing his...


James Nottingham

Educational leader and entrepreneur with a passion in transforming research into strategies that work in classrooms.

travels from UK

Unlock a transformative journey with the creator of the Learning Pit model, renowned author, and visionary educator, James Nottingham. Empower your institution with his insights and drive for a better, inspiring educational experience. From...


Marc Prensky

Marc Prensky, global thought leader, transforms thinking on the 21st-century world. Engage your audience with dynamic insights for success.

travels from USA

Unlock the future with Marc Prensky - His fast-paced, engaging keynotes empower executives to navigate the 21st century. With a transformative presentation style, Prensky brings fresh, actionable insights, making audiences...


The Nordic Schools

Educational consultants, TEDx speakers and best-selling authors on the secret behind the Nordic Way to successful school systems: How can you adapt the Nordic Way to your school?

travels from Denmark

The Nordic Schools consist of two speakers who are experts in the "Nordic Way" of education. They provide valuable insights into the Scandinavian school system as well as the keys to successful learning. Their keynotes are inspiring and offer the...

Teaching Environment
Teaching Environment
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Teesside University

About Teaching Environment

  • Most of us associate teaching with the classroom, one way or another, and for a reason, of course because that is what we are used to mostly, from primary school, high school, university.
  • But there are many possible teaching environments and not only physical surroundings can make a difference.
  • Related to the discussions on teaching environment are also pupils and their interrelations as well as relations between students and teachers and so on.
  • Keynote speakers on teaching environment take a closer look at these things, trying to shed some light.
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