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Andy Hargreaves

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Renowned international speaker, author, advisor, and researcher advocating for equitable and inclusive education, a strong teaching profession, and positive educational change worldwide.

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Keynote Speaker Andy Hargreaves is a leading authority on educational change and uplifting leadership. Renowned for his research and contributions to his field, he consults with organizations and governments all over the world, sharing his innovative and inspiring ideas with leaders and policy makers.

Reasons to book Andy Hargreaves

  • Andy has a unique ability to motivate and empower audiences to think differently and take action. His speeches are designed to provoke thought, challenge the status quo, and drive positive change.
  • As a renowned authority in education and leadership, Andy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his keynote speeches. He has advised educational institutions, governments, and organizations worldwide, helping them navigate complex challenges and achieve excellence.
  • Andy is a captivating and dynamic speaker who knows how to engage audiences from start to finish. His speeches are filled with anecdotes, humor, and interactive elements, ensuring that attendees remain attentive and fully absorbed

Book Andy Hargreaves, the renowned motivational speaker, for your event and witness the impact of his transformative insights. With a global reputation as an education thought leader, Andy’s expertise in leadership and practical strategies will drive positive change in your organization.

Andy Hargreaves is Visiting Professor at the University of Ottawa in Canada and Research Professor at Boston College in the US. He is an elected member of the US National Academy of Education, former President of the International Congress of School Effectiveness and Improvement (2018-2020), former Adviser in Education to the Premier of Ontario (2015-2018), and current adviser to the First Minister of Scotland. Andy is co-founder and president of the ARC Education Collaboratory.  

Andy has published more than 30 books and has 8 Outstanding Writing Awards. An exceptional keynote speaker and workshop leader, he has delivered invited addresses in more than 50 countries, 47 US states, and all Australian and Canadian states and provinces. He has been honoured in Canada, the US, and the UK for services to public education and educational research and is ranked by Education Week (US) as the #15 scholar with the most influence on the US education policy debate. 

Drawing from extensive research and real-world experience, Andy Hargreaves delivers captivating and interactive keynote speeches. His customized content addresses your organization’s unique challenges, leaving a lasting impression on your audience. As a co-creator of successful change initiatives, Andy brings invaluable expertise to empower your team and enhance outcomes.

Don’t miss the opportunity to secure Andy Hargreaves as your keynote speaker. Contact us now and embark on a journey of growth, inspiration, and lasting success for your organization.

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Speaker Andy Hargreaves Keynote topics

Leadership from the Middle: The Beating Heart of Educational Transformation

How can education leaders create agile, safe, and effective learning environments that help young people develop the knowledge and character to shape their futures—despite the complex challenges we face?

Renowned education scholar and speaker Andy Hargreaves explores a novel leadership approach that drives transformational change–Leadership from the Middle. The middle should not be ignored or treated as just a connector of everything else. It is the beating heart of everything that schools and school systems do, keeping leadership close to where teaching and learning happen. Drawing on global educational leadership research and practice, this keynote empowers leaders to view obstacles as opportunities and to lead through collaboration, inspiration, and inclusion.

Speaker Andy Hargreaves Keynote topics

Identities in Schools: Creating Inclusion and Belonging for Everyone

There is no equity without inclusion and there is no inclusion without everyone—of every identity—seeing themselves in the school and its curriculum and feeling they belong. Developing young people’s selves and character is as important as promoting their achievement. Identity matters to all of us, every student, every teacher, and every parent. But identities are not simple or singular. There are many facets to all our identities. What you see isn’t always what you get. Identities are not boxes we can tick. They are young people we need to get to know.

In this unique, inspiring, and provocative presentation, Andy Hargreaves talks about the themes he raises in his latest book that can help every student feel included and successful in school.

Speaker Andy Hargreaves Keynote topics

Well-Being in Schools

Students’ well-being is a prominent concern among educators, as issues related to mental health, global crises, and social media are impossible to ignore. But what, exactly, is well-being? How can school systems promote it to increase student achievement and social and emotional learning?

Well-being supports learning and inspired learning generates greater well-being. In this inspiring and provocative keynote, world-renowned education expert Andy Hargreaves uncovers three powerful forces you can leverage to create effective well-being policy and practice—prosperity for all, ethical technology use, and restorative nature—so you can improve well-being not only for students but for society as a whole.

Speaker Andy Hargreaves Keynote topics

Leading Collaborative Professionalism

Collaboration is one of the most powerful educational tools when used correctly and turned into action. Building social capital among educators improves student learning, teacher recruitment and retention, and the ability to initiate and implement change.

In this inspiring keynote that draws on real-life case studies from across the world, you’ll learn what sets Collaborative Professionalism apart from other kinds of collaboration and take away intentional collaborative designs and strategies to improve collaboration among educators in ways that enhance equity and excellence in student learning.

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See keynotes with Andy Hargreaves
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