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Speakers about feedback (7)

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Lia Garvin

Lia is on a personal mission to make the workplace more humanized. She uses her 10 years of experience to help individuals and teams to reframe how they think and push through to the next level.

travels from USA

Lia Garvin has experience working with some of the biggest global companies, including technology powerhouses such as Apple and Microsoft. Lia deploys a humanized approach to reframing the mindsets of companies so as to overcome challenges most...


Walter Kohl

Expert for Leadership, Change & Courage with international experience, bestselling author

travels from Germany

Walter Kohl encourages entrepreneurs and executives in his lectures and seminars. He talks about the necessity of change and how to overcome fears. He sees crises as opportunities for a new beginning and calls for a clean start. He knows how to...


Nicklas Pyrdol

International Keynote Speaker, author and global advisor within Performance, People & Culture, HR and Talent Management.

travels from Denmark

Keynote speaker Nicklas Pyrdol is a global expert helping leaders and HR professionals unleash the potential of their organizations. In his humoristic, energetic and thought-provoking style he ensures that the audience, be it 10 or a 1.000 people,...


Andy Hargreaves

Renowned researcher and leading expert in educational change and uplifting leadership sharing his ideas with leaders

travels from Canada

The Keynote Speaker Andy Hargreaves is a leading authority on educational change and uplifting leadership. Renowned for his research and contributions to his field, he consults with organizations and governments all over the world, sharing his...


James Nottingham

Educational leader and entrepreneur with a passion in transforming research into strategies that work in classrooms

travels from UK

Keynote speaker James Nottingham, one of the world's foremost thinkers within education, has a remarkable ability to inspire positive change with his inviting and motivational approach to teaching and learning. Never afraid to challenge the norms,...


Kit Grant

Expert on sales and service and the world’s first CCSSPP, who is helping push people outside their comfort zone

travels from Canada

Keynote speaker Kit Grant is recognized world-wide as a funny speaker, who helps push people outside their comfort zone. He is one of the leading speakers on sales and service and provides necessary tools and techniques for...


Adrian Furnham

Author, Professor at the University College London, and founder director of Applied Behavioural Research Associates

travels from UK

Adrian Furnham is a renowned business speaker at corporate conferences and an authority on psychological management and mental health in the workplace. Our keynote speaker Adrian Furnham is approachable, well-informed, and...

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About Feedback

  • Feedback can mean many things; in the world of music typically high frequency noises. However, in this context feedback is about constructive criticism, advice, comments, etc.
  • Feedback can be an important factor in many kinds of collaborative efforts such as within education or in the world of business.
  • What seemed to really work quite well about a specific project and what did not? What is worth doing again? How to deliver good, constructive feedback?
  • Keynote speakers on feedback take a closer look at discussions and questions such as these.
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