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Performance Psychology for Peak Results

Nicklas Pyrdol

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Unlock the secrets of performance culture, mental strength, and talent development with Nicklas Pyrdol. Your organization's future success starts here.

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Unlock your organization's full potential with global expert Nicklas Pyrdol. Inspire leaders and HR professionals with his dynamic, humorous, and thought-provoking keynotes. Nicklas empowers audiences of all sizes, from intimate meetings to large conferences. Trusted by industry giants like HubSpot, Mærsk, and Novo Nordisk, Nicklas brings a unique blend of scientific expertise and practical experience. He delves into crucial topics like mindset transformation, employee engagement, diversity, equity, inclusion, and talent acquisition. Nicklas Pyrdol's keynotes are a powerful combination of science, theory, and real-world examples, ensuring your audience is not only inspired but also entertained and energized.

Why you should book speaker Nicklas Pyrdol

  • Benefit from a speaker who has inspired organizations worldwide. From department meetings to large conferences, Nicklas’s keynotes leave a lasting impression on diverse audiences.
  • Organizations such as HubSpot, Dynatrace, SimCorp, Vivino, Mærsk, the LEGO Group, Lundbeck, Novo Nordisk and Ørsted have chosen Nicklas to inspire they managers and employees.
  • Coming from both a scientific background and having years of practical experience Nicklas can talk about a variety of topics such as having the right mindset during transformation, employee engagement, psychological safety, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging and Talent Acquisition.

Keynote speaker Nicklas Pyrdol is renowned for his ability to make audiences of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to large conferences, leave feeling empowered and inspired. His energetic, thought-provoking style is more than just words—it’s a call to action. With a global reach, Nicklas has left an indelible mark on organizations worldwide, igniting transformation, boosting leadership, and closing conferences with unforgettable impact.

He talks about the mindset that employees, HR Professionals, and leaders must embrace to succeed now and in the future. A mindset where we have the courage to be uncomfortable and challenge ourselves and each other, for the good of the company and society.

Nicklas’s expertise spans a wide range of topics, from mindset transformation to employee engagement, from diversity and inclusion to talent acquisition. His insights are backed by scientific evidence in performance psychology, underpinned by a profound understanding of your unique

Some of the fundamental principles behind his keynotes are, that we must combine the scientific evidence behind performance psychology with understanding the unique characteristics of each organization, team and individual.

Having worked with some of the best athletes in the world as a sport psychology consultant, before becoming and Executive HR Manager in a Tech company and then Partner in a Tech startup, he has experienced first-hand, how to apply knowledge about performance culture, mental strength, conflict management, feedback, talent development and employee engagement.

If you want a presentation where you are inspired with science, theory and practical examples while being entertained and energized, then you should book Nicklas for your event.

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Keynote by speaker Nicklas Pyrdol

How to increase Employee Engagement

It has never been more important to focus on employee engagement! In a post-pandemic time, where the global workforce is going through the great resignation, companies need to know exactly how to engage, motivate and retain their employees.

Join renowned speaker Nicklas Pyrdol for a inspiring talk about how you can:

  • Provide a strong sense of purpose
  • Promote a culture of self-leadership
  • Establish psychological safety
  • Implement a strength-based ideology
Keynote by speaker Nicklas Pyrdol

Inclusive and unbiased recruitment

Are you still screening resumés and cover letters? And then conducting a somewhat structured job interview? After having postes your job opening the same places in the same format as you have always done? Then chances are, that you are missing out on some exceptional talents.

In this talk, Nicklas will tell you:

  • How your unconscious bias makes you loose the best candidates.
  • Why your entire Branding, Marketing, Screening and interviewing need a make-over.
  • The 5 steps to building an inclusive recruitment process that ensures a bigger, better and more diverse candidate pool.
Keynote by speaker Nicklas Pyrdol

A winning culture comes from the top

  • Culture is everything and everything is culture. The way we all think, feel, talk, and act. The things we praise and the things we punish. The things we hang up on our walls and the things we hide in our closet. And culture is the driving force behind any successful team performance and organizational transformation. But even though culture lives in everyone, not everyone creates the culture.
  • Backed by research, theory, and practical examples Nicklas Pyrdol will show why the culture in a team and an organization is always created from the top. He will tell you why your values might be worthless, why your KPIs hurts your performance and why cultural never will or can be started from the ground up.
Keynote by speaker Nicklas Pyrdol

Attract and spot the talent!

Can you agree on the following: Having the right people is the fastest way to get extraordinary results and to take your team, department and organization to the next level.

If you can, then you know, that Employer branding and recruitment are the most important disciplines to focus on in 2022.

Nicklas will tell you:

  • Why experience is a poor predictor for future job performance
  • The 3 best ways to assess how well a candidate will perform, thrive and fit in to the team
  • How to double the number of applicants
  • What the most succesful companies in the world does to attract candidates
  • He will force you to recognize the fact, that identifying and going all in on your or others’ strengths will not only accelerate performance, but it will also increase engagement, motivation, and a sense of belonging.
Keynote by speaker Nicklas Pyrdol

Find your talents within!

What does Messi, Serena and Venus Williams and Lewis Hamilton have in common?

They were once just talented athletes, but not world-class. Now, we are not all destined to be world-class, but we all have talents within. By finding and developing them we can become champions in our own lives and careers.

Let yourself be inspired by this deeply personal talk from Nicklas where he will speak about:

  • The mindset of Olympians and World Champions.
  • How to identify your own talents.
  • Why finding your number 1 fan is important.
  • What the 4 steps to long-lasting motivation are.
Video by speaker Nicklas Pyrdol

Nicklas Pyrdol - Keynote speaker presentation


See keynotes with Nicklas Pyrdol


Nicklas has a rare ability to cut to the chase - it is straight to the bone, as in STRAIGHT to the core of the bone. He says things as they are - but at the same time his message is being delivered in an unpretentious and very personal way. It is clear that he spends time understanding the people and the organizations he is facing - and that makes the collaboration easy, inspiring and trusting.

Henrik Georg Andersen, Chief Consultant HR Development

Nykredit - Denmark

Mr. Nicklas Pyrdol captivated our MBA students with his talk about “Building a resilient culture”. His energy and knowledge inspired us all. You should definitely experience a talk with Nicklas Pyrdol.

Mr. Rishab Jain, CEO

Ewol U

Nicklas delivered a provoking, energetic and humoristic keynote at our Conference on IT Recruitment and we will definitely book him again.

Kasper Uhd, Marketing Manager


Our conference attendees loved Nicklas’ passionate keynote about Work-life balance for HR Professionals and it was fantastic to experience how authentic he delivered his presentation. I will highly recommend that you book Nicklas for your event.

Janéé Cargill, Wellness Director and Employee Liaison

Washington Counties Insurance Fund

We have used Nicklas for several Management teams and his customized presentations on leadership, communication and talent have been spot on every single time.

Bjarne Lauritsen, Director Operations

Bring Denmark

Nicklas delivered an awesome presentation for our Customer Advisory Board on employee onboarding and they loved every second.

Jonatan Marc Rasmussen, Founder & CEO

All Gravy

Our business network loved Nicklas’ customized keynote on how to motivate ourselves and our employees when facing adversity.

Brian Nonbo, Chairman

Round Table 50 Denmark

I have used Nicklas as a keynote speaker for different topics on psychology and HR. He delivers with passion and professionalism every time.

Thomas Hollen, Founder & CEO

Deecido and Cycling Business Network

We wanted to kick off our annual ‘offsite’ strategy meeting with an impactful and motivating session, and Nicklas did not disappoint. He hosted a very engaging and authentic talk on ‘High performing teams in business’, which made everyone at all levels of our ‘scale up’ reflect on how we currently work and some practical takeaways to activate change. We would love to involve Niklas in the future to do deeper dives and to go even further on our journey.

Ben King, COO

Beyon Connect

Nicklas was great, you could really tell that he spent time researching relevant data in order to present an engaging and specific webinar to our group of nutrition managers. His presentation was both unique and useful, sharing some different perspectives on current workforce challenges and strategies

Brittany Touchette


Top keynote, super nice guy, great energy, great approach to the subject

Accor Europe & North Africa
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