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How you can design your organization in a way, so everyone’s talent is being developed?

Nicklas Pyrdol

travels from Denmark

CMO & Chief Culture Officer, author and former Sport Psychology Consultant for World Class athletes

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Former Sport Psychology Consultant for World Class athletes, author and researcher who provokes and challenges companies in their way of defining, attracting, assessing, and developing talent.

Keynote speaker Nicklas Pyrdol is a provocateur who is not afraid of calling out managers, teams and companies who are stuck in their way of thinking and behaving. With examples from his 10+ years of practicing sport psychology and his +5 years as an entrepreneur, business owner and HR leader, he captivates the audience and makes them both laugh out loud and reflect deeply.

Nicklas is the co-author of the book “Motivation” and co-author of research articles on talent development in elite sports. After having worked in academia and elite sports for a decade he transferred to a position as Culture Facilitator & Head of HR in a Tech company before stepping in to Innoflow, an HR Tech startup focused on unbiased, case-based recruitment, as a partner.

Nicklas currently works as a strategic advisor on People & Culture for several companies with a particular focus on how to innovate recruitment to attract, find and grow people in a more sustainable way. Besides his consultancy work he is co-hosting a podcast called “The Talent Show” where all HR-related topics are discussed.

Having worked with world champions, Olympians as well as top-level managers and growth companies, Nicklas has had the chance to talk to organizations such as ISS, LEGO, Nykredit, Ørsted and Vivino as well as various schools, medium-sized businesses, and NGO’s.

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Keynote by speaker Nicklas Pyrdol

From Talent Program to Talent Developing Organization

  • Talent has been used in sports and business as a way of talking about the few privileged people, who were born with an innate potential, and it was a matter of finding these people and betting all your money on them to become the stars of tomorrow. However, research shows, that predicting the future stars is impossible.
  • Having done in research Ajax Amsterdam Football Academy and being a part of the research team at the University of Southern Denmark who focused on Talent Development Environments, Nicklas Pyrdol, will tell you why you are losing talent when you have specific programs and how you can design your organization in a way, so everyone’s talent is being developed.
Keynote by speaker Nicklas Pyrdol

Unconscious bias in recruitment

  • Hiring Managers and HR professionals have great confidence in their own ability to assess candidates in a recruitment process. Extensive research shows that it is not the case. A variety of unconscious bias makes us select the people who makes us de-select motivated and competent people based on their age, gender, race, and a range of other factors, all irrelevant in terms of being a match to the job.
  • In this keynote Nicklas Pyrdol will expose your own unconscious bias and tell you the consequences. He will then go through the evidence-based approach to recruit the best candidate for the job without losing the battle to your own bias. And he will tell you why and how diversity will have a positive impact in your team and in your organization
Keynote by speaker Nicklas Pyrdol

A winning culture comes from the top

  • Culture is everything and everything is culture. The way we all think, feel, talk, and act. The things we praise and the things we punish. The things we hang up on our walls and the things we hide in our closet. And culture is the driving force behind any successful team performance and organizational transformation. But even though culture lives in everyone, not everyone creates the culture.
  • Backed by research, theory, and practical examples Nicklas Pyrdol will show why the culture in a team and an organization is always created from the top. He will tell you why your values might be worthless, why your KPIs hurts your performance and why cultural never will or can be started from the ground up.
Keynote by speaker Nicklas Pyrdol

Go all in on your talents!

  • Why is it we always focus on our own and others’ shortcomings? We are constantly working with “Performance Improvement Plans” or “Development Goals” where we try to increase the level of some skill, that does not come natural to us. And in a society where more and more people of all ages feel incompetent, depressed, have low self-esteem, and are actively disengaged in work and school, why don’t we stop with all the fixing.
  • In this keynote Nicklas Pyrdol will highlight the benefits of a strength-based approach to human development. He will force you to recognize the fact, that identifying and going all in on your or others’ strengths will not only accelerate performance, but it will also increase engagement, motivation, and a sense of belonging.
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