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Lia Garvin

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Lia is on a personal mission to make the workplace more humanized. She uses her 10 years of experience to help individuals and teams to reframe how they think and push through to the next level.

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Lia Garvin has experience working with some of the biggest global companies, including technology powerhouses such as Apple and Microsoft. Lia deploys a humanized approach to reframing the mindsets of companies so as to overcome challenges most commonly found in workplaces. With diversity and inclusion programs, launching the first holographic computer, and organizing programs for team inclusion, Lia has proven she's a successful coach when taking companies to the next level. A TEDx speaker who's also appeared on WGN Chicago, Lia brings authenticity and humor to her keynotes which always make for an enjoyable event for all those who attend.

Reasons to Book Lia Garvin

  • Lia speaks with authenticity and delivers her keynotes with an impeccable sense of humor and wit, giving your attendees an enjoyable yet informative time. Your event is sure to be a success when Lia is booked to speak.
  • Lia has almost 10 years of experience in the technology industries, transforming huge global corporations with her ideas, demonstrating you can trust what she has to say.
  • Lia Garvin can help you to turn your businesses around into a more humanized work environment that meets its goals and progresses to the next level with success.

With a BA in Sociology from UCLA and an MA in Media Studies from the New College of California, Lia has the qualifications to go alongside her years of experience in the sector to demonstrate her credentials. Regularly speaking about topics such as hybrid working patterns, the way the future of work is heading, and how to build inclusive teams, Lia Garvin is dedicated to transforming the way we all work and unleashing the untapped potential within individuals and businesses.

Lia is the author of her own book which guides people through methods of how they can free themselves from the people and patterns of behavior that hold them back in their personal as well as professional lives. Lia is a trusted speaker with her own TEDx talks and TV appearances, broadcasting her methods to humanize the workplace to global audiences on a large scale.

One of the key philosophies behind what Lia teaches is practicality, never sharing methods with an organization that she knows simply will not work and hasn’t been tried and tested already. Working for so long in the tech sector, Lia is dedicated to shining a light on the effectiveness of inclusive and diverse teams made up of people from a range of backgrounds.

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Keynotes by speaker Lia Garvin

As an operations leader, speaker and coach, Lia is on a mission to humanize the workplace, one conversation at a time. Through her writing, leadership coaching and savvy program management skills, she brings an authentic and irreverent sense of humor to teams to help them examine the challenges holding them back and focus on what matters. She has built robust diversity & inclusion programs, launched the world’s first holographic computer, driven programs and initiatives around team inclusion and organizational effectiveness, and coaches people on how to drive impactful work and thrive working in tech.

Topics she speaks most often about includes:

  • Future of work.
  • Hybrid work.
  • DEI.
  • Workplace transitions.
  • Building inclusive teams.
  • Women in the workplace.
  • Giving and receiving feedback.
  • Overcoming failure.
  • Psychological safety.

She brings humor, relatability, personal stories from working in the trenches of the corporate world, and practical solutions to her audiences to leave them inspired and ready to take action.

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Your decisions aren't wrong, your inner critic is | Lia Garvin | TEDxBocaRaton

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3 Strategies to Build Inclusive Teams

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Lia has been an incredible coach during a pivotal time in my career. She's been instrumental in helping me build strategies to navigate my professional surroundings. Most of all, she gave me the confidence to take action.

Senior business manager


Lia's reframing framework is brilliant. There have been many times I've felt stuck, and after talking to Lia, I had a fresh perspective and a new plan for action.

Director of ad sales

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