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Innovator and Diversity Expert's story from Immigrant to Correspondent

Mariana Atencio

travels from USA

Award-winning journalist specializes in telling transformational stories, where she creates diverse content, which empowers global audiences.

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Translated into 13 languages, the Tedx talk, What Makes You Special?, introduced Atencio to an international audience when it became one of the 10 most watched videos on YouTube. Her viral popularity set the stage for publication of her best-selling book, Perfectly You, which became an Amazon best seller. She leverages her fame to share valuable lessons about motivation, overcoming, and productivity. Presenting her "Control Framework" to global audiences, Antencio participates in international events, virtual presentations, and partnerships with worldwide organizations and Fortune 50 corporations, such as the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and Microsoft.

Why select keynote speaker Mariana Atencio

  • Audiences relate to Atencio’s story of triumph with commitment to hard work and perseverance. She teaches actionable elements, which help audiences to reclaim power.
  • Her presentation equips listeners with the tools to move from circumstance to success by staying motivated regardless of the situation. Her inspirational viral Tedx talk continues to inspire viewers on YouTube.
  • Atencio’s first book, Perfectly You, is an Amazon best seller and continues to inspire global readers to achieve in the face of challenges.

Mariana Atencio is an innovator and motivator who is one of the most in-demand speakers on the market. Her GoLike media company hires diverse female talent and creates content for global audiences. GoLike works with top corporations, such as CitiBank, Deloitte, P&G, Ford, and Pepsico to develop events for executives, which promote women’s empowerment, diversity, and community building.

As a viral content creator, Atencio’s firm provides companies with the guidance to create inspirational and diverse projects. Focusing on transformational leadership, the company shares vital stories. GoLike has quickly joined the ranks of the most powerful Latin-owned businesses in the country.

Atencio came to the United States from Venezuela to study journalism at Columbia University. After 10 years in media, she earned a position as an anchor with Univision and a correspondent with MSNBC and NBC. During her journalism career, she’s covered important stories, including Haiti’s refugee crises, natural disasters and interviews with Pope Francis, the King of Spain, and President Biden. Honored with three Emmy nominations for her journalistic work, Antencio has also received a Gracie Award, Peabody Award, and the Presidential Award from the Hispanic Journalists Association. In 2020, she was named an Aspen Institute fellow.

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Keynote by speaker Mariana Atencio

Belonging Takes Work: Develop True Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Belonging doesn’t happen automatically. It takes intentionally and a surefire strategy. Being the only Latina in many newsrooms and now as an entrepreneur, Mariana understands what is needed to create a more diverse and inclusive culture in top corporate environments. She’s combined her insights with scientific research to design a 7-step formula to promote authenticity, productivity and belonging in your organization. The results have prompted companies like LinkedIn, Deloitte, Ford, and YouTube to bring her onboard to lead multiple diversity speeches, conferences, awards and seminars. 

Keynote by speaker Mariana Atencio

Corporate Storytelling for Community Building

How do you build a healthy corporate culture and community when everyone is doing remote or hybrid work? In this keynote, you will learn to effectively use storytelling as an engagement strategy – at the individual, collective and management level. Being a viral Tedx speaker, podcast host and bestselling author, Mariana has received top level storytelling training to create well-told stories that build community. She will share her insights to motivate employees to create a brand / message memorable enough to leave a legacy.  

Keynote by speaker Mariana Atencio

Leadership: Take CONTROL to Lead & Succeed

How to be an effective leader and bring the best out of your team, considering the challenges we face? Using the latest data and her interviews with top business minds, Mariana will share her 3UP Method for managers and employees to turn the current uncertainty and migration of talent into a unique leadership opportunity. In this session attendees will learn to preach optimism (because no one wants to follow a pessimistic leader) and specific ‘action items’ to reclaim their power, lessen their fear of failure and the imposter syndrome. This session will leave your attendees empowered to meet the moment. 

Mariana Atencio - Virtual Keynote Speaker Reel


What makes you special? | Mariana Atencio | TEDxUniversityofNevada

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Mariana provided some wonderful lessons and insights into her journey and how each of us can celebrate and share what makes us different. It was a fantastic opportunity for our employees to be inspired and to learn more.

Director, Global Executive & Employee Communications


Mariana was powerful on stage, engaging, thought provoking and the perfect speaker for our flagship global annual conference held in Miami. She was such a pleasure to work with that she ended up interviewing and moderating two very critical panels for the agenda. Mariana’s experience and professionalism will make any company that chooses to work with her look great.

Director, Marketing & Communications Head

Citi Private Bank

It was a pleasure working with Mrs. Mariana Atencio and her Team during Bacardi’s Spirit Forward event. Not only was she highly engaged and accessible from the very beginning of the planning process, but flexible and open to ensure that her speech flowed well with the Summit’s overarching theme. She was inspirational, motivational and real, and we received wonderful feedback from the attendees. We would be happy to work with her again.

Sr. Brand Manager

Bacardi USA, Inc.

Mariana inspires the next generation of women to carve their own path and dare to be themselves.

Eva Longoria Bastón

Actress, Philanthropist & Business Woman
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