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Speakers on immigration

Today, immigration is among the most discussed topics in politics. Immigration is affecting the world creating both opportunities and challenges.

Our speakers on immigration typically focus on topics, such as integration in the workplace or the future of integration. The speakers are comprised of both experts, journalists, and politicians. Some of them share their personal stories about difficulties and benefits when two cultures meet.

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Speakers about immigration (10)

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Saroo Brierley

Saroo Brierley is an inspiring author, businessman, and speaker from Tasmania, whose life story was made into the award-winning film "Lion".

travels from Australia, India

Saroo Brierley was born in Khandwa, India and was adopted by an Australian family after becoming lost at the age of five. He grew up in Hobart, Tasmania and became a successful businessman. His autobiography "A Long Way Home" was adapted into the...


Jahin Tanvir

Jahin Tanvir is a skilled CEO, public speaker, and social commentator with expertise in entrepreneurship, education, and diversity and inclusion.

travels from Australia

Jahin Tanvir is a CEO, public speaker, and social commentator based in Australia. He is an award-winning advocate for young people and diversity and inclusion, with significant expertise in entrepreneurship and education. Jahin has impacted...


Andrew Leon Hanna

Andrew Leon Hanna is a socially-minded individual with a diverse skill set in authorship, law, and entrepreneurship, working to improve human rights and socio-economic opportunities.

travels from USA

Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, Andrew Leon Hanna is a first-generation Egyptian-American attorney and renowned author. His book, 25 Million Sparks, narrates how some women entrepreneurs excelled despite spending time in a refugee camp in...


Funmbi Omotayo

With sold-out events around the world, Funmbi Omotayo offers a deep delve into his travels from Lagos to London and back. Treating audiences to a unique, comedic retelling of his life experience, his performances are a refreshing take on an immigrant's life.

travels from UK

Funmbi Omotayo’s charismatic comedic performances captivate audiences. With a number of awards for his talents, the comedian has developed a following. He now travels the world offering listeners a unique view of his life, which includes his...


Paul Morland

Paul Morland speaks about the power of demographics in understanding a wide range of disciplines, such as real estate, health, and the economy. With a unique view of populations, he offers listeners a way to integrate demographics analysis into policy shaping.

travels from France, UK

Dr Paul Morland writes and speaks about population trends and demographics. Traveling the globe to offer insights into historical and modern global trends, he is acclaimed for his knowledge of the field. Recognized by the media outlets as a leading...


Kotaro Umeda

Dedicated and hard working professional athlete with excellent communication and uplifting skills that can be utilized in any work environment.

travels from USA

After playing two years at the University of Louisville and a national championship run at the University of Akron, Kotaro signed his first ever professional soccer contract for Joinville Esporte Clube in Brazil to become the first ever...


Mariana Atencio

Award-winning journalist specializes in telling transformational stories, where she creates diverse content, which empowers global audiences.

travels from USA

Translated into 13 languages, the Tedx talk, What Makes You Special?, introduced Atencio to an international audience when it became one of the 10 most watched videos on YouTube. Her viral popularity set the stage for publication of her...


Lili Gil Valletta

Cultural intelligence expert, award-winning entrepreneur and advocate to minority and women-owned businesses

travels from USA

Lili is an award-winning entrepreneur, cultural intelligence® expert and television business commentator known for her ability to activate the power of data and culture as a business advantage. As an immigrant from Colombia, who came to U.S. at the...


Jeremy Rifkin

President of the Foundation on Economic Trends and advisor to the European Union and governments across the world

travels from USA

Keynote Speaker Jeremy Rifkin is the founder and president of The Foundation on Economic Trends (www.foet.org) in Bethesda, MD. The Foundation examines the economic, environmental, social and cultural impacts of new technologies introduced into the...


Francisco L. Winterhalder

Founder of Cadigan Talent Ventures LLC and keynote speaker on strategic leadership and the future of work

travels from Spain

Speaker Francisco Lozano Winterhalder speaks six languages, is a biologist, has a Master in Arts and is currently pursing a PhD in philosophy. This unique mixture of academic and cultural elements makes Francisco a unique and respected speaker....

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Learn more about integration of immigrants


Immigration and integration are among the most discussed topics in politics these days. All over Europe, discussions on integration get more and more political, and the media attention improves. 

Our keynote speakers on immigration often gather large audiences at inspirational keynotes on immigration, including integration, policy, and issues. Keynote speakers on immigration and integration typically focus on specific topics, such as jobs and integration, integration among young people or the elderly, the future of integration, etc.

Immigrants are people who choose to resettle in another country. An immigrant should seek legal residency and eventually citizenship. However, many immigrants choose not to. Therefore, there are 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. This cause challenges for the U.S. Immigration who has worked for years on new immigration laws and immigration reforms.

At the same time, immigrants can create opportunities at their new workplaces. Speakers on immigration are very relevant in debates related to business and culture. Our talented speakers are able to address integration in the workplace. They will share valuable knowledge on integration in organizations and provide you with their best advice on how to integrate immigrants and welcome new cultures at your workplace. 

Keynote speakers on immigration and integration are suited for public events hosting debates on immigration and/or integration. Some keynote speakers also present personal stories about integration as well as difficulties and benefits in different cultural meetings.

A keynote on immigration is both inspirational and thought-provoking and can start a good debate at your event.

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