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Join Saroo Brierley on an unforgettable journey of perseverance, hope, and determination

Saroo Brierley

travels from Australia, India

Saroo Brierley is an inspiring author, businessman, and speaker from Tasmania, whose life story was made into the award-winning film "Lion".

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Saroo Brierley was born in Khandwa, India and was adopted by an Australian family after becoming lost at the age of five. He grew up in Hobart, Tasmania and became a successful businessman. His autobiography "A Long Way Home" was adapted into the film "Lion", which received numerous awards and nominations, and he is now a sought-after speaker, sharing his inspiring story with audiences around the world.

Why you should book Saroo Brierley for your next event

  • Inspirational Story: Saroo Brierley’s life story is one of perseverance, determination, and hope. His inspiring journey, from a lost child in India to a successful businessman in Tasmania, is a testament to the human spirit and serves as a source of motivation for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Award-winning Film: The adaptation of Saroo Brierley’s autobiography, “Lion”, received critical acclaim and numerous awards, including six Oscar nominations. As the inspiration behind this powerful and moving film, Saroo’s presence at an event is sure to captivate and inspire audiences.
  • Sought-after Speaker: As a successful businessman, author, and speaker, Saroo Brierley is in high demand as a motivational speaker for corporate events, conferences, and other gatherings. His talks have received rave reviews from audiences around the world, and his message of hope and determination resonates with people of all ages and walks of life.

A successful businessman from Tasmania, Australia, Saroo Brierley, who was born in India, was adopted from a Calcutta orphanage when only five years of age. His story of hope and determination made for a bestselling autobiography that was later made into an award-winning film. His bestseller, “A Long Way Home” describes his life: Born into an Indian family from a town called Khandwa, he lost all contact with his family in 1985. Saroo Brierley was waiting at a train station for his brother who never returned.

After falling asleep on an empty train, Saroo consequently landed up on the streets of Calcutta before being placed in a local orphanage. This is where an Australian family adopted him. His childhood with his adoptive parents was a happy one spent in Hobart, Tasmania. Fast-forward 25 years and technology, by way of Google Earth, has finally enabled Saroo Brierley to find his hometown. This allowed him to travel to India and, after a 25-year separation, reunite with his mother.

His awe-inspiring story was encapsulated in a biographical film “Lion”. The film received six Oscar nominations and five nominations at the 70th British Academy Film Awards. As a speaker, Saroo Brierley regularly addresses prestigious international institutions and organisations. His talks and keynotes about his awe-inspiring life story have moved audiences across the globe.

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Going Home After 25 Years with Google Earth | Saroo Birerley | Google Zeitgeist

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