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Poverty Speakers

Several factors contribute to the global problem of poverty. According to The World Bank, almost half of the world’s population – 3.4 billion people – struggled to meet basic needs in 2018. 

Our poverty speakers address both the causes and the consequences of global poverty and inequality. Some of them are sharing their personal story about a life fighting poverty. A keynote on poverty and inequality will give you insight into different types of poverty in the world as well as keys to reducing poverty.

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Speakers about poverty (11)

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Saroo Brierley

Saroo Brierley is an inspiring author, businessman, and speaker from Tasmania, whose life story was made into the award-winning film "Lion".

travels from Australia, India

Saroo Brierley was born in Khandwa, India and was adopted by an Australian family after becoming lost at the age of five. He grew up in Hobart, Tasmania and became a successful businessman. His autobiography "A Long Way Home" was adapted into the...


Magie Cook

Magie Cook is a Motivational Speaker on Empowerment, Growth, Change, Innovation, Diversity & Inclusión, Mindfulness, and Social Good.

travels from Mexico, USA

Magie is a CEO, a Business Coach and an Author who shares her unique strategies that made her successful in life and in...


Michael Sheldrick

Michael Sheldrick is Author and Co-Founder of Global Citizen. He has secured more than US$40 billion to help with medical treatment, sanitation, and education around the world.

travels from USA

Michael Sheldrick is the Co-Founder of Global Citizen and Author of upcoming book “From Ideas to Impact: A Playbook for Influencing and Implementing Change in a Divided World”. He leads Global Citizen’s campaigns to rally support from...


Dr. Makaziwe Mandela

As the daughter of former South African President Nelson Mandela, she continues to advocate for improving the socio-economic conditions of marginalized groups and educating global citizens.

travels from South Africa

Makaziwe Mandela follows her father’s lead in advocating for political and social justice. As the eldest daughter of Nelson Mandela, she uses her platform to educate audiences about social issues and to develop relationships with organizations,...


Doc Hendley

Humanitarian, author and founder of Wine To Water - a non-profit aid organization focused on providing clean water toone billion people.

travels from USA

Doc Hendley is proof that anyone, even a tattooed keg-tapper, can cure what ails the world. In 2003, Doc Hendley dreamed up the concept of Wine to Water while bartending and playing music in nightclubs around Raleigh, North Carolina. In January of...


Henri Nyakarundi

Social entrepreneur and expert on innovation and green energy committed to fight poverty through sustainable solutions

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Henri Nyakarundi is a social entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Henri has dedicated his life to fight poverty through sustainable solutions and green energy. As an expert in innovation and green business, he has started sharing...


Noëlla Coursaris Musunka

Advocate, Philanthropist, International Model & founder of Malaika on a mission to make a difference to girls and women

travels from UK

Our keynote speaker Noëlla Coursaris Musunka is known from her years of fashion modelling, however, she has also become a sought-after speaker for her advocacy of young girls’ education. Noëlla is the founder of Malaika which is a non-profit...


Anna Rosling Rönnlund

Usability Designer & Big Data Visualizer, aiming to improve the understanding of the world we live in.

travels from Sweden

Keynote speaker Anna Rosling Rönnlund is a co-founder and board member of the Gapminder Foundation. She presents eye-opening keynote presentations on how it’s possible to visualize global patterns in a way that really reflects everyday life...


Edward Denmark

British veteran and best-selling author inspiring his audience to tackle their challenges by sharing his personal story

travels from UK

Keynote speaker Edward Denmark is the author of two bestselling books: one on his experiences in the British military Not for queen and country, and the other book We spoke in whispers on his experiences growing up in poverty. He has spoken on...


Dr. Marie Charles

Medical doctor and the “Joan of Arc” of 21st century medicine considered one of the most influential entrepreneurs

travels from Belgium

Keynote speaker Marie Charles is not just any medical doctor. She has a highly distinguished background in international business, finance and international relations and in the last 20 years, she has founded, grown and managed multinational...


Lord John Bird

Award winning entrepreneur, the mastermind behind The Big Issue and an inspirational leader with an impressive reputation

travels from UK

Keynote speaker Lord John Bird of Notting Hill is the force and mastermind behind The Big Issue, the world's most successful street magazine. He is an award winning entrepreneur. Bird is also an inspirational leader with an impressive reputation of...

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Our speakers address consequences as well as solutions to poverty


There are more contributors to the problem of poverty, such as disability, lack of education, theft, war and natural disasters, just to name a few. The consequences of poverty are the basic needs not being met, including food, clothing and shelter. Poverty reduction is therefore a major goal and issue for many international organizations, such as the United Nations and The World Bank.

Keynote speakers on poverty often campaign for the poor and try to activate citizens to be a part of the global movement to end extreme poverty. The speakers are highly motivational with the ability to mobilize and motivate large groups of people. Keynotes on global poverty, social change, and civic engagement are very common and speakers help people realize their own ability and power to make a difference.

A keynote on poverty can be both insightful and engaging for an organization as it covers a global problem that is of great consequence. Understanding poverty and learning how to help can be of great use for companies and organizations that want to contribute to ending poverty.

Solutions to reducing poverty in the US could be creating more jobs, raising the minimum wage and invest in affordable, high-quality child care and early education – just to name a few! The best way out of poverty is a well-paying job. In addition, supporting pay equity is important to fight poverty. Our poverty speakers will elaborate on different solutions to reducing poverty, however, there is no simple solution to global poverty. 

Book a thought-provoking and informative keynote on poverty with one of our top experts or one of our great personalities sharing their own story of a life in poverty. Our professional consultants are ready to help you find the perfect speaker for your event.

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