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Forbes Under 30 Entrepreneur, Author, Lawyer & DreamxAmerica Founder

Andrew Leon Hanna

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Andrew Leon Hanna is a socially-minded individual with a diverse skill set in authorship, law, and entrepreneurship, working to improve human rights and socio-economic opportunities.

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Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, Andrew Leon Hanna is a first-generation Egyptian-American attorney and renowned author. His book, 25 Million Sparks, narrates how some women entrepreneurs excelled despite spending time in a refugee camp in Zaatari. It is a true inspiration to anyone who wants to succeed in entrepreneurship. Did you know that Hanna represented the United States at the seventh UNESCO Youth Forum hosted in France? And he was once a senior associate at McKinsey, where he oversaw the establishment of a youth employment project in Jacksonville.

Why you should book Andrew Leon Hanna for your next event

  • It pays to see a lawyer, author, and entrepreneur speak. Hanna combines all these skills to uplift the lives of the vulnerable, including immigrant entrepreneurs. He has created numerous business opportunities to ensure this segment of people are treated with the dignity they deserve.
  • He has been named as a Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur.
  • Hanna is the author of 25 Million Sparks, a befitting tribute to refugee entrepreneurs and Financial Times Best Book of the Year.

Hanna has a lot under his belt. First, he co-founded DreamxAmerica, an initiative whose mission is to support aspiring first-generation, refugee, and immigrant entrepreneurs. As the organization’s CEO, he facilitated the advancement of at least $350,000 in interest-free loans to small entrepreneurs at a time when the world’s economy was on its knees thanks to the hard-hitting Covid-19. He is also credited with producing the DreamxAmerica film streamed on PBS. The film was so successful that it was one of the nominees for an Emmy Award in Chicago.

Andrew also co-founded a web3 enterprise called Sawa Impact Labs, which brings together underrepresented artists worldwide. And you have perhaps heard about Mona, a venture that supports underrepresented entrepreneurs by showcasing and investing in their brands. Andrew Hanna is the figure behind its foundation.

In 2020, Hanna was included in the Forbes 30 Under 30, thanks to his exploits in the business world. In terms of education, he has a Harvard Law School JD. While studying law at the institution, he also served as the Harvard Law Review editor. Having been an intern in the Justice Department and the White House, there is no doubt Andrew is a household name.

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  • Book Talk: “25 Million Sparks: The Untold Story of Refugee Entrepreneurs”.
  • Untold Stories of the Creativity, Power, and Dignity of Immigrants and Refugees.
  • Investing in Underrepresented Entrepreneurs and Brands.
  • The Global Refugee Crisis & the Need for Greater Resettlement and Investment in Refugees.
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Untold Stories | Andrew Leon Hanna, MBA ’22

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