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Adrian Furnham

travels from UK

Author, Professor at the University College London, and founder director of Applied Behavioural Research Associates

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Adrian Furnham is a renowned business speaker at corporate conferences and an authority on psychological management and mental health in the workplace. Our keynote speaker Adrian Furnham is approachable, well-informed, and entertaining.

A world authority on psychologic management

Our exquisite speaker Adrian Furnham was educated at the London School of Economics, and at Oxford University where he completed his doctorate (DPhil) in 1981.

Previously a lecturer in Psychology at Pembroke College, Oxford, he is currently Professor of Psychology at University College London. He has lectured a great deal abroad at, amongst others, the University of New South Wales, as well as the University of the West Indies. From 1999-2001 Adrian was the Visiting Professor of Management at Henley Management College, and he was Visiting Professor at the Hong Kong University Business School.

Proving an innate talent for behavioral sciences, the keynote speaker Adrian Furnham has written a wide selection of books on leadership and management including Culture Shock (1994), The New Economic Mind (1995), Personality at Work (1994), The Myths of Management (1996), The Psychology of Behaviour at Work (1997), The Incompetent Manager (2003), The People Business (2005) Personality and Intellectual Competence (2005) Management Mumbo Jumbo (2006) and Just for the Money (2006).

Adrian Furnham is also a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and has been ranked the second most productive psychologist in the world 1985-1995. He is on the editorial board of several acclaimed international journals. Adrian is the current elected President of the International Society for the Study of Individual Differences. Additionally, he is the founder director of Applied Behavioural Research Associates (ABRA), a psychological consultancy.

Our speaker Adrian Furnham regularly writes for the Sunday Times as well as the Daily Telegraph and is a regular contributor to international radio and television segments.

Furnham has advised numorous multinational corporations including Cathay Pacific Airways, Barclays Bank, Marks & Spencer, Air New Zealand, Channel Four, and the Ritz Hotel. In 2007 he was nominated by HR magazine as one the top 25 Most Influential People in HR.

Like Noel Coward, the keynote speaker Adrian Furnham believes work is fun and considers himself a well-adjusted workaholic. He rides his bicycle to work (as he has always done) and does not own a mobile phone.

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    Keynote by Speaker Adrian Furnham

    Understanding Emotional Intelligence

    • How to define and describe EI
    • Understand why it is important in the workplace
    • How to measure EI in staff and applications
    • What we need to do to increase a person’s EI
    • The costs of low EI score for senior managers
    • Fact and fiction written about EI


    Keynote by Speaker Adrian Furnham

    Understanding Talent Management

    • An understanding of where talent comes from
    • How to define and measure ability talents
    • How to define and measure personality correlates of high ability
    • How to recruit, select, induct and manage High Flyers
    • The special needs of high flyers
    • Preventing derailment in high flyers


    Keynote by Speaker Adrian Furnham

    Understanding Performance Management

    • The theory behind PMS
    • The essential skill set associated with PMS
    • How to measure all aspects of performance
    • How to conduct a progress review with staff
    • How to ensure staff are rated accurately and honestly
    • How to avoid PMS systems from failing


    Keynote by Speaker Adrian Furnham

    Understanding psychometric testing and other new assessment methods

    • How, when and why we need to assess people at work
    • The history of assessment of people
    • What methods are available: from biography to brain scans
    • Technique selection criteria: validity, cost, practicality generality, acceptability, legality.
    • Selecting IN and selecting OUT: how to define what you want in your staff and what you don’t want
    • How tests are developed
    • Personality tests and ability tests
    • Limitations of interviews, references, and application forms
    • Selecting High Flyers and those with “potential”
    • Tests for development
    • Fashions and fads
    • Neuroscience and the future of assessment

    The session will allow people to complete and score three types of tests. They will also receive a copy of a new book on the topic. 


    Keynote by Speaker Adrian Furnham

    Understanding  job engagement and motivation

    • How to measure engagement in your staff
    • How to apply motivational techniques that work
    • How to train your managers in motivational methodology
    • How to design cheap and effective reward strategies
    • Simple but effective strategies to motivate staff


    Keynote by Speaker Adrian Furnham

    Understanding Negotiation and Persuasion

    • The basic strategies used in successful negotiation
    • How to get information out of others
    • How best to present your case
    • The fundamental strategies used by advertisers, politicians and other persuaders, and how and when to apply them for your needs
    • The skills you need to work on 


    Keynote by Speaker Adrian Furnham

    Understanding the Psychology of  Individual Differences

    • How to write a descriptive, psychological assessment of other people
    • Why individual differences exist and what they mean
    • How to deal with people who are different from you
    • How you can predict behavior once you know a person’s profile 


    Keynote by Speaker Adrian Furnham

    Understanding the Psychology of Change Management

    • How to understand the change process and resistance to it
    • The advantages of six different strategies to bring about change
    • What needs to be done in the pre and post change launch period
    • How to avoid costly failures of change programmes that backfire 


    Keynote by Speaker Adrian Furnham

    Understanding Organisational Management

    • Your personal management style and its consequences
    • The three tasks of all managers
    • How to start strategic thinking initiatives
    • Dealing with ambiguity and stress  


    Keynote by Speaker Adrian Furnham

    Self-Awareness and Self Development

    • What are your potential strengths and how to engage with them
    • What are your real developmental needs and how to proceed
    • How you behave under-pressure
    • How to help your staff and colleagues achieve greater self-awareness
    • How to write and follow a developmental plan 


    Keynote by Speaker Adrian Furnham

    From Good to Great as Leader

    • What differentiates good from great leaders
    • The essential task of leadership and what you need to do differently
    • The importance of leadership in teams
    • The stress and loneliness of being at the top and what you can do about it
    • How to recruit and select great leaders


    Keynote by Speaker Adrian Furnham

    Giving Constructive Feedback  

    A two day practical, intensive course for all those who manage others. Learning Outcomes:

    • Understanding of the why and when and the how of feedback at work
    • Insight into your own personal style and how you come across to others
    • The acquisition of very specific and relevant skills: questioning, counselling, listening, interpreting
    • Self-confidence in their personal skills and a real desire to go and deliver feedback to all their staff
Adrian Furnham - video

Adrian Furnham - Change Management in Organizations

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He was very interesting and funny; impressive background.

Marley Taylor

Credible Behavioral Health

Interview with Adrian Furnham

What types of research are you currently working on?
Mental illness in the work place; The Resient Manager

Can you tell us about your latest book?
The New Psychology of Money – See my latest stuff on Amazon

What is your most popular keynote topic?

  • Management and Leadership Derailment
  • Persuasion and Negotiation
  • Money and Motivation

What types of clients have you worked with in the past?
All sorts all round the World. Big financial companies and manufacturing companies.

Why should clients book you for their next event?
Because I am a professor of Business Psychology who can make current research relevant and amusing.

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