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Betsy Myers

travels from USA

Former senior advisor to Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign and motivator for women in business

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Keynote speaker Betsy Myers has extensive experience in the corporate, political and higher education. She has served as senior advisor to Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign and also had prominent posts during the Clinton’s administration. She focuses on matters related to leadership and women’s place in the business world. She is an advocate for women in leadership, women entrepreneurs and women-led businesses.

Why book speaker Betsy Myers?

  • She is seasoned. Speaker Betsy Myers spent half a decade building her own business, Myers Insurance and Financial Services, and served as a COO and chair of women for president Obama’s presidential campaign. Creating a name for herself in very different fields, Betsy provides guidance to audience members ever-growing journey.
  • She investigates. Betsy provides audience members with insightful information as it relates to her keynotes, speaker Betsy is prepared as she has scientific facts behind her keynotes.
  • She is hands on.  Myers fully indulges herself in her craft and has a great passion for all things business, women empowerment and leadership.

Speaker Betsy Myers’ experience spans the corporate, political and higher education arenas. As executive director of the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, she focused the center’s teaching and research around personal leadership and the fully integrated person.

Betsy Myers is a leadership expert, an author and an advocate. She is the founding director of the Center for Women and Business at Bentley University in Boston. Myers is also consulting, speaking and leading workshops around the world on the changing nature of leadership and talent with a special expertise around women and leadership. Her book, “Take the Lead — Motivate, Inspire, and Bring Out the Best in Yourself and Everyone Around You,” was named the Washington Post’s Best Leadership Book that year in its release year. 

A senior adviser to Presidents Clinton and Obama, Myers served as the Chief Operating Officer and Chair of Women for Obama during President Obama’s 2008 national presidential campaign. During the Clinton Administration, Myers launched, and was the first director of, the White House Office for Women’s Initiatives and Outreach. She also served as the director of the Office of Women’s Business Ownership at the SBA. 

Prior to joining the Clinton Administration, Myers spent six years building Myers Insurance and Financial Services in Los Angeles, specializing in the small business and women’s market.

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Keynote by speaker Betsy Myers

The Leader in You -- How to Be Your Authentic Self While Also Being Strategic to Get Results

So many people have a difficult time accepting the realities of their workplace today. The driving theme of this speech is that it’s irrelevant whether you like a boss, colleague, constituent or donor.

What is relevant, however, is navigating every situation to achieve the best possible outcome while preserving your integrity. This is the only way to prosper in your company. It all starts with you.

  • When true leadership is when you step into who you really are, when you discover, understand and embrace your own personal story.
  • When being your true self, successful leadership is also learning about the people around you and what they need.
  • Combination effect enables leaders to create an environment and culture in which people offer their best selves to a team, partnership or relationship in order to achieve desired results.
  • This speech will share strategies, examples and best practices that will help you become an authentic leader who establishes meaningful relationships in order to drive your career forward.
Keynote by speaker Betsy Myers

Disruptive World

Each C-Level executive is tested at one point in his or her career by a failure, disappointment, loss, setback or betrayal. The difference between good and great organizational leaders is how resilient they are, how they deal with, and even embrace, these unexpected changes.

Indeed, our failures are the road map to our true selves; life and leadership is never a straight line but, instead, a curvy road with obstacles that challenge and stretch us. We cannot control change but we can manage how we react to it through our personal leadership.

  • Offer a host of critical strategies that will help leaders navigate and stay steady under disruption
  • How to think about change differently, how failure builds our resiliency muscle
  • How to deal with crisis in the middle of the storm
  •  How resilience is our path for discovering and aligning with our life’s purpose and passion; and how, in the face of unwanted change, we discover our true character.
  • Emerging stronger, wiser and more self- confident even after the most challenging situations.
Keynote by speaker Betsy Myers

Leadership Creates a Feeling -- How to Create a Modern Workforce for the 21st Century

Every company today is grappling with a staggering statistic — 50-70% of American workers are disengaged in the workplace. Clearly, the old model of command-and-control leadership is no longer effective in this new environment.

A new leadership model is necessary to recruit and retain engaged talent at all levels of the organization. 

  • How leaders must be conscious about their behavior and its impact on others. 
  • Why they must be self-reflective and try to understand their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Why leaders must ask questions, not just provide answers, in order to build relationships and facilitate teamwork and collaboration.
  • How leaders must bring out the productive feelings in the people around them.
  • Examples of when people feel valued, supported, appreciated and understood, they do their best work.
  • Based on Betsy Myers’ book, “Take the Lead:  Motivate, Inspire, and Bring Out the Best in Yourself and Everyone Around You,” this speech will explain what leaders must do if they want a workforce that is both happy and profit-driven.
Keynote by speaker Betsy Myers

Engaging Men-- The Way Forward for Women in Business

Most companies aren’t making real progress when it comes to gender equity today. Indeed, women’s issues often appear to be pushed to the side. Unfortunately, though, the old strategies and continuing lack of focus aren’t helping organizations recruit, retain and advance talented women.

Women currently hold just 10%-15% of the senior leadership (C-Suite) positions in corporate America, even though they hold 50% of the middle-management positions.

  • This speech offers a sweeping new approach for boosting gender equity in US companies — engaging men on behalf of women.
  • In addition to offering strategies that will help men effectively mentor women, the speech will also show how to establish trust-based professional relationships between men and women that will lead us to a gender progress that has been elusive for so many years.
Speaker Betsy Myers:

What is Leadership?

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