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As an education consultant, Wes Parham MBA Ph.D. transforms outcomes

Dr. Wes Parham

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An inspiring TED speaker, his topics include organisational leadership, student development, and emotional intelligence. He bridges the gap for higher education as a pathway to success for young adults by offering sound strategies to improve student outcomes.

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Offering a unique mix of humour and social commentary while speaking,Wes Parham MBA Ph.D. emphasises organisation as the foundation for educating the next generation of leaders. Holding an Organisational Leadership Ph.D. from Regents University, scholarship is the cornerstone of his educational philosophy. As an organisational consultant, he leverages his experience in the public and private sector to transform productivity and workflows. Espousing the term Haterology, Dr. Parham redefines the hater mindset to encourage audiences to realise the benefits of critical thinking, innovation, and constructive dissent in personal and professional settings.

Why you should book Dr. Wes Parham for your next event

  • Audiences relate to Dr. Wes Parham’s unique take on the social dynamics surrounding haters. Offering a refreshing view of the complexities surrounding the polarising of society, he highlights the importance of critical thinking and assessment.
  • Dr. Parham offers practical strategies for organisational development in educational settings. Drawing on his experience, he provides detailed guidance on how to transform learning environments for optimal results.
  • His popular book, Haterology, offers an in-depth look at the hater mindset and how the way society views dissent is impacting the world.


A TED speaker and organisational consultant, Wes Parham, MBA Ph.D. helps to elevate educational results. He espouses a unique take on the value of dissent and critical analysis in building stronger outcomes for students. Offering audiences humorous anecdotes in refreshing presentations designed to inspire, he has become a transcending voice in the educational arena. An advocate for scholarship as the path to self-sufficiency and independence, Dr. Parham’s career has brought him full circle from the classroom to consultancy. Offering interactive workshops to educators, his presentations spark enhanced educational organisation and results.

Having presented dynamic addresses to students and professionals, he examines how constructive criticisms sparks innovation and change. Pushing back against the traditional meaning of hater, he encourages dissent as a necessary building block for transforming educational outcomes for students. With topics ranging from emotional intelligence to the hater’s mindset, Dr. Parham empowers listeners to personal growth and leadership. Passionate about creating a better world for future generations, he inspires listeners with his unique brand of showmanship.

Currently executive director for the Urban Scholastic Center, Dr. Parham has spent his career encouraging and advising young adults. As a consultant, he ensures professionals and educators have the tools to create optimal learning environments to help youths to excel.


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Keynote by Dr. Wes Parham

Keynote topics

Organizational Leadership in the new era, Business Communications, Student Development, “Haterology”, and Organizational Innovation

  • How the way we view dissent is changing us, and what we can do about it.
  • How “hating” can make you a better leader, person, and partner.
  • How disagreement can be your springboard for innovation.
  • How embracing dissent can improve your thinking and learning.
  • Why dissent can help sustain meaningful business and personal relationships.
  • Understanding Introspection: The Mirror vs. the Microscope.
  • Why you may be “wrong” and how that can help you to be better.
Watch Dr. Wes Parham in action

Haterology: Gucci Mane & Taylor Swift | Wes Parham | TEDxUHouston

See keynotes with Dr. Wes Parham
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Keynote topics with Dr. Wes Parham