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Navigating Uncertainty: Future-Ready Strategies

Jonathan Brill

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Jonathan Brill: A visionary strategist igniting innovation and navigating uncertainty for transformative success.

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Experience the future today with Jonathan Brill. As a globally recognized visionary, Brill empowers organizations to conquer uncertainty and drive innovation. With a proven track record of transforming Fortune 50 giants and startups alike, his keynotes deliver actionable strategies for success.

Why you should book Jonathan Brill for your next event

  • Future-Proof Strategies: Jonathan Brill’s keynotes equip you with foresight techniques that navigate uncertainty, ensuring your business stays ahead in dynamic markets.
  • Inspiring Vision: Elevate your organization’s mindset with Brill’s captivating narratives, fostering a culture of creativity and adaptability.
  • Futurist Authority: Recognized as Forbes’ top-ranked futurist, Brill’s insights are rooted in years as the Global Futurist at HP, offering unrivaled expertise in foresight strategies.

Jonathan Brill is a visionary strategist, renowned speaker, and a catalyst for change in the world of innovation and business. With extensive experience in strategic foresight, technology innovation, and transformation, Brill stands as a leading expert in guiding organizations through uncertainty and inspiring profound shifts.

As the former Global Futurist at HP, Brill played a pivotal role in shaping long-term strategies for technology and business innovation. His practical approach has empowered startups, Fortune 50 leaders, and even the United States Secret Service to embrace change and drive growth.

Brill’s impact goes beyond his roles; he’s also a published author and sought-after speaker. His book, “Rogue Waves: Future-Proof Your Business to Survive and Profit from Radical Change,” provides practical frameworks for navigating change effectively. He has shared these transformative insights with over 27,000 executives, enriching their perspectives and strategies.

Brill’s influence extends to prestigious platforms like HBR, TED, and Forbes, where his captivating stories and innovative ideas resonate with audiences worldwide. He also serves as a Senior Fellow at HBR’s China New Growth Institute and a Board Advisor at Frost & Sullivan, a respected market intelligence firm.

With a dynamic stage presence and the ability to bridge visionary thinking with actionable strategies, Jonathan Brill is a sought-after keynote speaker. His talks unlock the potential within businesses, offering practical tools to navigate uncertainty and foster innovation.

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Keynote by speaker Jonathan Brill


How will AI make you a better leader? ‘Silicon Valley Legend’ Jonathan Brill will take you on a behind the scenes tour of the world’s advanced technology labs to find out. This talk is not about science fiction. It’s about inspiration and action. There’s a reason HBR called Brill, “The world’s foremost transformation architect”. As HP’s Global Futurist, an AI inventor and the bestselling author on transformation, he has successfully helped both legacy and AI native companies transform to win. In your time together, you’ll have access to the same customized insights as clients like Microsoft and the Secret Service.

In the process, you’ll learn to:

  • Align your team with vision, values and goals that take advantage of AI.
  • Find new ways to solve complex problems with speed and creativity.
  • Perhaps, most importantly, you’ll discover that AI doesn’t replace humans. It is making us more human.
Keynote by speaker Jonathan Brill


AI Architect Your Future Reel: Don’t just watch your future happen — architect it. Take a thrilling journey to the frontlines of tomorrow, where technology, geopolitics, and society collide to create what’s next. If you know how to turn disruption to your advantage, it’s your biggest opportunity. There’s no better guide to the changes we face — or coach on how to take advantage of them — than Jonathan Brill, HP Global Futurist, bestselling author, and celebrated inventor. His repeated ability to spot disruption and flip it into opportunity is why Forbes recently ranked him as the #1 Futurist in the world.

Your assumptions will be challenged by hard data. You’ll be inspired by extraordinary people who are changing the world. Your imagination will be ignited as you gain the same exclusive access as the Fortune 50 CEOs and government leaders Brill advises. In this inspiring talk, you’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate Uncertainty — Discover the 10 trends shaping the 2020’s.
  • Invent Tomorrow — Leverage AI on your org chart.
  • Do What Matters — Learn the ABC’s, the three actionable tools to Architect Your Future.

As Adam Grant said, this is “an actionable framework for driving change, instead of being blindsided by it.”Which path will you choose?

Keynote by speaker Jonathan Brill


Most people think luck is coincidence, fate or that you make it yourself. It’s none of the above. It is, however, a science-based skill that your audience can get dramatically better at it — in less than an hour. Luck isn’t chance. It’s a choice. Your audience can have more joy, success and ease with less effort through this science based, interactive keynote — no matter how lucky they are. Brill, an international best selling author and scholar on decision making, and principal investigator of the largest study on luck, persuasively argues that luck isn’t an option, it’s perhaps the most impactful factor of success. It’s strategic in your business and in your life.

Throughout your time together, he’ll create a sense of wonder and opens up a world of practical possibility through hilarious personal stories, intimate interactive moments and hard data. Along the ride, you’ll learn how to find rainbows, dodge riptides, survive meteors and make gold.

More importantly, you’ll learn four science-based methods to turn uncertainty into opportunity in nearly everything you do.
Once you understand the science of luck, uncertainty won’t ever paralyze you. You’ll embrace it! Would you like a little more luck in your life?

Watch Jonathan Brill in action

What is good food? | Jonathan Brill | TEDxArendal

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Jonathan cuts through the noise and gets to a way everyone can approach uncertainty and change with greater confidence.

Tiffani Bova

Global Growth and Innovation Evangelist, Salesforce

Our executives walked away changed.

Anne Devlin

Head of Learning and Development, J.P. Morgan

His rigorous, unifying message drives results.

Doug Warner

Head of Innovation, Amazon

Jonathan blew us away.

Alexis R.

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