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Zoe Jackson

Entrepreneur & Founder of Living the Dream
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Zoe Jackson MBE is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur and the leader of Living the Dream Performing Arts Company, which she started at the age of 16. In her talks she shares her personal experience and her exciting story since the company founding in 2006. Zoe Jackson inspires her audience to peak performance and is a real motivator.

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In her mid-twenties, the strong-willed speaker Zoe Jackson has already accomplished to lead and grow her own company Living the Dream into a school of performing arts, a professional dance company, a talent agency and a charity, the Dream Foundation. Zoe’s projects are all following the mission to inspire young people and are  working under the premise of “run by young people…for young people”.

Not only passionate about performing arts, Zoe also has an exceptional talent for realizing ventures. Through her willpower, enthusiasm and energy she paved the way to become one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in the UK. In June 2015, Zoe was honoured in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List with an award of the Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE)  for services to young entrepreneurs and the performing arts.

Keynote speaker Zoe Jackson has received numerous other awards including the Women of the Future in the Arts, Media and Culture award with Shell, was listed in Elle Magazine’s “Top 100 Inspiring Women” alongside Michelle Obama and Beyoncé and she recently won the Creative Industries Entrepreneur of the Year with the Great British Entrepreneurs. Sir Richard Branson has given Zoe his support and endorsement after she was selected to share a platform with him to speak on behalf of young entrepreneurs in the UK.

Through the arts and enterprise, she campaigns to raise awareness and support for the challenges facing young people. Zoe Jackson is 100 percent convinced of her cause. This makes her a passionate, honest and highly credible keynote speaker. In her talks, ardent speaker Zoe Jackson tells of her success, but also about the obstacles she had to face and overcome in the last years.

Zoe Jackson is in demand as a motivational speaker who has inspired audiences from the education and the corporate world.

    Keynote by Speaker Zoe Jackson

    The Disruptive Entrepreneur

    • Zoe Jackson speaks from her own experience about doing things differently and breaking into an industry by being disruptive and innovative.


    Keynote by Speaker Zoe Jackson

    Live Your Dreams

    • Speaker Zoe Jackson motivates and empowers others to believe in themselves and their dreams through her story of having a dream at 16, making it happen whilst overcoming personal and financial challenges and turning it into a successful business.


    Keynote by Speaker Zoe Jackson

    Tips for Start-up Businesses

    • Zoe Jackson is passionate about giving start-ups advice on all the things she wish she had known when setting up her business. All of the successes, challenges and the journey of seeking investment and expanding the business and everything that went wrong in between.


    Keynote by Speaker Zoe Jackson

    Creativity in a Corporate World

    • In this talk, speaker Zoe Jackson inspires CEO’s, senior leaders and corporate teams in thinking more creatively and entrepreneurially within their organisation to work together to make an impact.


    Keynote by Speaker Zoe Jackson

    How to Stand Out and Get Noticed

    • Zoe Jackson uses her experience of creating Living the Dream’s iconic flash mob without any budget and how it got her and the company noticed. Now Zoe works with global brands to come up with creative ideas to stand out and go viral without breaking the bank.


    Keynote by Speaker Zoe Jackson

    Young People are the Future

    • Her passion about young people is the focus of this talk. Zoe Jackson speaks about how we all need to do more to nurture their potential, believe in them and give them opportunities.
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