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Super Bowl champion shares insights into growth from learning experiences

Nick Foles

travels from USA

One of the National Football League's most iconic players, crediting his spiritual faith for overcoming challenging obstacles, he reflects on his 10-year career to offer audiences inspiration.

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Nick Foles continues to achieve in the NFL’s competitive league. With more than a decade as an award-winning quarterback, he holds fast to his religious faith to pull through obstacles in his path. In 2017, he led his team to the LII Super Bowl championship and was named MVP while playing on the Philadelphia Eagles team. This follows a phenomenal 2013 season, in which the quarterback completed a 119.2 pass rating. Learning from success and failure, Foles credits his professional and personal growth to persistence and faith.

Why select keynote speaker Nick Foles

  • Audiences are captivated by Nick Foles’ life story. With an MVP award and a Super Bowl Championship, he has held NFL records.
  • Foles’ offers audiences strategies for overcoming obstacles to achieve success. His presentation gives listeners tools for success.
  • Foles’ book with Joshua Cooley: Believe It: My Journey of Success, Failure, and Overcoming the Odds is a New York Times best seller. The riveting story describes his career in detail, including how he fought back from a torn ACL to win MVP honors in 2017’s season with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Super Bowl champion Nick Foles inspires audiences with stories of overcoming obstacles to achieve success. Focusing on teamwork, his performance has earned him record-setting seasons during his career.

He inspires audiences to stay the course and complete endeavors regardless of obstacles. It’s a presentation, which offers listeners winning strategies for victory. By embracing challenges and focusing on the plan to succeed, Foles has learned how to breakthrough struggles to victory. He offers these same strategies to audiences, which find his sincerity and passion for excellence encouraging.

In 2012, the Philadelphia Eagles chose Foles during the NFL Draft’s third round. His college team was Arizona. Beginning as the team’s backup quarterback, the team promoted him to starter during his rookie season. He continued as a starter in 2013 and set a league record for his touchdown-interception stats. He led his team to the division title, which earned Foles Pro Bowl honors. The Eagles traded Foles after he struggled during the 2014 season. He was also released from the St. Louis Rams in season one with the team. After a year as a backup quarterback for the Chiefs, Foles returned to Philadelphia to regain the starter position in 2017. He led the Eagles to a franchise-first Super Bowl title, and he earned award for game MVP.

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Foles has spoken to the press on how the media publishes only the best things in a person’s life, and this leads to constant discouraging comparison. He emphasizes how his failures have been most impactful in helping him learn and grow throughout his career. Holding numerous NFL records, a Super Bowl championship and MVP title under his belt, Foles is eager to find more speaking engagements and discuss the importance of embracing every struggle.

His interests/speaking topics include:

  • Persistence.
  • Learning from life struggles.
  • Religious faith
  • External judgment.
  • Balance.

Nick Foles on Super Bowl Win & Future in Philadelphia

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