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Speakers about balance (11)

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Laird Hamilton

Explore the edge of possibility with Laird Hamilton, pioneering big-wave surfer and fitness icon. Unlock peak performance and resilience for your team.

travels from USA

Discover Laird Hamilton: A visionary in water sports, fitness, and nutrition. As an international fitness icon and co-founder of Laird Superfood, Laird transforms health with innovative products and training methods. His bestselling books inspire...


Annabelle Williams

Let Annabelle Williams, Paralympic Gold Medalist & Corporate Leader, ignite your organization's potential.

travels from Australia

Discover the transformative power of Annabelle Williams, Paralympic Gold Medallist and esteemed professional. With a remarkable journey from sports triumph to corporate success, Annabelle brings unparalleled inspiration and insight to your event. As...


Laurence Halsted

Transforming the way sports figures prepare for high-level competitions, he highlights the value in living a well-rounded life.

travels from Denmark

Laurence Halsted redefines competitive sports training by putting the focus on mental balance. By encouraging athletes to find a sense of purpose, his concepts run contrary to traditional training methods. He's adopted a stance based on sports...


Dr. Lauren Hodges

Lauren is the co-founder of Performance on Purpose LLC, and founder of Lauren Hodges, LLC, two performance coaching companies focused on advancing leadership and performance potential.

travels from USA

Dr. Lauren Hodges is passionate about helping others reach their highest potential, whether at work in their roles, or at home in those relationships that matter the...


Colette Carlson

Hall of Fame keynote speaker and human behavior expert who transforms relationships through the power of connected conversations.

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Colette Carlson delivers the latest research and strategies specific to women in order to gain the self-awareness and skills necessary to become authentic, credible, and confident leaders. She provides the perfect blend of...


Mark Sanchez

As a former quarterback, he leverages his experience to provide perspectives on maintaining progress and a level-headed mindset.

travels from USA

In his rookie year with the New York Jets, Mark Sanchez was chosen as part of the PFWA All-Rookie Team. Although he led his team to the AFC championships, the Jets lost to the Indianapolis Colts. His second year, the team lost the AFC Championship...


Nick Foles

One of the National Football League's most iconic players, crediting his spiritual faith for overcoming challenging obstacles, he reflects on his 10-year career to offer audiences inspiration.

travels from USA

Nick Foles continues to achieve in the NFL’s competitive league. With more than a decade as an award-winning quarterback, he holds fast to his religious faith to pull through obstacles in his path. In 2017, he led his team to the LII Super Bowl...


Alison Canavan

Alison Canavan leverages her experience facilitating life balance, health, and well-being workshops to offer practical tools for alleviating stress, anxiety, and depression.

travels from USA

Named one of the top life coaches in the United States by USA Today, Alison Canavan specializes in helping others manage stress. Working with top companies in developing workplace strategies, her health and well-being workshops transform business...


Anneleen de Lille

Anneleen de Lille helps audiences alleviate burnout. Her innovative processes offers an understanding of the neuroscience behind mental resilience.

travels from Belgium

Anneleen offers an innovative and dynamic presentation on developing a sense of wellbeing at work. Changing habits is one of the speaker's vital insights, which helps individuals, families, and teams to progress. Implementing science-based tools for...


Ben Alldis

As a health specialist, Ben combines his experience in sports to offer audiences performance enhancing motivation.

travels from UK

Working for Peloton as a strength and cycle instructor, Ben develops his unique overall fitness brand, which combines performance athletics with extreme motivation to achieve total wellness. This inspirational combination influences his...


Christine Carter

Sociologist and happiness expert shares her tips for living a happy life in her award-winning blog “Brave Over Perfect”

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Christine Carter teaches people to find their “sweet spot”, a place of power and ease, by teaching them the tactics they need to thrive. Tactics which are backed up by scientific and anecdotal evidence from Christine's own life...

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About Balance

  • There is physical balance and mental balance and both are of course important factors in life – most people do not wish to be out of balance.
  • We even often hear expressions like: it is important to find balance in life. That is to say finding a suitable identity that you are comfortable with in life.
  • What does it mean to have balance in your life, to be a balanced person? And, on the other hand, what does it mean to be out of balance, one way or the other?
  • Keynote speakers dealing with balance examine this topic and questions such as these.
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