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Renowned speaker and psychologist shares insights on improving productivity

Anneleen de Lille

travels from Belgium

Anneleen de Lille helps audiences alleviate burnout. Her innovative processes offers an understanding of the neuroscience behind mental resilience.

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Anneleen offers an innovative and dynamic presentation on developing a sense of wellbeing at work. Changing habits is one of the speaker's vital insights, which helps individuals, families, and teams to progress. Implementing science-based tools for developing business solutions, she offers companies a unique process for analyzing and developing new approaches to create more happiness and less stress in the workplace, sparking increased productivity. She also addresses the digital evolution and how humanity will ultimately compete against artificial intelligence. Offering listeners unique insights into society's digital transformation, she helps organizations and individuals change habits to develop a growth mindset.

Why you should book Anneleen de Lille for your next event

  • Audiences relate to Anneleen’s results-oriented presentation, which offers practical tools for developing a growth mindset and improving mental flexibility to overcome issues at work and home.
  • Her presentation provides listeners with actionable strategies to work through challenges by focusing on creating new mental and physical habits.
  • In her book, Think Healthy, Eat Healthy, she addresses eliminating bad habits and creating good ones to maintain a new mindset. By leveraging her experience helping others to develop a healthier lifestyle, she introduces insights into implementing healthier work cultures.

As a popular mental trainer, Anneleen de Lille specializes in guiding audiences to create new habits and strengthen the brain for improved well being. Her insights have helped organizations in various locations to implement strategies for better work cultures. Advocating for incremental changes for optimal mental flexibility, she offers a wealth of experience in cognitive therapy and solution-oriented strategies for individuals and businesses.

Her initial focus centered on helping others to improve eating habits. After success teaching mental resilience in this area, she began guiding companies on ways to improve corporate cultures by increasing the mental well-being of stakeholders. Working with the Better Minds at Work team, she shares insights with company leaders and stakeholders about how the brain can unlearn bad habits and incorporate better habits with practice. She guides listeners to maintaining new habits with a focus on reprogramming the brain for success.

After obtaining a Bachelor’s with a concentration in Applied Psychology, Anneleen received her Master’s degree and postgraduate degree in Counseling and cognitive therapy, respectfully. She began her career helping those overcoming obesity to create better habits while working at Livewell. During her time with the company, she and her team improved the lives of hundreds of customers by addressing each individual’s mindset. Aligning these same principles with business cultures, she’s created a revolutionary process for improving well being at work.

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Speaking topics

  •  Resilience
  • Empathy
  • Neuroscience
  • Stress
  • Motivation
  • Gratitude
  • Growth mindset
  • Burnout
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