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Dr. Sharot is an expert on decision-making, emotion, and optimism in humans

Tali Sharot

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A neuroscientist provides keynote speeches on the science that powers optimism using her expertise in psychology and decision-making. Dr. Sharot guides you through the factors that shape our decisions and beliefs, as well as human expectations.

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Dr. Tali Sharot is a visiting professor at MIT and also an associate professor at University College London. She aims to identify ways of encouraging human behavioural changes that are able to improve well-being. Sharot authored both “The Influential Mind” and “The Optimism Bias”, which received esteemed awards from the British Psychological Society. She believes optimism bias is the view that it can be a lot better in the future than it may be currently. What is it in the human mind that makes people overestimate the positives? Dr. Tali Sharot aims to answer exactly that question.

Why you should book Tali Sharot for your next event

  • Dr. Sharot is a leading expert when it comes to decision-making, optimism, and emotions in humans and how this works in our brain.
  • She combines her wealth of experience in neuroscience along with her research in psychology and behavioral economics. Dr. Sharot is a leader in her field, with her keynote speeches delivering powerful insights into human behavior; all backed by science and her own research.
  • Focusing on positive behavioral changes to improve well-being, booking Tali Sharot as a keynote speaker can inspire positive improvements in well-being; with her experience and research guiding everything.

By booking Dr. Sharot as a keynote speaker, you’re engaging a leading expert in decision-making among humans who’s been published in some of the most highly recognized scientific journals. These include the likes of “Science and Nature” and “Neuroscience”. Media outlets such as “CNN”, “The Guardian” and “the BBC” have all featured Dr. Tali Sharot, demonstrating the trust placed in her experience and extensive knowledge of neuroscience and human behaviors.

Worldwide businesses have all taken advantage of her work, using it to enhance leadership ability, refine business strategies and improve corporate messaging across their businesses. Dr. Sharot appeared at the 2012 TED conference, and holds fellowships from various organizations such as the “Wellcome Trust”. She attended New York University where she received her Ph.D. and has gained the admiration of her industry, and great trust in her research, in the years since. Her personal interest is in how our natural optimism shapes the things we remember and her plentiful research delves deeply into this and how we can misremember major events. Medical findings also encompass a significant part of Dr. Sharot’s work, such as where optimism actually lives in our brains and how it works.

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Speaker Tali Sharot Keynote Topics

  • Decision-making and emotion
  • Research in behavioural economics, psychology, and neuroscience
  • Reveal the forces that shape our decisions and beliefs
  • How you affect the opinions, decisions and desires of others
  • Making good decisions

How to motivate yourself to change your behavior | Tali Sharot | TEDxCambridge

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Professor Sharot was excellent, great insights and very eloquent.

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