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Clinton Young

Motivating potential, Cultural Adjustments, and Emotional Intelligence
Country: USA

With over 15 years in international corporate and entrepreneurship experience, speaker Clinton Young gained the passion for inspiring people in reaching their fullest potential by being self-empowered.  He aims to inspire leaders and organizations in the work place by reigniting their human spirit thereafter, realizing the endless amounts of possibilities.

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Why you should book Clinton Young

  • Speaker Clinton has 17+ years of both corporate and entrepreneurship leadership with a variation of senior titles.  He held his own businesses in sales, marketing, and investing and many different roles corporate as director of Talent acquisition, training &  development, and international business consulting. With Clinton’s wide range of experience and titles, he shares his personal growth, wisdom, and universal truths in hopes in illuminating the best path for clients.
  • With Clinton’s self evaluation methods he aims to empowers clients in questioning themselves about their own un-examined assumptions and how to alter it for their empowerment and growth.
  • Clinton speaks on the idea of complacency and self comparison. He enlightens clients on the unconscious belief that dis-empowers their own happiness and how to combat those thoughts and ideas to turn them into self worth.

Speaker Clinton Young, a inspirational speaker with 15+ years of experience, strongly believes in taking necessary steps in order to be successful, which he believes also includes failure.  He speaks on taking these crucial steps towards the pathway to success. Some of his personal research focuses on the cultural adjustment employees experience when relocating oversees. Clinton has lived, studied and worked in Boston, San Diego, Brazil and Singapore.

Clinton uses his storytelling, as well as his unconventional wisdom gleaned from his experiences to unlock clients true potential.

    Keynotes by speaker Clinton Young

    Re-igniting the human spirit through leadership

    Clinton says: “When you sell yourself short by comparison or ill thought process it affects your ability to happiness and greatness”

    • Speaker Clinton awakens clients to what and where they may be stuck and  enlightens those on how to get unstuck, inspired and empowered in order to unlock their true potential.
    • Elevating mindfulness in the world, Speaker Clinton Young’s, speeches are meant to for question, inspiration, self-empowerment and self evaluation.
    • Clinton inspires those in seeing endless possibilities when you re-ignite your thoughts and yourself
    • Speaker Clinton, takes his clients on a spiritual journey as he awakens their self-inclined limited beliefs and then shows them how to live the life they were intended to live.
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