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Tony Chatman

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Successful corporate relationship expert, author, and musician helping businesses reaching new heights

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Speaker Tony Chatman is a thought leader and expert of corporate relations. He helps organizations by delivering the right strategy to reinvent the business in powerful ways. Tony has helped big corporations and government agencies such as Estee Lauder and NASA to create and collaborate effectively. His passion and intensity will take your business to new heights!  

Why you should book Speaker Tony Chatman

  • He is empathetic.  For optimal results in the work place Speaker Tony understands that we must relate to each other in order to elevate as one, Tony expresses how to optimize your company for both worker and company enhancement.
  • He is scientific.  Chatman undeniably understands the science and role we as humans play in the work force.  Understanding this process has helped Chatman create a balance combining people and work culture. Enhance your organization with Tony’s insightful ideas.
  • He is a people’s person.  This rare skill entails many sub-sections, all which Tony has attained.  Tony shows you how to create and collaborate within a work environment for growing success.

Tony Chatman says:

“I made it my aim to figure people out, because I realized the people side of business is critical”

Leadership speaker, Author and Corporate Relationship Expert Tony Chatman delivers the tools, strategies and essential psychological shifts needed to better understand the people around us and learn to connect, collaborate and create in new and powerful ways.

It is time for reinvention! As an expert of leadership and human relationships, speaker Tony Chatman will take your organization to the top. He will show you how to change your mindset and leave the status quo in the past. By learning how to create, connect and collaborate in a new and effective way, your business is set for success.

As a speaker Tony Chapman delivers intense and useful keynotes. He has a strong stage presence and the ability to connect with every audience member. As a result, partakers leave the keynote with the practical knowledge required for change. Previously, Tony worked with big organizations such as Estee Lauder, U.S Secret Service, Chase Bank and  NASA to reach new heights of effectiveness and understanding.

Embrace change with speaker Tony Chatman! As the author of the book The Force Multiplier, he knows the right tools and strategies to reinvent your team and he will help you with challenging your old mindset.

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Special virtual keynote by speaker Tony Chatman

Navigating Disruption

Change is often planned but disruption comes without little or no warning and is very unsettling. We lose our routines, our sense of stability sometimes our sense of community and maybe even our confidence, yet we still need to be able to function, keep our heads and be productive.

This program will help you gain your bearing to feel like your back on solid ground. Tony reveals how to manage yourself through times of transition while helping others by giving you the tools, mindsets, and strategies necessary to keep to not just stay on track, but keep your head and find strength during disruption.

In this program you will learn:

  • The emotional and psychological process we all go through when we experience unexpected change
  • How to keep your head, control your thoughts and conquer powerful negative emotions
  • Why disruption can make us turn on each other, and how we can protect or repair our relationships and our sense of community
  • How to get unstuck and be productive when you feel overwhelmed and there’s no sense of normalcy
Key note by speaker Tony Chatman

Overcoming Blind Spots in Managing Unconscious Bias

Tony will share the mind hacks to identify the unconscious biases which slow down your company.

  • Speaker Tony helps you create a culture which attracts the brightest and the best: by neutralizing the unconscious biases, the business will be truly inclusive and successful.
  • Uncover the secrets that the most inclusive organizations use to create culture that attracts the best and brightest and how to keep them!
Key note by speaker Tony Chatman

Deliberately Leading Through the Disruption of Change

Speaker Tony Chatman shows your company how to create buy-in and learning eliminating the past habits that hold you back.  He will show you how to identify the great opportunity in transforming the company.

  • By embracing change, your business will skyrocket past its competitors, Tony shows you the steps on how-to.
  • Identifying what every leader needs to know about turning saboteurs into surrogates and adversaries into advocates.
Key note by speaker Tony Chatman

The Force Multiplier

This keynote is recommended for all audiences to learn how to multiply their force. Speaker Tony Chatman gives you the proven tools and encloses fresh insights to help leaders leading through change and diversity.

  • With such implementations, you build loyalty and trust within your organization. As a result, your team will be empowered to rise to their fullest potential.
  • Real world psychology based strategies and insights into what it takes to multiply their “force”and how to elevate individuals to perform at their highest potential not only willingly, but eagerly.
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