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Proven strength based inclusion through leadership

John Gregory Vincent

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Gallup consultant, former Command Master Chief, coach, and leadership expert advises companies on leadership

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Speaker John Gregory Vincent is a thrilling and captivating expert of leadership, behavioral change and inclusion through strengths. His expertise stems from leading in the intense and inclusive world of the submarines, serving the country as a Command Master Chief. As a Gallup consultant and certified strengths coach, speaker John Gregory Vincent doesn't just want to make an impact, he is committed to changing the world, one town, city, school and organization at a time.


Why book speaker John Gregory Vincent

  • He is diverse in his thinking and expertise. He has spent nearly 15 years in the U.S. Navy and later was part of the Gallup workplace consulting team.
  • John has acquired skills and a positive mindset throughout his submarine and Gallup workplace consulting career. He has mastered presenting leadership development through inclusion in such a way that businesses and organizations can enjoy optimal growth and inclusiveness, leading to higher engagement and success.
  • He has a refreshingly honest and transparent approach to delivering his key notes that grabs the participants, where he shows the audience members the power of knowledge, a role vs. job mindset and inclusiveness within any team.

Speaker John Gregory Vincent is a thrilling and captivating expert of driving leadership through behavioral change with his submarine based, inclusion focused, methodology.

John has expertise that stems from the stress and conflict riddled world of submarines, where he spent more than 14 years of his Naval career, combined with his time as a Gallup Workplace Consultant. Submarines were the best human behavioral petri dish to turn conflict into inclusion and Gallup provided the deep research, to refine the submarine system of inclusion into a patent pending system that drives effective leadership while cracking the codes on engagement. This stress and conflict resilient proven system was first published in the bestselling book, co- authored with his wife and business partner Deb Fortin, Diversity & Inclusion – The Submarine Way. This book is changing how organizations, state and federal agencies, universities, public schools and cities are looking at inclusion as the powerful leadership and business strategy it is.

John delivers impassioned programs, filling the hall with energy and wisdom to take the audience on an interactive journey. Always enjoyable and always filled with practical tools it is impossible to leave without two or three things you can immediately apply to change yourself and those around you. Dive in to literally, the world’s only patent pending system of inclusion, that will help your leaders, managers and individual contributors drive greater innovation, lower turnover and absenteeism as well as measurable improvement in productivity. This is changing the world!

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Keynote by speaker John Gregory Vincent

Leadership Development Through The Submarine Way Lens of Inclusion

Embrace the authentic and powerful leadership development approach perfected on submarines

For more than 60 years nuclear submarines have been operating under the oceans of the world without a single nuclear accident. Nuclear submarines are the most sophisticated vessels to operate on earth. Add to this an environment filled with stress, conflict and continuous change of personnel, and the fact that the average age of a submariner is 23, and 80% have only a high school diploma.  It is possible because leaders are developed the minute they step onboard a submarine. Leaders are infused with the knowledge that with an interdependent, collaborative approach to developing people, measurable results will consistently be achieved.

Key takeaways:

  • You will learn how to focus on talent, rather than just skills when developing yourself and others.
  • You will learn how to team more effectively and become more collaborate through an interdependent mindset.
  • You will understand how to instill a situational leadership mindset in everyone to drive innovation and productivity.
Keynote by speaker John Gregory Vincent

Inclusion, The Submarine Way

The one that started it all. Throw everything you think about inclusion overboard- climb down the hatch and experience true inclusion. All parts of this practical system along with the critical anchors are presented in a practical, relevant, fun and immediately applicable way. You think you know inclusion – not even close.

Key takeaways:

  • The 5 essential parts of an effective system of inclusion.
  • How to acknowledge and “file” biases, not pretend you removed them.
  • The difference between being invited and being valued (true inclusion).
Keynote by speaker John Gregory Vincent

Leading Through The Lens Of Inclusion

This keynote was created by a team comprised of a senior corporate executive, who spent more than 20 years building teams and organizations through inclusion, a human behavioral expert and former #1 client rated Gallup global consultant, with deep expertise in strengths and engagement. It is a strength-based, inclusion focused, mission-oriented leadership development methodology that has a system and process baked in. It collectively guides leaders on how to effectively tap into the best of individuals and teams. This approach drives measurable engagement, creating higher innovation, deeper collaboration, lower absenteeism, and turnover.

This keynote takes participants through the journey of looking at the synergy produced by merging leadership development and inclusion initiatives. High energy and highly interactive, participants will leave with practical and immediately actionable takeaways.

  • How to adapt a strengths based, inclusion focused, mission-oriented mindset
  • How to create a talent-based inclusion focused on-boarding
  • Specific business outcomes driven by an inter-dependent, collaborate inclusion leadership culture.
Keynote by speaker John Gregory Vincent

Developing Your Leadership Brand

This is a roadmap, to uncover your unique leadership brand, to allow you to be able tap into the talents and character, that will allow you to be both authentic, and highly effective.

  • Surfaced from the secret world of U.S. Submarines, this speech blends powerful stories and testimonials with a proven strength based, inclusion focused, mission-oriented methodology.
  • Not just theoretical here but a highly practical, relevant and energy infused program, that will leave all in attendance inspired to apply what they have learned.

Keynote by speaker John Gregory Vincent

Igniting Inclusion Through Strength

  • This speech has been tailored by speaker John Gregory Vincent to focus on unique talent serving as the base to drive inclusion.
  • He will show you how to recognize and develop individual talent, also, John Gregory will also teach you what to do to deepen inclusion immediately in your department, team or organization.

Keynote by speaker John Gregory Vincent

On-boarding That Truly Gets People Onboard

  • Acquiring the most talented people is a big challenge these days. John Gregory developed this on-boarding system based directly on the 100-year-old check in system working effortlessly on submarines.
  • John assures that the on-boarding will be successful and loyalty is going to be strong within the organization. As inclusion and strong leadership are important traits in improving the on-boarding process, John Gregory will teach you how to possess those values.

Keynote by speaker John Gregory Vincent

Engaging Hearts and Minds to Actually Drive Engagement

  • As research shows, higher levels of engagement are essential to succeed in business. Millions of dollars and countless hours are invested in improving engagement without significant results. Why? To develop engagement, one must focus on behavior instead of engagement itself.
  • Speaker John Gregory Vincent has the secret and will unveil you the specific steps to drive engagement successfully.


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Insightful and Successful ..I have been faced with leading and fostering an inclusive environment and team when the stakes were really high. John's insightful and inspiring approach will be different, yet successful...

Darryl Webb

SVP Operations Golden Corral

John Gregory Vincent was dynamic, engaging, and thought-provoking. His model for inclusion is simple enough to quickly apply in any setting and can produce lasting results. All organizations who are ready to put actions behind the words of their diversity and inclusion programs should invite his wisdom.

Tami. B. Smith

Deputy Director of HR NCUA

Master at his craft Working with John and also watching him work, I can truly say that John is a Master at his craft. He is professional, informative, and concerned. He always leaves you with actionable tools to have an immediate positive impact. I recommend highly that you make use of John's services... I promise you won't be disappointed....

Charles Howard

The best...ever! In nearly 20 years of conferences, speeches and breakout sessions I can say, without question, John was the best speaker I’ve ever experienced. He simultaneously fills the hall with energy, expertise, humor and wisdom. This results in tangible tools you actually want to use immediately. No small feat, what a pleasure....

Doug Rogers

Regional VP

Nothing Has Ever Had a Larger Impact! In my decades of working with facilitators and hiring speakers in my company, John is the best I have ever experienced. Ten plus years later most of my team has moved on but in conversations with them, what they learned from John’s speeches and workshops is still being used.……impressive

Dennis Hempstead

President & CEO of Clean World USA

Simply The Best Speaker! The most practical, relevant, and impactful speaker I have ever heard. The time John takes in learning the organization combined with his passionate and engaging style creates the most effective results-focused speech there is. Pure energy, meets pure expertise.

Allen Heidler

Chief of Police

A Speaker With a Powerful Message! John Gregory Vincent spoke at both our local transportation in service program as well as our annual state conference. John possesses the unique ability to rev up and engage the attendees while imparting relevant, applicable tools and advice. His expertise and delivery method are both unique and effective. Once you have seen and heard John speak you will never forget him or the knowledge he provides.

Wes Fleming

Director of Transportation

Permanent Positive Impact! I've had the pleasure of working with John twice. He has delivered in-person and virtual keynotes and in-person speeches and breakouts. His meticulous preparation makes the people in the auditorium wonder “how long has he worked for us”. His passion, genuine belief in what he speaks about, and the unbelievable takeaways he provides make him one of the most engaging, fun, and effective speakers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Maggie Rivera

Head of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion & Employee Engagement Paychex

Nothing short of Astonishing! What John puts together in a speech is nothing short of astonishing. He weaves submarine stories throughout and blends them with insights and leadership tools you can and will take away and utilize for a lifetime. Nothing Like it! John fills a niche for leaders at all levels looking to develop themselves and strengthen their teams. He synthesizes the complexity of leadership, inclusion, and diversity into a high-energy entertaining package. Wrapped in the secrets surfaced from Submarines John has a very rare ability to take the audience on a virtual ride while planting tools and tips that can immediately be applied. In a word he is a brilliant infotainer.

Nadie Vicente

American Consumer Healthcare GSK
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