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John Gregory Vincent

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The Submarine Way – Igniting inclusion through strength

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Speaker John Gregory Vincent is a thrilling and captivating expert of behavioral change and inclusion through strengths. His expertise stems from the intense and inclusive world of the submarines as he served the country as a Command Master Chief for more than 14 years. As a Gallup certified strength coach, speaker John Gregory Vincent doesn't just want to make an impact, he is committed to change the world, one town, city, school and organization at a time.

John Gregory Vincent’s system The Submarine Way is the go-to method to enhance diversity and inclusion within any organization. Developed by speaker John Gregory and his leadership expert wife Deborah, the method combines their solid practical expertise ready to improve your organization.

Are you ready to dive in? Speaker John Gregory Vincent will show how to manage bias and work together as a team to solve problems effectively. Moreover, John Gregory will introduce key tactics to handle conflicts directly and openly. It is also essential to learn to embrace the things you can’t control and rather focus on what you can – John Gregory will reveal how to do that.

As a speaker, John Gregory amazingly presents the ideas first published in his best selling book Diversity & Inclusion The Submarine Way. He delivers igniting presentations, filling the hall with energy and wisdom to take the audience on an interactive journey. Speaker John Gregory Vincent will share his strength-based and inclusion-focused methodology immersing the audience in valuable information.

What are the benefits for those on board? John Gregory will teach the audience the essential steps to create inclusion in the organization. To ensure the system remains in place, he will share the key anchors required. As speaker John Gregory Vincent shows, meaningful inclusion contributes to more innovation and productivity, reducing conflict and employee turnover at the same time.

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    Keynote by Speaker John Gregory Vincent

    Igniting Inclusion Through Strength

    • This speech has been tailored by speaker John Gregory Vincent to focus on unique talent serving as the base to drive inclusion. First, he will show you how to recognize and develop individual talent. Furthermore, John Gregory will also teach you what to do to deepen inclusion immediately in your department, team or organization.

    Keynote by Speaker John Gregory Vincent

    On-boarding That Truly Gets People Onboard

    • Acquiring the most talented people is a big challenge these days. John Gregory developed this on-boarding system based directly on the 100-year-old check in system working effortlessly on submarines. He will assure that the on-boarding will be successful and loyalty is going to be strong within the organization. As inclusion and strong leadership are important traits in improving the on-boarding process, John Gregory will teach you how to possess those values.

    Keynote by Speaker John Gregory Vincent

    Engaging Hearts and Minds to Actually Drive Engagement

    • As research shows, higher levels of engagement are essential to succeed in business. Millions of dollars and countless hours are invested in improving engagement without significant results. Why? To develop engagement, one must focus on behavior instead of engagement itself. Speaker John Gregory Vincent has the secret and will unveil you the specific steps to drive engagement successfully.
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